My Former Classmate AA’s Dangerous / Stupid Prank With A Fake Uzi

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Last night I spend most of the night only lightly sleeping waking up several times during the night not even able to remember if I dreamed or not and feeling like I  could not sleep/did not need any more sleep, and eventually I woke up between 6:00 AM – 7:00 AM and I heard a loud explosion that scared me a bit until I realized that it was just a severe thunder-storm but that explosion did not sound like thunder to me.

It took me a while to go back to sleep but eventually I went back to sleep and I had the only dream that I can remember part of, but I only remember part of the end of the dream; and the dream took place during the day in a slightly fictional version of the city of D that is sometimes in my dreams, and I remember something about jobs and my dad.

I think that I went to a fast food restaurant and/or somewhere that had something to do with jobs that my dad told me about and either I did not get the job or I briefly had the job and lost it or something like that, and I returned to my parents’ house where I talked to my dad about it and we had a conversation that annoyed me.

Eventually I left my parents’ house feeling annoyed and I went to a slightly fictional version of W Park to clear my mind and to relax, and because it had been a while since I last walked at the park; and at some point I walked to the shopping center near W Park to walk around and to shop, but I can not remember what happened during this part of the dream or during the earlier parts of the dream but I know that a lot more happened in this dream.

Eventually I was walking outside along the sidewalk of the shopping center when I came across my former classmate AA and he tried to get me join him in a dangerous/stupid prank that he was about to do that involved him going around with a fake Uzi (a sub-machine gun) that maybe shot fake soft / plastic bullets (rounds) or something like that and he had one or more fake guns hidden in a corner of the sidewalk, and he planned to go around shooting at people to scare them and make them think that real bullets were being shot at them.

I told him that this prank was dangerous/stupid/wrong/et cetera and that he should not do it and that I would not help him, but he did not listen to me and he started his prank anyway; and he walked around with his fake Uzi shooting near people as they walked in and out of stores scaring them, and most of them ran away screaming for their lives (the fake Uzi looked and sounded real, and the fake bullets made noise as they hit objects).

I probably got tired of watching this and I probably went to get one of my former classmate AA’s fake guns hidden in a corner of the sidewalk to try to use it to try to get him to stop his prank and it was a fake pump-action shotgun that had maybe shot greenish colored hunting camouflage I think, but as I was walking to reach my former classmate AA he ran out of bullets for his Uzi as he was shooting near a slightly over-fat/obese man with whitish colored skin with short blackish colored hair who was coming out of a store to the left of where Subway should be.

The man that he was shooting at, another man who was a fictional conservative politician/senator with whitish colored skin with short brownish/blondish colored hair who supported gun rights and who supported carrying a concealed weapon and who had a concealed handgun (I have no idea how I knew all of this information about this man/politician/senator, but somehow I recognized him from TV because of fictional memories I guess), and an old man with whitish colored skin with grayish/whitish colored hair and a long beard sitting in his truck that had a shotgun in it all realized that my former classmate AA was out of bullets; and so the politician and the old man pulled out their guns, and my former classmate AA ran for his life toward W Park screaming:

“Don’t Kill Me, I Was Joking!”.

The two men chased after my former classmate AA with their guns out and I tried to tell them that it was just a stupid/dangerous prank and that the guns that my former classmate AA had were not real, but they could not hear me and so I followed them trying to catch up with them before they could shoot my former classmate AA; and fortunately they stopped chasing my former classmate AA when he crossed the street and ran across W Park.

I approached the two men and I explained the situation to them and they smiled and laughed and joked about the situation, they could not wait to tell all of their friends’/family/et cetera the story, and I joked that I hope that someone video recorded what happened and that it would be shown on the news because this was a story that you have to see/hear to believe; and we joked/laughed about how my former classmate AA was running and screaming for his life, and he was probably still running and screaming as we stood there joking/laughing.

Both of the men showed me their guns and they briefly told me about their guns and the old man with the shotgun said goodbye and he returned to his truck, the man who worked as a politician/senator and I walked and talked briefly up the sidewalk, and I remember seeing a police car with a bald male police officer with whitish colored skin wearing blackish colored sunglasses sitting in it looking around at us and at the area probably because someone called him about my former classmate AA shooting near people with his fake Uzi.

Oddly the police officer did not stop and question me/us even though I was still carrying my former classmate AA’s fake shotgun, eventually I said goodbye to the politician/senator after I put the shotgun back where I found it, and I started walking near a fictional Dollar General store in the corner between the real Dollar General and J.C. Penny; and there was a bench there with several women and men sitting and standing there, and one of the women was a woman with medium brownish colored skin with long blackish colored hair wearing a reddish colored T-shirt who I assumed worked at Dollar General for some unknown reason(s).

I stopped at the door of the fictional Dollar General store to take off a long sleeve shirt or jacket or something like that but I accidentally pulled my under-T-shirt up as well, I tried to pull it back down hoping that no one noticed, and while I was doing this I noticed some school buses at W Park like an elementary school was having a field trip; and I suddenly remembered a fictional hidden walking trail in W Park that has been in a few of my past dreams, and I remembered going there with either my former classmate CW and/or another woman who looked like her who had whitish colored skin with long straight brownish colored hair I think.

In my memories of this fictional hidden walking trail it seemed that my former classmate CW and/or another woman and I were dating each time and we were walking/sitting/talking/spending time together in this hidden walking trail that is hard to find, and in this hidden walking trail was a nice sitting area with nice plants/flowers near it and several nice areas where you can walk.

I decided that I would go searching for the hidden walking trail after I finished shopping, I really wanted to explore it and I could feel my feelings from those past memories, and I wondered what happened to my former classmate CW and/or another woman who were in those memories; and I wanted to find her or them as well.

I knew that there were two ways to reach the hidden walking trail with one way being find inside W Park and the other way being found inside a neighborhood walking trail near the street that leads to the D High School, and so I went of my memories trying to remember where both entrances were; but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr


My Brother CC Playing A Killzone-Like Video Game On Christmas Day And I Am Inside The Video Game And Somewhere Else At The Same Time?

(Photo credit: Wikipedia)
(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I got awakened last night by people talking and making a lot of noise, and so I got up earlier than I wanted to; and I only barely remember part of my last dream.

The dream took place in two different places at the same time on Christmas Day, my brother CC was playing a maybe Killzone-like (I never played Killzone and I know nothing about the Killzone video game series, and so I could be wrong) video game in a room and I was in the room watching him play the video game, but the dream jumped between us being in the room and me being inside the video game as the main character of the video game that my brother CC was playing.

Inside the video game I was inside a level that took place outside on a gray day in a somewhat futuristic world at a construction site-like area, and I was wearing somewhat futuristic full dark-colored special forces/stealth-like body armor with even my entire head/face covered by a helmet/mask like the one on the Killzone video game cover or something like that and you could not see my eyes or mouth because maybe reddish colored glass-like material covered those areas or just the eye areas.

There were some futuristic soldiers wearing full armor somewhat like mine but heavier and darker with probably advanced assault rifle-like weapons patrolling the area, so I had to sneak around, and I remember sneaking to the largest incomplete structure/building in the area which was a multi-story probably mostly grayish/light blueish color metal building with incomplete walls/ceiling/floors/et cetera.

Sometimes the dream would jump back to the room where my brother CC and I were, I remember my brother CC was wondering what Christmas gifts he got this year, and he showed me a shorten/shortened Uzi-like submachine gun and a shorten/shortened pump-action shotgun that he had; and my Christmas gift for him was/were longer barrels and stocks for those two guns, but I did not tell him because I wanted him to be surprised.

Back in the video game I sneaked to an upper floor but two attractive women with whitish colored skin with dark-colored hair pinned up(?) to look professional wearing either sexy medical/scientific uniforms or sexy business uniforms or sexy futuristic military uniforms entered the room that I was hiding in like they knew that I was in the incomplete building and they were searching for me, and I think that I heard/saw them warning the soldiers in the area that I was in the area; and a few soldiers entered the room to get orders from the two women, and then they left to follow those orders.

The two women walked around the room talking with each other about the situation, I had to sneak around the room to avoid them seeing me as they walked around the room talking, but the dream switch back to the room where my brother CC and I were; and my brother CC stopped playing the video game because it was time to open our Christmas gifts.

I remember my brother CC opening the Christmas gift that I got him, he added the new barrels and stocks to his guns, and so both guns were longer/normal size now; but I got awakened by people talking and making noise.

The end,

-John Jr


Too Human? | John Jr In Switzerland?

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Too Human?

I had this dream fragment the night before last, and I do not remember much of it, and it is not very clear.

I remember a woman going to see a man in a dark room, I was not in the dream but I could see things like a camera person, and a group of men were watching all of this from a hidden room and/or cameras.

I can not remember the beginning, but I do remember the woman talking to the man or actually he was doing most of the talking, it was like she was sent there to ask him questions or something.

The man seemed a little crazy or something, so the woman tried to keep him calm, and he talked with her for a while as she asked some questions; I think.

At some point the man tried to explain something to her about not actually being human and that he and/or she were robots or something, the woman was confused and did not know what he was talking about, and the man started to act very strange.

At some point he ran out of the room and the men in the hidden room sent soldiers or something to kill him, so they shot him as he ran toward a lake, they shot him many times; so his skin started to come off and his body was robotic like a terminator or something.

He fell partly in the water and I guess his body shutdown, the woman was shocked and confused, and I think the men in the hidden room started to ask her questions over an intercom system.

At some point I heard the men say to themselves that she does not even know that she is not human and that she was too human, so they needed to destroy her, so they sent the soldiers or whoever to kill her too.

She tried to run the same direction the other man had run, but they shot her up too, and she fell next to the dead man/robot.

Some of the men then came out of a secret room to view the bodies and said a few things to each other, they said that she was a hybrid, but she was too human; which was dangerous, so she had to be destroyed.

I am not sure what they meant by hybrid or what she was mixed with, but these men said that they would just have to try again until they find the right combination or something; then I woke up.

John Jr In Switzerland?

Last night I only remembered parts of my last dream, which involved me and an old classmate LT and a few others being in Switzerland, I think.

One part of the dream involved us being in several classes, it seemed that we were new, but everyone was learning in English and all the class assignments were in English; it was as if this was the period where they learn English, and I imagine during another period in their school careers they would also learn French and German maybe.

I do not remember what we were learning or talking about except I do remember the topic of Race coming up, and the controversy over so-called interracial marriage/dating and those couples having kids and what life is like for them in public.

Me being a person that does not believe in Race on a biological level and I am against Race socially, personally, this topic annoyed me; as it would in real life, but it also caught my attention since I was curious about how people in this country felt about this issue.

At some point in the dream there was an emergency, something to do with soldiers, a possible attack or war or something; so everyone was being moved to new and secret areas.

I remember going through hallways and maybe tunnels, some of the tunnels may have even went through mountains, but I am not sure.

I think I heard some fighting in the distance, but I could be wrong, at some point I seemed to have taken a leadership-type role over the group somewhat; I was trying to think up ways we could survive, even while not knowing the situation.

At some point we took a break and/or reached a somewhat secure area, so I left to find supplies and/or weapons, but I came across a group of police officers or something about to storm/invade a room.

They had guns, armor, and looked serious; somehow they thought that I was sent to take charge, so they gave me a gun and some armor, I think.

They then waited for my orders, so I told everyone to get into position and to not shoot anyone, unless we get shot at; so we kicked the door in and went inside.

We caught a group of men by surprise, they were in a circle talking with all of their guns on the ground, well maybe most of them.

I quickly told them to not move and told the police not to shoot, I then went over to the guns on the ground, there were a few Uzis, shotguns, pistols, and 2 incomplete assault rifles.

I picked up the Uzi which had an extended stock, I put my pistol in my pocket and used the Uzi as my main weapon.

I was scared and not exactly sure how to handle the situation, the group of men probably still had some pistols in their pockets, and so I wanted to calm the situation.

I started to tell the group of men that we were here on suspicion of criminal activity, even though I had no idea why the police were here exactly, but that was my guess.

I told everyone to be still and relax, as I tried to think about what to do; my plan was to have the group of men searched for weapons and I would talk with them while the police searched the room for whatever they were looking for, but I woke up.

The end,
-John Jr 🙂