Having Blood Taken By / Being Tested By Scientists / Doctors / SWAT / Vampire Authority-Looking People?

Last night I had several short dreams, I had one or more false awakenings that made me think that I had typed my dreams but I was really still sleep, so some of those dreams I will probably not be able to remember or I will not remember much of them.

Dream 1

The first dream that I can remember took place in an office-like room that felt hidden in a building at a job of some kind that had two long tables that were back-to-back or connected that had partial dividers, and between each partial divider was a desk area with computer/electronics/work equipment for each worker.

My wild guess is that it was either a job for a business or a secret government/intelligence office or something, but who knows?

For some reason I might have had two desk areas, because I was organizing two desks, and trying to pack up the things that were mine so that I could leave; I guess that I was leaving the job for some reason, but I am not sure.

When I was almost done packing my stuff a group of people entered the office room from the left side of the building where the front desk was and there were SWAT team-looking people with assault rifles & body armor, some people who looked like members of the Vampire Authority from the TV show True Blood (I am not sure who or what they were, they looked like normal high level people (men & women) dressed up, but for some reason they reminded me of the Vampire Authority from True Blood but I am not sure who they were or what organization/government/intelligence agency they were representing), and some scientist/doctor-looking people.

They told everyone to not move & to put our hands where they could see them, and for some strange reason they walked across the room to me first even though I was across the room; and all of this seemed pretty realistic and my body was in a bit of a fight-or-flight response, so I was a bit scared & so were the other workers in the dream.

The SWAT team-looking people pointed their guns in/at my face while some of the scientist/doctor-looking people used various medical/scientific devices on me/to test me, as the Vampire Authority-looking people watched.

I remember that a female scientist/doctor used a device that might have pricked my finger to test some of my blood & it might have scanned my finger prints, she ran a device over/near my head/skin that probably tested my body & skin temperature & oxygen levels/et cetera & scanned my face/eyes & I remember her telling the Vampire Authority-looking people that my temperature or something was rising, she also said that my pulse was 111 – 120 or higher & rising & that my blood pressure was rising or something like that.

I joked/told them that was a natural fear reaction to having people point assault rifles in my face, I tried to joke sometimes to help myself feel better & to pretend that I was not so scared, but I had to be careful to not move much to avoid getting shot by the SWAT team-looking people & my jokes were met with silence & neutral facial expressions from the people; and so I had my hands in the air, I stayed still mostly, but I tried to look out of the corner of my eyes to see what the scientist/doctor people were doing to me.

I remember the female doctor/scientist person seemed to be worried about my elevated pulse, blood pressure, temperature, et cetera/whatever; but the Vampire Authority-looking people told her something like: “Do it anyway!” or “Just do it!”

She replied: “But…..” *And then she started to do whatever it was that they commanded.*

I remember joking/asking if I could pull up my pants/shorts, because my underwear was showing, but either they did not respond or they said no (and they never said who they were or what they wanted or why they were there); and then the female doctor/scientist poked a needle into the side of my butt, and I could feel the needle & the pain felt realistic.

At first I thought that they were taking another blood sample and/or injecting me with something, but she did not take the needle out; and so I looked out the corner of my eyes, and I saw that the needle was connected to a cord or something that might have been connected to an empty blood bag or something, like they were going to take one or more bags of blood and/or they were injected me with a bag of something.

Either way, I knew that it would take a while and I hate needles/blood taking, especially if it is not quick, and so I started to panic a bit; and I asked them what they were doing to me and what did they want from me in a slightly panicked voice, but they did not answer me.

I started to get my real world negative reactions to needles/blood taking, this all felt real & I could feel the needle in the side of my butt & a bit of pain, and I probably let out an angry/panic/struggling yell/shout/sound of resistance; but then I suddenly woke up during this panic.

I woke up at 6:00 AM or 6:Something AM still feeling everything for a second or two, I was hot, I was uncomfortable, my body was in a slight panic, I heard a loud voice or voices outside but I could not see who or what it was in the dark without my glasses, and I heard dogs barking at something outside for a while; and I later found out that the phone & the internet was down/not working at my house or for the neighborhood, strange.

Dream 2

I had another dream that I can barely remember that took place at a hotel/restaurant/bar/club/store/something else; and I remember exploring the building, but you had to have something/show something that I can not remember to enter the building/get past the front desk.

I remember sitting down eating/drinking, listening to/watching a musical and/or comedy performance and/or film and/or people dancing; and I remember talking to a few people.

I left the building and came back a few times, but I can not remember the details.

I remember that there was a main lobby area in the building with a sunken area that had some nice furniture/fountains/plants/et cetera, and there were people dressed up talking/drinking/et cetera.

I remember going to the front desk a few times, but that is all that I can remember.

Dream 3

I had another dream that took place at a school/college, class was being let out for the day, and I was walking through the hall like everyone else; and I noticed my former classmate BR & his girlfriend walking in the hall as well.

A very short man was also walking in the hall and he accidentally bumped into BR’s girlfriend or something like that, and BR got mad; and BR punched the short man (no offense, I am using this since I do not know the man’s name) in the face, kept his fist in his face, while pushing him backward with his fist.

I told BR to leave the short man alone and that it was probably an accident, I went to see if the short man was okay & he was okay but he was embarrassed, and then everyone started to walk off.

I apologized to the short man for BR’s actions and for me not helping sooner, I told BR that he was wrong for doing that to the short man, but that is all that I can remember.

Dream 4

I had another dream where I went to visit my former classmate DH at his parent’s house in D and his mom, his aunt, and him were outside.

DH’s mom told him to drive his aunt somewhere and I went with them, DH drove, and I remember DH talking about how he had a date soon with a woman who was not his girlfriend; and how he hoped that his girlfriend did not find out about the date.

His aunt and I told DH that was wrong for him to be cheating on his girlfriend, and we told him to cancel the date with the other woman.

I was surprised that DH told us this, especially with his aunt there, and I was surprised that DH would do something wrong like that; but he did not seem to care.

As DH’s aunt and I tried to convince DH that he was doing something wrong, I woke up.

I had some more dreams, probably false awakenings where I was typing my dreams, but that is all that I can remember at this time.

The end,

-John Jr 🙂