11-28-2012 | Dream Journal | Your Breath Stank/Stinks

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I remember part of one dream or three dream fragments, with the first dream fragment taking place in a dorm/apartment-like building in a room, and I was there with a variety of people who were having a quiet gathering/hangout talking/eating/drinking/listening to music quietly/et cetera.

At some point the musician/rapper Lil Wayne walked in the room, to my surprise, and he started talking with a few people quietly; and somehow him and I began a short conversation even though he did not seem interested/like he cared at all.

As soon as I started talking Lil Wayne interrupted me and told me directly/bluntly that my breath stank/sticks 😀 , and so I apologized & I thanked him for letting me know; and I backed up and turned away from him when I talked, I asked him if that worked, and he said yes.

I said a few things/jokes in reference to stinky breath, and then I started telling Lil Wayne a story about a man who had bought an expensive/over-priced camera that was not that good in my opinion or something like that; and we briefly talked about expensive/over-priced cameras & other things, and how some people are paying too much for some things/corporations are charging too much for some things.

We mentioned a few things that we over-paid for, and our short conversation ended abruptly and Lil Wayne somewhat rudely walked off to talk to someone else like I never existed as expected (which did not bother me and I did predict it, but I did not predict that we would have a short conversation at all); and that is all that I can remember of this dream fragment.

The second dream fragment involved my brother GC and I driving around on a nice day in a fictional city looking for housing it seems, and we made a few stops to look at a few properties for rent.

We stopped in a middle – upper class neighborhood on the side of the street next to a sidewalk, and near us there were stairs leading down since the street and upper area were up higher than the area below.

On the upper area was a man with yellowish/whitish colored skin with short styled (with styling-gel/whatever to hold your hair in place) black colored hair with a gray t-shirt and blue jeans who I thought might be an international student from Japan talking with a woman with whitish colored skin with reddish/brownish colored hair, and they both seemed to be middle – upper class college students or something.

GC and I walked down the stairs to get to the lower area where the entrance of a building was, outside of the entrance was an area with rich-looking people dressed up sitting at small tables eating/drinking/reading newspapers/talking/et cetera; and I was somewhat dressed up, but not as much as them.

Blocking the entrance of the building was an eccentric/strange-looking/dressed man with yellowish/whitish colored skin who I thought might be from Japan, he had whitish colored hair in a somewhat wild style a bit like Albert Einstein, and he wore a strange/flashy orchestra director-like suit/tuxedo/whatever; and he had to check/search people, and he decided who could go inside the building.

Somehow I got him to let GC and I in the building, I can not remember what happened during this part, but we went inside the building and to our surprise it looked like a charity/lower-class hospital like MR Hospital; and we walked down a hall, and we went inside a room that at least four hospital patients shared.

One of the patients was our uncle CE laying in a hospital bed wearing a hospital gown, to our surprise, and then he saw us & he sat up on his bed to talk to us; and we greeted him and asked him what he was doing in the hospital.

He told us but I forgot what he said and some of the other patients who shared the room with him joined the conversation, and then the rest of my family entered the room to visit or check-out our uncle CE.

At some point CE got dressed maybe and we all walked to the front desk or a desk-like area to either check CE out of the hospital and/or to buy something, and a few of my indirect family members were with us now & oddly so was Grace Randolph from the YouTube channel BeyondTheTrailer; but I have no idea why Grace was there with us in line 😀 , and that is all that I can remember of this dream fragment.

The last dream fragment is unclear and short, but I was walking down the LC highway during the night alone on a creepy and maybe foggy night; and no automobiles were driving down the highway, and this area is out in the country so no one was around.

And I think that I somehow knew/felt/predicted that soon I would fight a creäture/alien/whatever boss, like a boss fight in a video game or something, and maybe I could hear it in the distance but I could not see it.

I started to prepare myself for a fight as I walked cautiously looking for threats and I probably called out to the boss to show its self, and then I think that I heard it approaching and I heard a laugh that woke me up; and I felt that maybe the laugh had really come from the real world, which was a bit creepy.

I looked around the room and listened to see if someone else in the room was laughing in their sleep or if someone outside was laughing, but I did not hear anything; I still wondered if the laugh really came from the real world & I heard it in my sleep or not, because this is not the first time that I woke up thinking that I heard a voice in a dream that I wondered if it came from the real world.

Recently this has happened once or twice, where I woke up thinking what I heard came from the real world, and I heard it in my dream but that woke me up.

The first time this happened I heard what I thought was someone calling my name, I thought I heard a voice say John, and I woke up & had the lingering feeling that I heard it in the real world as well.

The best way to describe it is to imagine that you are dreaming and a sound happens in the real world that you hear in the dream, which causes you to wake up, and part of you remember hearing it in the dream but you also wake up feeling like the sound happened in the real world at the same time causing a slightly feeling of barely catching the sound at the end before it stops.

So I woke up and looked around to see if someone had called my name, but I heard nothing.

Another time I heard a voice say something (maybe the name of one of my brothers or something), and I woke up thinking that someone had called my brother’s name in the real world; but I heard nothing, strange.

The end,

-John Jr


My Ancestor’s House?

Source: Wikimedia Commons

Last night I barely remember part of my last dream, which took place during the day in a fictional place, and I was at an apartment/barracks-like place for military-like people; but I am not sure why I was there, how I got there, or anything else.

I just remember there being some off-duty-like military-like people, in this multi-floor building, and many of the rooms were dorm-like rooms with several people sharing each room.

Some of the people there had handguns either on them or by their beds, a few people were cleaning their handguns, and there was an armory in the building where the assault rifles and other equipment were stored; but I did not get to see it in the dream.

Many of the people were just relaxing, it seemed to be a weekend or Friday afternoon, and most of the people at the building were gone; and I spent most of my time talking with a man and a woman who were both room-mates.

The man reminded me of my former classmate JW, he was not very smart but he was an easy-going-type person, and the woman reminded me of Motoko Kusanagi (The Major) from Ghost In The Shell; she was a serious and tough woman, and she spent most of her time cleaning her handgun & equipment.

At some point something strange happened somewhere in the building, an attack from a strange threat of some kind happened, there was some fighting around the building but we did not get to see most of it really; and the few people at the building seemed to be losing the fight.

The woman got her handgun & equipment ready & she gave me a handgun, and she tried to get us to the armory but the threats had that area blocked; and so it was too dangerous for us to try to get to the armory.

The woman tried to help the others contain the threats indirectly, since we were on the upper-floor away from most of the fighting, but the others were getting killed; and most of the survivors started to run around the building trying to escape.

We tried to warn as many people as we could, we tried to help where we could, we tried to prepare to defend our floor, but the situation seemed hopeless as the threats moved closer & closer to our floor easily defeating anyone in their way; at some point the man & woman found their other roommate, who reminded me of my former classmate MB, and he acted like a drugged overly relaxed type person.

They kept trying to warn him of the dangerous situation but he seemed too drugged to care, and he just sat around on his bed talking & smiling in a drugged-like way; and so the man kept trying to bring him back to reality, but the woman kept trying to deal with the situation & I tried to help both of them.

The woman and I decided that we could not defend the floor or the building any longer, the threats were close to our floor & we were the only people left on our floor, and so we started to prepare to escape the building; but the man was till trying to get their room-mate to leave with us, but he would not leave.

The man told us that he would stay behind a bit longer trying to get their room-mate to leave too, we did not recommend it, but we wished him well & we prepared a ladder outside of our window, so that we could climb down to the ground.

We heard some of the threats reach our floor as we were leaving, and we warned the others to come with us; and we left as the two men stayed behind.

I guess the woman and I went separate ways or something after we got on the ground, because I do not remember seeing her again after that, and I somehow came across my mom; and we drove away.

I remember us talking and there was a flashback of some of my supposed ancestors who used to live in this nice large stone-like house, some direct & indirect family members lived together in this one house, and it seemed more like a house for a rich family in an older whitish/grayish stone-like house that had a semi-ancient style to it.

There was a flashback of family members dressed in clothing of an unknown style, about to eat & drink together at a large stone-like table, it was a nice flashback of a large family living together; but then the flashback stopped and I told my mom about it, and I asked her to show me where the house was so we drove to it.

The house was now an upper class hotel it seemed and we walked in but no one was at the desk or around, and so we started to explore the house looking for areas I had seen in my flashbacks.

I remember that we saw an open door to a room so we went inside, but we heard voices, and so we started to leave the room; but someone heard us leaving & we heard them calling the front desk about intruders.

We panicked a bit and hid in another room as security looked for us and they found us, and they brought us to the front desk; and the worker behind the front desk questioned us.

We told him that we had come to see the house, since it used to be a house that some of our ancestor’s used to live in, and that we had not seen anyone at the front desk & so we started to explore & we went into a room not knowing that someone was in there & that we had panicked when they called security.

The worker did not seem to believe us and he was ready to kick us out, but I got angry, and I started to argue with him; and I showed him our driver licenses to prove who we were and that our ancestor’s did used to live in the house.

He started to listen a bit more to us but he was still a bit suspicious, and he wanted to make a call to the heads of the family to see if we were really part of the family; and so we waited for him to make the call.

I started to wonder if the house was owned by the former slave masters of some of my ancestor’s, whose family name my family probably took/used/kept for their family name, and so the heads of the family would probably not know us, since we were descendants of their former slaves.

Either way, the flashbacks showed me that some of my ancestors did live in the house as part of the family, whether they were slaves or not; and I felt that we had a right to see the house at least, and I was willing to argue my point to the heads of the family, but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr 🙂


My Former Classmate SS’s Big Party | A Fireworks Accident

Source: Wikimedia Commons

Dream 1

Last night I remember part of two of my dreams, with the first dream taking place in a fictional upper class neighborhood near a fictional version of the highway to LC, and it was near a fictional nice neighborhood that has been in several of my dreams in the past.

My former classmate SS was living with his parent’s and his parent’s went out-of-town for a day or two, and so he decided to have a big party; and he invited many former classmates, other people, and I to the big party.

His parent’s backyard had a swimming pool and behind their yard was a trail leading to the woods, and in the woods was an open clearing; and all the people who came to his party parked back in that clearing in the woods to hide our automobiles from his parent’s & neighbors.

SS’s parent’s house was a nice futuristic/smart house that had several floors/stories, and it may have even had a basement and/or attic.

We spent most, if not all, of our time inside the house eating, drinking, listening to music, watching movies, playing games, talking, etc.

The house had an automatic system that could lock doors and it could do some other things that I can not remember, and we spent most of our time in soundproof areas of the house.

I can not remember most of the dream but I do remember that the big party lasted longer than it was supposed to, and it was very late at night or it was early in the morning; and we were watching a movie.

The big party was supposed to be over, but SS decided to extend the party a bit longer; and at some point when the party was finally over, we started to leave the sound-proof areas of the house, but I noticed that the chains on the doors in the house were locked like SS’s parent’s were back home.

There was a panic and we all started trying to sneak through the house and out of the house, but SS’s parent’s heard us, and so everyone started to run out of the house.

I remember running out the front of the house, I ran to the back of the house by the pool & I heard SS’s fictional mom tell his fictional dad that she heard a noise & SS’s dad went down stairs to see what was going on, and I ran into the clearing in the woods where everyone’s automobiles were parked.

People were driving off in a panic to avoid being seen, but it was too late, and SS’s dad was outside watching & he was asking SS if had a party while they were gone (which was against his parent’s rules).

SS started to lie at first, but then he told his dad the truth; I am not sure what happened to my automobile or what happened exactly, but I remember walking through the neighborhood with two other people from the big party.

We seemed to not have transportation and so we were going to have to walk several miles to reach the city, and I remember us walking & talking.

We walked past the neighborhood, on side of the highway, and past a few familiar neighborhoods & buildings from past dreams; but then I woke up.

Dream 2

My second dream was very short and it took place at my parent’s house at night, and I heard fireworks outside & so I went outside to see them.

It seemed that a few people in the neighborhood were shooting fireworks, and at some point I noticed fireworks coming from near my grandfather’s house.

At some point one of the fireworks hit the top of a tree that is/was by my grandfather’s boat port/garage, and the top of the tree caught on fire; and I heard the voices of the people who shot the fireworks, and they were panicking.

The fire started to spread and old branches on the tree started to fall, and then some or all the tree collapsed in my grandfather’s yard.

I told my parent’s about the situation and then we ran to see if the tree had fallen on my grandfather’s house or not, to make sure that my grandfather was not hurt, to put the fire out if it was still going, and to help; but I woke up as we were running to my grandfather’s yard.

The end,

-John Jr 🙂


5-11-2011 | LC Dream Fragment

Photo showing the pedals of my car for use in ...

Last night I only remembered part of my last dream which involved me arriving at a small motel or hotel in a fictional version of LC late in the afternoon.

I was waiting in line to pay for a week’s stay, as the customer in front of me was paying the woman who ran the motel or hotel; I was a bit nervous but I was smiling and trying to hide my nervousness, and I even started a small conversation with the customer and the woman who ran the hotel.

After paying I went down a hallway trying to find the exit, but it led to a nice upper class-like restaurant, and so I continued trying to find the exit.


A Lucid Dream Within A Dream

Source: Wikimedia Commons

Last night I had a dream that I was in a apartment-like place with two beds in a room that looked like a large living room mixed with an area at college where students can relax & study.

My brother GC was there about to get in bed to sleep, and I was about to get in another bed across the room & sleep as well.

I laid down and I quickly went to sleep in the dream & I started dreaming in the dream, and somehow I realized that I was dreaming in the dream.

I did not get that strong feeling of my body being in bed, like I usually do when I first realize that I am dreaming, and so I decided to take control of the dream.

At this point I was having a lucid dream in a dream so I jumped into the air and I went through the roof of the building like a ghost, and I then started to fly in the air.

Then I jumped back into the room and I went through the floor of the room like a ghost again, and that led to an ocean or some body of water.

I then decided to form a room under the water, and in this newly formed room there was a pillow.

I forgot to mention that the room looked like a bedroom that was dimly lit.

I decided to turn the pillow into a woman, and it slowly started to become a woman; it was a bit like making a painting or something.

I felt the pillow start to become like skin and it started to look like the shape of a woman, and I tried to focus so that the process would continue.

I could not see her face because her back was facing me but I did see that she had brown shoulder length hair and she had whitish colored skin, but as she was still forming I woke up out of the lucid dream; and I was back in the other dream/dream world because my brother GC was leaving the bathroom in the other dream/dream world, and that woke me up into the other dream/world.

I woke up into the other dream feeling excited and disappointed that the lucid dream ended, and I felt like I needed to use the bathroom; and so I went to the bathroom. (Oddly I woke up with an erection in the non-lucid dream, that is strange. 😀 )

I tried to use the bathroom but I was having a hard time due to the erection. 😀

I then woke up again, but this time I was in the real world (with no erection, thank goodness 😀 ); and I had awakened because my brother GC was vomiting.

I think that I was able to have that lucid dream within the dream, because I had awakened about half way through my normal sleep cycle and I stayed up for a while; and then I went back to sleep.

I think doing that can increase your chance(s) of having a lucid dream(s) up to 300% according to some research I read, I think.

The end,
-John Jr 🙂