A Library Mozilla Vending Machine & Total War

This dream took place at a slightly fictional larger version of The BP Library, and I was there working along with some of my coworkers like Mr. CF & Ms. RB & several others.

In one part of the library was a fictional vending machine that probably had several functions, one of these functions involved what I think was a Mozilla brochure maker, where you could select your paper & designs & text et cetera & it would make a brochure et cetera.

What is Mozilla?

A Centauride (Centauress)? | Getting Shot At

I went to bed too late and I had one or more dreams that I remembered but I accidentally overslept without voice recording them, and so now I can barely remember part of what I will separate as three dreams.

Dream 1

All that I can remember of this dream is that it involved my male cousin ME.


Sleep And Natalie Tran And A Film Trailer About One Of The Most Powerful Dreamers Of All Time

Source: Wikimedia Commons

Dream 1

This dream was possibly inspired by me briefly researching anti-snoring devices (snoring aids) before going to bed.

All that I can remember of this dream from last night is that it involved sleep: sleeping, sleeping positions, maybe sleep disorders (snoring, sleep apnea, et cetera), maybe sleep related jobs, maybe treatments for sleep disorders, maybe dreams, sleep research and helping solve mysteries involving sleep and inventing new ways to help people with sleeping disorders, et cetera.

Some of the dream involved me trying to sleep and comparing sleeping positions and my discomfort while trying to sleep, and there was a competition with an obstacle course involving a race among people who were racing each other to finish the obstacle course first and this somehow had something to do with sleep and maybe dreams but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 2

All that I can remember of this dream is that it started during the day at a college campus, I was walking toward a courtyard-like area where there was a large college concession stand outside, and I had past memories of how this area used to look so maybe I used to be a student at this college.

In my past memories Natalie Tran from the YouTube channel CommunityChannel was a student at this college, she had a small concession stand in this area, and next to her concession stand was maybe a small college concession stand or some kind of other type of stand owned by the college.

Natalie (Nat) was using her small concession stand to try to earn a bit of money as she went to college it seemed, and eventually she got an old vending machine with candy next to her concession stand so that she could earn money even during the times that her concession stand was closed.

The old vending machine was the type that the candy that was not packaged individually so the candy was poured into separate containers together, and a certain amount of candy would fall out into your hands after you put your coins in and select the candy you want and turn a lever (whatever).

Eventually the college expanded their college concession stand to be much larger, and now I had returned to the college for the first time in a while to see if Natalie’s concession stand and vending machine was still there and to see how things looked now after maybe a few years had passed I assume.

I saw the new expanded college concession stand but Natalie’s concession stand and vending machine was gone, and so I assume that the college had made her close it and get rid of her vending machine because they probably did not want competition.

This was disappointing because I had hoped to talk to Natalie and visit her concession stand and see her old vending machine, I wanted to talk to her about how things used to be and compared them to how things are now, and ask her about the history of her concession stand and vending machine.

I then noticed in the distance across the courtyard and/or near and/or in a parking lot that Natalie and some kids (maybe family members, one of them was a boy wearing glasses with black hair in a bowl-style haircut with the same skin color as her who looked like one of her family members) and maybe a few adults/students were standing near maybe a stand or booth-like structure, and so I walked over to talk with her and ask her what happened to her concession stand and vending machine.

Natalie saw me walking over and she made a facial expression like she was wondering why this unknown man was walking toward her, she seemed a bit uncomfortable and confused, and then I greeted her and she tried to politely force a smile and respond even though she was clearly a bit afraid/nervous/cautious.

I told her that I remembered her concession stand and vending machine that she used to have, she assumed that she knew what I would ask or say next so she started to respond to what she assumed, but she was wrong so I let her know that I was actually going to ask her something else.

I asked her what happened to her old vending machine and concession stand, I told her that I assumed that the college had made her get rid of it and close her stand to avoid her competing with their college concession stand, and she responded but I can not remember her responses.

I think that the college made her get rid of the vending machine first, they gave a reason that made no sense and that was probably just an excuse, but they probably had other motives and that was probably just their first step in trying to get her to close her concession stand.

That failed to get her to close down her concession stand so then they probably claimed that she had to close her stand because they needed more space to expand, the probably gave conflicting excuses and reasons as well, and I assume that she then closed her stand.

I am not sure if she was possibly trying to make a new stand in this new location or not, I just remember briefly talking with her instead of talking with her longer like I had wanted to, and then I said goodbye and I started to walk away.

As I walked away I suddenly heard a male voice starting to narrate the dream like a film (movie) narrator for a film trailer with a deep voice speaking in a film trailer tone, and the male voice said something like:

“A film or story from and/or about and/or inspired by one of the most powerful dreamers of all time (which I assume was me, I disagreed with being considered one of the most powerful dreamers of all time, but it did sound nice). (He said a few other things that I can not remember)”

The dream was still going on but now I felt like part of it was becoming a live film trailer with me as the main character so I walked and acted cool, and there were dramatic sound effects and music and slow-motion effects as I walked and as the narrator talked.

Suddenly a bed appeared in front of me with an old scary-looking shriveled up woman laying in the bed dying it seemed, and a female nurse or woman was next to her bed with her.

The scary old shriveled up dying woman probably had no teeth and she sat up in bed reaching toward me and she could only make a sound effect like a weak: ahhhh moaning-like sound when someone is dying or a light-zombie-like sound effect.

Instead of recoiling in fear and backing away I calmly moved toward her and I put my head against her forehead, and then I either jumped into another dream or woke up into another dream or something like that and there were some sound effects made to mark this transition (maybe Inception trailer-like sounds) and the narrator probably compared this film to the film Inception and The Matrix and several other films.

In this new dream I remember being with a woman with white skin with short brown hair, maybe the woman who had been next to the dying woman but I am not sure, but I can not remember what happened during this part.

After that part the woman and I were transitioned to possibly another dream in the distant past, the woman was wearing animal skin clothing and she had primitive weapons, and we were both in the middle of a battle next to a river.

Our tribe/village/group/whoever was battling another tribe/village/group in a war it seemed, we stayed close to each other and we fought bravely watching each other’s backs, and we were probably outnumbered.

There was a time jump to after the battle and I was waking up like I had been knocked unconscious during the battle near the river, and I saw the woman under the water unconscious and drowning.

I reached in the river and I pulled her out, she woke up, and then a man from our tribe walked over to let us know that he was glad that we were alive.

He was part of the reinforcements/reinforcements who had arrived to help us because we were outnumbered and we were losing when they arrived, I guess the woman and I had been knocked unconscious during this, but we were alive now and our tribe had won this battle for now at least (the enemy probably retreated for now).

We were tired and sore and we looked around at the dead bodies on the land and in the water, it was a bit depressing, we sat there glancing around and making sure that we both were okay as the reinforcements helped the wounded and gathered the dead.

I was glad to have had a loyal and capable person fighting at my side and watching my back during the battle, and so I told the woman this and I told her that I am glad that she survived.

In the previous part that I can not remember this woman had been at my side in that dream, and so it seemed that we would keep jumping between dreams and time periods and worlds et cetera together like we were the main characters of this film that the trailer was talking about.

I woke up during this, this was probably all part of the trailer still, but I can not remember.

The end,

-John Jr


6-23-2014 | Dream Fragments | Tactical Turn-Based Video Game Inspired Dreams

Book vending machine at Gatwick Airport, Londo...
Book vending machine at Gatwick Airport, London, UK. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Dream 1

I had several dreams last night but I did not voice record most of them until after I woke up permanently, and so I forgot most of my dreams except for barely part of three dreams that all had tactical turn-based video game parts to them like the video game XCOM: Enemy Unknown (which I have never played yet, but I have seen some game-play of it).

The first dream took place during the day and one part of the dream involved my uncle CE, some of my family, and I at or outside E Manor but that is all that I can remember of this part of the dream; and in another part of the dream I remember my brother CC being back from military basic training, and I remember talking with him about it.

Parts of the dream involved tactical turn-based video game parts where we were attacked and we had to defend ourselves, there were other people with us, and my brother CC shared some of his military training/knowledge with us to help us; but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 2

I think that the second dream started during the day at a fictional multi-story college dorm and college campus, and at some point I remember being with a woman who I seemed to have a relationship with like maybe she was my girlfriend or wife or something like that (we had a special connection/relationship of some kind that I can somewhat feel now, but I am not sure the exact nature of our connection/relationship).


A Police Station In A Hospital

Source: Wikimedia Commons

Last night I only barely remembered part of my last dream, it took place in a hospital that had a police station in it, and I was a detective or something.

I had a partner and we were on an upper floor waiting outside the chief’s office, which had a hallway that had nurses and doctors passing by us, and across from the chief’s office was a small waiting room with a vending machine.

My partner and I were talking about a case that we were investigating, but I can not remember anything about it, and as we were talking a man came walking toward us and a nurse happen to be walking behind him; the man was acting strange like he was sick/mentally unstable and he may have not even been human.

He had whitish colored skin, barely any hair, and I think his eyes were a strange color; his facial features may have even slowly been changing, like a face dancer / shapeshifter.

The man was talking to himself but I am not sure what he was saying, and suddenly he tried to attack me; so I pulled out my gun and I started to shoot him, and he vomited some strange fluid on me either before he tried to attack or during his attack.

I shot him at least six times before he fell, probably more, somehow he was taking a lot of shots like he was on drugs or something; I was so shocked and cautious about the man/face dancer/alien? that I shot him once in the head even after he fell to make sure he was dead, I think.

I called for some nurses and doctors to help and a few police officers came to help, I took all my clothes off except for my boxer briefs, because I was not sure what the strange fluid was that he vomited on me.

We were still shocked and confused about what had happened, and our minds were still on our current investigation so we took a moment to talk about what had happened.

Then the chief came with a few other high-ranking police officers and I apologized to them for being only in my underwear, and told them what had happened; to my surprise they were not bothered by the fact that I was only in my underwear. 😀

I decided to ask a nurse for a hospital gown and she gave me one, so all that I was wearing was the hospital gown and my gun. 😀

My partner, a few other officers, and I went into the chief’s office to talk about the investigation; the chief gave us some orders and sent us to talk to someone, and after that we could start investigating the strange man who tried to attack me; then I woke up.

The end,
-John Jr 🙂