A Woman Starts A Vampire Hunter Group At A College

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Dream 1

There was more to this dream that I can not remember and all that I can remember now is that the dream took place during a nice day, I was with most of my family, and we were in a nice neighborhood at a nice house; but I can not remember if we owned the house or not, I just know that the house was nice and that we enjoyed being there, but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 2

All that I can remember of this dream is that a young woman with whitish colored skin somehow indirectly/accidentally did something that led to her brother getting infected with a virus/whatever that turned him into what seemed to be a zombie, she did not know this at first though, and all that I can remember is that she was at her parent’s house; and she did whatever it was that accidentally/indirectly led to her brother getting infected later in the dream.

The young woman left the house, while she was gone her brother somehow got infected and he turned into a zombie/whatever, and he killed their parent’s; and when she returned to her parent’s house the police, firefighters, ambulance, possibly the military, and more were at her parent’s house decontaminating it by cleaning and then burning various things and areas.

Her infected brother was probably dead, maybe they had to kill him when he tried to kill them but I can not remember, and the young woman probably blamed herself for what had happened even though it was not directly her fault and she had no idea that this would happen; and she probably talked with the emergency services and they probably tested her to make sure that she was not infected, and she was not infected so they let her go after questioning her and briefly quarantining her.

Amazingly/Surprisingly the emergency services felt that the area was now decontaminated and safe so they let the young woman return to her parent’s house (which I did not think was a good idea, but I was not in the dream), and some of her friends came to visit with her to help comfort her and cheer her up; and things were going good until some of them somehow got sick/infected, and then they turned into zombies/whatever and they started trying to kill everyone.

I was correct about it not being a good idea to let people back in that area so soon, the infection was still around and now it was spreading, and it possibly was going to start getting out of control; but I woke up.

Dream 3

All that I can remember of this dream is that it took place inside a windowless college building where I and a young woman with whitish colored skin were students, the dream followed both of us separately at first until eventually we both ended up in the same parts of the dream, but we did not know each other or communicate with each other during the dream for most of it; and so the young woman was mostly the main character for much of the dream, and she somewhat reminded me of the young woman from the second dream.

The young woman seemed like she was possibly only 17 years old but I am not sure, she seemed to be a freshman in college, and like me she probably lived at the college (I am assuming that we lived at the college); and the dream started out following both of us separately as we went to classes, and walked around inside the college building halls doing various normal things quietly in the background.

At some point in the dream the young woman accidentally came across someone getting turned into/infected by what I assume was a vampire, the person who got turned was possibly a family member or friend or classmate of hers, and maybe this newly turned vampire killed one or more students right after being turned into a vampire because of being very hungry and not in control of it yet.

The young woman did not know what to do and she did not think that anyone would believe her, maybe she even tried to warn people but they would not listen because they thought that she was crazy, and maybe they threatened to kick her out of college and have her arrested and have her taken to a mental health hospital; and so she decided to quietly deal with the vampire problem herself, and she killed the newly turned vampire and maybe the vampire who turned them.

The young woman quietly began a mission/crusade to hunt and kill all the vampires at the college to stop them from turning and killing and feeding from other people, she slowly learned some of their strengths and weaknesses and how to better kill them and defend against them and how to kill and get away with it and/or how to get rid of the dead bodies I assume, and she quietly started telling other students she trusted about the vampires and her crusade against them; and she formed a group of students/vampire hunters who she trained and who she led to hunt down vampires, and this group of students would quietly meet and train and recruit more people and hunt and kill vampires at the college.

Most people at the college did not know about all of this, a secret war and infection and secret factions were all at and happening at the college, and only a few people knew about it; and the young woman somewhat liked it that way, but she probably had plans and hopes to make it public eventually when her group and their tactics were proven to be good enough and/or when most people were ready for the truth.

From a distance I got to see the young woman and her vampire hunter group sometimes meeting, training, and recruiting; but I probably never directly talked with them much, I could be wrong, it is possible that I possibly saw the young woman killing a vampire and maybe she explained the situation to me but I am not sure.

I probably was quietly watching from a distance trying to figure out what was going on and what if anything I should do to help and who I should help, I probably wanted to take a non-violent and public approach if possible to get both sides to resolve things peacefully, and for the vampires/whoever to stop turning and killing people against their will.

I remember that some of the vampires did not seem to be hurting anyone, they were possibly pretending but I was not sure, and maybe I mentioned this to the young woman because if this was true I did not agree with them hunting and killing peaceful vampires; but she probably felt that it was an act, and maybe her personal feelings/beliefs/hatred led her to think that all vampires were bad and needed to be killed.

She and some of her members of her group would spy on and follow these vampires who blended in well and who seemed peaceful, maybe she was willing to not kill them if I was correct, and so maybe she sent her people to spy on them to see if this was true or not; and she probably already had people spying on them anyway, and her people would kill them if they turned out not to be peaceful.

The young woman went from being a quiet, shy, weak, and young college freshman to a brave, strong, serious, determined, hardened, skilled, et cetera leader and vampire hunter during the dream; and it was amazing and also a bit sad to see this, seeing someone she knew turned into a vampire and watching them kill people and having people not believe her or help her and threaten her and then her killing the person she knew who got turned into a vampire, led her down this path of revenge/hate/anger/sadness/rejection/secrecy/violence/et cetera; but she also was trying to help and save people, and trying to fight a war even if she had to do it alone.

Like in the second dream the young woman also somewhat blamed herself even though what happened at first was not her fault and they both lost someone who they cared about but this young woman did not have emergency services helping her, and so she decided to try to handle things herself; but this changed her and led her down a path of love and hate et cetera.

But that is all that I can remember of this dream.

The end,

-John Jr