John Jr Gets A Ticket

Source: Wikimedia Commons

Last night I remember part of one dream, which took place mostly in a fictional city during the day, and I was not in the dream during some parts; I am not sure what order that these fragments are supposed to be in, and so I will start with the fragments that did not have me in them.

Police officer Andy Bellefleur from the TV show True Blood, was the main character in the first fragments, and he was still having serious problems with his V (Vampire Blood) addiction; and he drove to this fictional city for work.

When he arrived, his boss told him that he was fired, because he needed to deal with his V addiction.

Mr. Bellefleur walked off angrily back to his car, and then Jason Stackhouse came to offer help to Mr. Bellefleur; Mr. Stackhouse wanted to help Mr. Bellefleur with his V addiction, and he even offered him a place to stay.

Next, I remember being in the dream, and I was driving to this same fictional city; and when I arrived in the city, I got pulled over by a police officer on a motorcycle.

The officer said that I did not use my blinker/turning signal when I turned, which was not true, and so I told the officer that I did use my turning signal & that I heard that my turning signal was on & that I saw it blinking; but the officer said that he did not care.

I got a bit angry/frustrated and I asked the officer to check my turning signal himself, to prove whether it was working properly or not, and I asked him to look at his video camera footage to see if I had used my turning signal or not; but the officer refused angrily with a simple No, but I was not ready to give up.

Suddenly it seemed that the officer had called two Huge country-type men, they were even taller & bigger than the ones from my dream not long ago, and the two huge men walked over to me in a threatening way; they were so huge, that I my head was to about their waists, but I was not afraid of them, probably because I was a bit angry.

Instead of arguing I asked the two huge men to take me to the place where I could pay for the ticket that the officer gave to me, and then they walked me through this shopping-like district of the city to the City Hall or something like that.

Everything had an old stone look to it, the road, the sidewalks, the buildings, et cetera; it was a nice area, with shops, a Catholic-like church, restaurants, and various types of buildings.

This area of the city was mostly for walking and there were not many automobiles around, which was nice, and the two huge men walked me through a building that appeared to be a Local Government building; and they led me to the place where you pay for tickets, and then they walked off.

A woman behind a desk looked my information up on a computer and she told me how much the ticket cost, and I paid for it; and then she gave me a receipt, and I walked off still a bit angry.

I then decided to relax and I walked around exploring, which was nice, and at some point I stopped at the Catholic-like church to see a choir of mostly young men wearing robe-like outfits, practicing; and I noticed a former classmate of mine named WT and his dad, and so I stopped to ask them some information about the city & about my ticket situation.

Then I left to find my automobile and I started to drive away from the city, and then I drove on the highway to return home; but then I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr 🙂