Korey Coleman & Seasoning & Insects

This dream involved Korey Coleman not feeling good / feeling sick at his office job or while he was working in his office; I am not sure if this job was related to Double Toasted or not.

Korey fell asleep, and later he got awakened by an annoying computer technician / repair man with a bad attitude who was sent there by someone.


Hide-And-Seek & Dashie Gagging / Vomiting

My Strange A#s Addiction – Plastic Sniffer (Lost Episode)

I had more dreams, one of which I woke up remembering & was supposed to record, but I accidentally went back to sleep without recording it; and I forgot this dream.

In my last dream I was at The E House with some other people, we started playing hide-and-seek inside the house, and during this I found a woman with dark-color skin hiding upstairs in a bed (that was her hiding spot).


Cleaning Up Leaves At A Memorial Area

Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons
Source: Wikimedia Commons

I barely remember part of the end of my last dream from last night which took place during the day in a fictional version of the city of D, I remember part of the dream taking place inside a house and/or hospital, and it involved a family with whitish colored skin.

A woman was having a medical procedure done and her husband and their young daughter who had maybe long yellowish colored hair and their young son were there, something went wrong during the medical procedure and after the medical procedure the wife was unconscious, and the doctors did not know if she would live or die; and her family was sad about the news, and they went to her hospital room to be with her.

The wife woke up at some point to the surprise of her family, they were happy and excited, but I can not remember the details of what happened after this between them; and the next part of the dream started at my parents’ house during the day, and my parents’ and/or some other people had memorial / souvenir / memento / keepsake structures and objects for people who had died over at the bus stop area in front of E Manor.

The structures were taller but the other objects were small and scattered around on the ground near and around the structures, the structures were probably built or bought but the other objects probably used to belong to the people who had died, and so it was almost like a graveyard memorial but more like people hoarding objects belonging to the dead so that they would have something to hold on to remember them and like they could not get themselves to get rid of the objects belonging to the people who had died maybe.

There were leaves all over the ground and the area did not look so well so I wanted to clean up the leaves and organize the area a bit, and so I walked over to do this; and a male neighbor across the street from E Manor was removing the leaves near this area, and he had already piled up most of the leaves and so that made my job easier.

I got a leaf blower and I used it to vacuum up the leaves, I tried to avoid vacuuming up objects belonging to the people who died but it was difficult because so many small objects were all over the place, but I tried anyway because I knew how much the objects meant to my parents’ and/or who ever was storing these objects there; but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr