Louisiana’s Shot At A Million Campaign Starts Today

Take Your Shot At A Million Launch Video

Louisiana’s Shot At A Million campaign started today (June 21, 2021), here is a link about it from the Louisiana Governor’s office & a link to the website & a link to a video about it:


Being In The Military Without Training & Getting Military Vaccinations?

Dream 1

All that I can remember of this dream is being inside a building wearing an over-sized military combat uniform, and somehow I just got in the military was possibly put in charge of another soldier and / or welcoming this soldier even though I had not even had basic training yet.

Some higher ranked male soldier, maybe an officer, just gave me my orders.


Improving The Zombie Vaccine

Dream 1

I remembered this dream when I was walking outside, and I heard a trash truck on the street that The E House is on.

This dream took place during the day and I was inside my parents house when I heard what sounded like a bus stopping on the street that The E House is on; and so I looked out the window.

I am not sure if I saw the bus but I did hear it drive away, and then I saw what looked like my male cousin DE wearing a knit cap like he had just gotten dropped off by the bus like he had just gotten out of jail.

DE started walking like he was going to go to The G House, and then I went to tell my brother GC what I saw.

GC was either in the house or outside, but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 2

This dream was inspired by episode 1 (Warren’s Dream) of the television show Z Nation (Season 4) that I watched yesterday.

I was inside a maybe warehouse-like building with maybe some scientists from Zona, Alvin Murphy, Roberta Warren, and some other test subjects.

This was not an official laboratory (it just seemed to be a random building that we were using) so the equipment that they had was limited, and the scientists were in a rush to improve The Zombie Vaccine because the old one was failing so the rest of us were test subjects.

The scientists were improving the zombie vaccine by combining it with blood from Murphy and some others who survived each previous version of the vaccine (in this case us test subjects mostly), pieces of human brains (because genetic memories could be passed on through the vaccine by adding pieces of other people’s brains, and even blood could pass on some genetic memories and both could also increase intelligence), chicken eggs (the egg yolk and egg white only), and who knows what else.

They would mix each new version of the vaccine, inject Murphy with it, if he survived then they would possibly take some of his blood and make a new batch then inject us with it, if we survived they would take some of our blood to add to the new batch and then inject Murphy with it, and this cycle continued because this seemed to be improving the vaccine and it made us test subjects smarter as we gain some of each others memories / intelligence et cetera.

But that is all that I can remember of this dream.

The end,

-John Jr


Time Travel And A Doctor’s Appointment?

This is possibly more than one dream, but I am not sure, so I will type it as one dream; and part of it was possibly a semi-daydream or my thoughts possibly impacted the dream, but I am not sure, and I am not sure what order the details of this dream go in.

Part of this dream possibly took place during the day in and outside of a house-like building with probably windows that were missing glass, my dad was possibly with me, and maybe some other people joined us as well but I can not remember.


A Dragon-Like Creature Hunter / Protector(?) And A Virus Epidemic Caused By Vaccinations?

Source: Wikimedia Commons

I forgot most of my dreams from last night, but I barely remember part of an unclear dream fragment where the dream started later in time near the end or middle of the dream and at some point there was a time jump in the dream that showed some of the things that happened at the beginning of the dream; if that made sense.

The dream took place in a fictional dream world during the day at first, during the night second, and during the next morning/day last; and I was probably not the main character of the dream at first.

I think that the main character at the beginning of the dream was a large/tall strong man wearing a strange unknown type of armor with a strange symbol in gold that represented that he was a member of a special small group of people who maybe hunted and/or protected and/or had something to do with some strange dragon-like creatures (who could fly and were somewhat large, larger than Humans but not larger than some fictional dragons), he was alone in a building and indoor/outdoor area surviving after a disaster of some kind, and the dream started showing some of his everyday life surviving.

He had to watch out for infected Humans and some of the dragon-like creatures, though one of the dragon-like creatures was not hostile toward him and it lived in the outdoor/indoor area, and he would spend some time with it each day it seemed.

He would collect rain water, gather food & other supplies, fortify certain areas, and defend the area that he was living in; and at some point someone I know and I found the area where he was living, but I can not remember if we talked with the man or not, I just remember a jump in time that went back in the past.

It showed the tall strong man training/joining the small group of dragon-like hunters or whatever they were, maybe they hunted some dragon-like creatures who were a threat while protecting/taking care of the friendly ones, and they were a very special & small group who had a special social status in their culture; but it did not seem that many people wanted to be in the group, maybe since there were many special requirements/rules that members of the group had to meet/follow, and it was dangerous dealing with the dragon-like creatures.

I only remember seeing men in the small group and I think that most of them acted a bit like jerks/over-confident soldier/frat/party types who like to party/have sex/drink a lot, but the tall strong man was the quiet type, and he stayed behind when the others went to party; and they treated him like an outcast.

He stayed behind one evening/afternoon and went to a hospital for some kind of free vaccination(s) or something, I found out about this free vaccination(s) too and I went as well, and some other people went; we all went separately and did not know each other, but we saw each other at the hospital & my family came with me to check on me.

The hospital workers told us that we all would be given rooms in the hospital on the upper floor, after our vaccination(s) they wanted to observe us over night and/or several days to make sure that everyone/everything went well with the vaccination(s) like this was an experiment and/or powerful vaccinations, and so after getting our vaccinations they took us to our rooms which were in a nice suite on the upper floor with a nice view of the city & all the lights down below.

I was surprised by how nice and modern our suite & rooms were and the hospital was providing us food & drinks, most of the others felt like VIPs and they were partying, but I was a bit curious about why they had to keep us over-night and/or for several days for observation; I remember my family touring our suite & my room, and I think they left since it was night-time now.

The tall strong man and I did not join the others in partying and I went to sleep at some point, and I woke up the next day to the disaster I guess; but I missed most of the action.

I guess most of the others who got vaccinations got infected by a virus/the virus in the vaccinations, and it changed them into wild infected Humans I guess almost like zombies but they probably still looked Human; and they probably attacked people and the virus spread, and so the hospital was mostly abandoned and damaged when I woke up probably.

I found someone I knew at some point and we moved around the ruined hospital trying to survive and figure out what was going on, probably learning more information as we explored, and I remember going to the small now abandoned building where the tall strong man’s special group lived/trained probably (it was shaped a bit like a mushroom and had a strange design to it that made it seem like sturdy real mushroom); but no one was there and it was located not far from the hospital which was on the outskirts of the city so it was probably safer than in the city.

The rest of the tall strong man’s special group were probably dead and/or trapped in the city fighting since they had partied in the city, we probably went to the building trying to find the tall strong man and/or his special group for help/information, and then we went back to the hospital since it was safer.

I can not remember if we came across any infected people or not, we probably saw one or two, and at some point we found the tall strong man just like we had done at the beginning of the dream; and so this part of the dream was showing the dream in reverse order I guess.

I can not remember the rest of the dream.

The end,

-John Jr