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I accidentally fell asleep on the living room couch for the third day in a row, I did not record the dreams that I had when I woke up and got in bed, and in bed I had more dreams but I did not record some of them until later so now I can only barely remember part of a few of these dreams.

Dream 1

All that I remember of this dream is that maybe I saw my female coworker JB and her husband Mr. BB together in this dream, but that is all that I can remember of this dream.


A Film Called Opumnigrum? | Idris Elba | A Police Officer Helps Two Criminals Escape From Jail / Prison

Dream 1

I only remember part of the end of my last dream which was like a scary/horror film that was possibly called Opumnigrum and the monster/creäture/robot/entity/killer/whatever of the film was probably also called Opumnigrum, and I think that the monster called Opumnigrum was a riding lawn mower-like/maybe somewhat humanoid entity/monster that killed/murdered people.

At the end of the dream a man with whitish color skin walked inside a house or building during the day to a room that looked like the living room in my parents house, and in this building or house was a woman with whitish colored skin who possibly worked or lived there; and another man with whitish colored skin.


Mass Effect 3 Inspired Dreams | Having Mass Effect 3 Powers | A Living Snake Head In An Apartment | Wearing A Police Or Security Guard Uniform Near The Civic Center In LC

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I overslept a bit last night but I somehow managed to remember part of several dreams but I forgot my other dreams & some of the details of the dreams that I do remember, but I know that I had a lot of dreams and some of them were pretty clear/detailed.

Dream 1

I once again had several dreams that were inspired by the video game Mass Effect 3 where I was playing the game and / or in the game so there were cutscenes, decisions to be made, fighting, talking, exploring, missions, powers like throw fully upgraded to double throw, different alien species, et cetera; but I can not remember the details of any of those dreams.

Dream 2

I had another dream at some point but I do not know what order I had this dream in/when I dreamed this dream last night, but I know that it involved me thinking that I was in the real world after having those Mass Effect 3 inspired dreams; and I woke up in the dream having the power to pull, throw, lift, move, et cetera objects with my mind.

I assumed that somehow me dreaming about having Mass Effect 3 powers had somehow allowed my mind to unlock some powers in my mind/body, and I thought that this was pretty amazing but I was also worried about what negative effects/affects that this could have on me & others; and I was especially worried about how other people in the world would react to me, like the government/intelligence agencies/police/et cetera, and I was worried that if they found out that I would be imprisoned/experimented on/followed by the media/et cetera.

I started practicing using my powers, all I had to do was look at an object & think about how I wanted to move it & I could feel my mind connect to it like it could touch the object (I could feel the object & its weight somewhat), and if I kept my mind focused on the task it would happen; and pointing my hand or hands at the object would make it easier to control an object and it would allow me to move it faster & stronger.

I called my family to come visit me so that I could tell/show them something, when they arrived I asked them to promise to keep what I was about to show/tell them a secret for now, and then I told them and shown them my powers; and we talked about what should I do and how should I do it, about sharing the news of my powers to the world/medical & scientific communities/government/et cetera, but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 3

The next dream took place in a lower-class hotel-like apartment in an unknown fictional city that reminded me of L near FP where my brother GC & I had just gotten an apartment that I think our parent’s had paid the first months rent for us for some reason, and at some point we came across a very large snake head with part of a neck like someone had cut the rest of its body off; and the head was connected to an object like it had tried to eat it or something, but it was not moving like it was dead.

The snake head looked large enough that we predicted that if it had the rest of its body that it possibly could eat a Human, we were a bit afraid, and so we looked for some weapons before trying to see if it was alive or not; and I found a baseball bat or stick, and I touched the snake head with it but then it quickly moved across the room into a hole in the wall to our surprise.

We started trying to find the snake in fear and some cockroaches came out of the hole when I tapped the wall with the stick or bat, we could not find the snake, and so we called our family; and they came to help find it and we talked about the situation, and I considered asking for my parent’s money back for this month’s rent & finding another apartment soon when we warn the apartment owners about the snake (because of the snake, roaches, et cetera).

First we wanted to see if we could find the snake for our safety and the safety of other people, I went outside to look for it, and the outside looked like the area in L near the McDonald’s by a small shopping center or somewhere near there; and I noticed that the hotel-like apartment building used to be an old cinema according to some old text / words written on the middle of the building that no one bothered to paint over that read: *Something* *Something* Cinema.

The building was made out of old pink colored cracked stucco, the building was divided evenly down the middle with the right side being a hotel-like apartment, and the left side was a hotel with the name written on it that read either: The Marriott Hotel or The Marigold Hotel (in the dream I remember calling it The Marriott Hotel and I assumed that was the name when I quickly glanced at the text); and both sides of the building looked the same, rundown & old & lower-class.

It was day outside but I could not find the snake and so I went back inside to talk with my family before going to the office to talk with the owners about the situation, but that is all that I can remember.

Dream 4

The last dream that I can remember took place in a slightly fictional version of downtown LC during the day and I was wearing a police or security guard uniform for some unknown reason, and I was walking trying to get to the boardwalk I think; and as I was waiting to cross the street to the civic center or to a building near it that had a bank on the first floor, I noticed what looked like a female news camera person across the street with a video camera mounted on a tripod, and she seemed to be filming the road & sidewalk in my direction.

My guess was that she was getting some video footage of people walking & driving in downtown LC for a story, either way I did not want to be filmed, but I was forced to wait for an automobile to pass before I could cross the street to be out of the view of the video camera; and so I stood there uncomfortably being filmed, and then I quickly ran across the street once the automobile passed by, to be out of the view of the video camera.

I walked down to a large multi-story building that had many windows and there was a bank on the first floor, I was going to walk through it to get to the boardwalk I guess, I could see the boardwalk on the other side of the bank through all the glass doors & windows; and I seemed to know this place, but once I got inside I decided to go the bathroom to urinate I think.

There were a few female workers at the bank behind the counter with maybe one person in line, I went inside the bathroom & I remember taking longer than expected, maybe I needed to change clothes or fix my clothes or something too but I am not sure; I just know that I took longer than expected, and at some point two women started knocking on the bathroom door.

They sounded angry and they sounded like they were from Eastside, I heard them complaining that they were tired of waiting to use the bathroom/et cetera, and so I tried to hurry up; and then I finished, and I walked out of the bathroom.

The two women made some comments about my police or security guard uniform, they made some negative comments about me, and then they went inside the bathroom; this all caught me by surprise a bit and so I was a bit stunned/distracted, and then I tried to get focused again to continue walking to the boardwalk or where ever but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr


The Job Nightmare

Source: Wikipedia

Last night instead of having a nice dream I had a dream of being at my job and it was worse in my dream than in real life.

I am not sure how it really started but I remember being in a rectangular shaped work room with school desks and I was working with some of my colleagues from work, but we were doing something different from in our real jobs.

This building was divided into more departments with separate rooms than the real life building and people were even more afraid and paranoid, the women I was working with were talking in lower voices and looking around like they were being watched; which we were, like in real life there were cameras all around the building probably in every corner.

Me and Mrs. A were talking about some of our complaints about our work environment, and then the boss Mr. V (I will call him the Overlord) came in with two big men which I will call (Enforcers); The Overlord called Mrs. A and I, telling us to come here, and then he repeated a few of the complaints we had talked about.

I then realized that the cameras also had microphones and he had heard us and so him and two of his Enforcers  had come to deal with us, up to this point the dream felt more like a modern-day slave situation (depending on your definition).

It felt that we had willing applied for the jobs and could quit if we wanted too maybe, but the work environment was even worse and we even lived on the company’s property which I will explain later in the dream;  the Enforcers seemed to be there to watch, police, guard, and even deal with people (mentally, emotionally, and it was implied physically in a negative way if we made mistakes or broke rules)

The Overlord is not the owner but was more like a slave master and the owners only seemed to probably rarely come to check up on him and the company, and under the Overlord were the Enforcers and the Straw Bosses (which are just normal workers that are over each department and take orders from the Overlord and they managed their department somewhat but following the orders of the Overlord).

Anyway, Mrs. A looked very scared and I was thinking that we were going to get fired, which did not bother me much but I was worried about Mrs. A since she looked so scared; the Overlord told one of the Enforcers to lead Mrs. A somewhere and then the Overlord and the other Enforcer told me to follow them.

They lead me in a different direction than they were taking Mrs. A and they took me to another room which was another department with workers doing different jobs than my department, and in their I saw Mr. C cleaning up like in real life.

The Overlord told me that the other department may not be the right department for me so he was moving me to this new department and then he started showing me how to do one of the jobs there, it involved pouring some clear balls (it was sand like but bigger) in to water and then mixing it but the bell rung and it was break time so he told me to take a break and him and the Enforcer left.

I followed some of the other workers to another room which was a break room but I saw some other workers walking somewhere else so I followed them, and I think at this point I saw a woman my age with red hair and I asked her for directions; this is when I found out that we all lived on the company’s property in apartments.

The new workers lived in a super lower class/super poor looking apartment building that was ugly and the area outside looked dangerous, the normal workers lived in a lower class/poor looking apartment, and the Enforcers and Straw Bosses lived in a nice looking middle class looking apartment; and my guess is the Overlord probably had his own mansion and the owners probably live far away somewhere else in their own castles or something.

I was supposed to be living in the super lower class apartment building since I was a newer employee but it looked so bad and dangerous that I decided to follow the women with red hair to her apartment to see what it looked like inside, but she had already walked off, and so I could not find her but I did see the apartment building that she went into.

I decided to walk back to the main work building and explore, the building was connected to several other buildings and had many more rooms than in real life, as I explored I heard music and I found a room that was a club/bar.

It was like a club / bar from a Blade movie or something, there were red lights flashing with women dancing, people drinking, smoking, talking, eating, etc.

But it appeared that only the Enforcers and who ever all the women and other people were, were suppose to be there, at one table I saw a man with short blond hair that appeared to be the leader of the Enforcers; he looked like someone who had gotten out of jail and had committed many crimes in his life.

He was relaxing with some other Enforcers and some women, and I heard him tell one of the Enforcers to go deal with a worker that had made a lot of mistakes recently, he told him to go intimidate the person and rough the person up if necessary; the Enforcer he sent was big and dress in stereotypical country-style overalls and he had a country accent and did not seem too smart but he seemed to enjoy intimidating and roughing up people.

With all the flashing red lights and music the Enforcers did not notice me walking through the club/bar, I decided to leave out of an exit that led to the outside before they noticed me, and then I went outside.

Outside was a courtyard where some workers were taking their breaks, smoking, talking, eating, etc.

It was actually pretty nice but felt like a prison yard, and so I walked to another building, and inside it was pretty dark; I saw a lot of young adults with annoying fake vampire-like/gothic-like make-up on and clothes, and they seemed to be acting like fake vampires or something.

Some of them started to come at me like they wanted to drink my blood or something so I left out of the building, in the brief time I was in there I noticed the room was just a large room with a basketball-like floor and a stage for concerts/plays/speeches/etc.

I think there was some music and stuff in there, but I can not remember exactly since I left out so fast to avoid having to defend myself if one of the fake-vampires or whatever decided to try to bite me; I did it to protect them more than myself, because I was not afraid of them to be honest, they looked like a bunch of skinny young adults who were from wealthy families and who were bored so they felt like acting like vampires.

It was then time to go back to work so I went back to the work area and waited for some one to show me what to do, Mr. C stopped cleaning to show me the bit he knew, but there was not enough clear ball solution left so he could not show me; we then waited for a young man who looked like he was still in high school to come back from break to show me what to do.

The young man tried to figure out how to explain to me how to do a different job that involved something with wood, but he was having a hard time trying to explain it to me, and soon it was the end of the work day so we all left.

I then found the woman with red hair again and I was happy to see her again, for some reason she was one of the few things I felt positive about in the dream and I oddly found her attractive and interesting, so I wanted to get to know her better.

We walked and talked on our way to the apartment buildings, I asked to see her apartment building I think and so we went to hers I think, at some point I think I started to tell about how I was interested in getting to know her etc. but she seemed have a negative reaction to me saying that and she told me to leave; I tried to explain that their must be a misunderstanding about what I meant but she would not listen, and so I left.

I started walking toward my ugly and dangerous apartment building wondering what I had said that could have made her react like that, and I cautiously walked into my apartment but I woke up.

By the way, I have no idea what happened to Mrs. A, in the dream I worried that something worse than being fired happened to her.

The end,
-John Jr 🙂