Listener Mail: A Spectre In Bed

Listener Mail: A Spectre In Bed

What is it?

Here is the description for the video above:

This is an excerpt from Stuff They Don’t Want You To Know – “Listener Mail: Parler and Cambridge Analytica, A Spectre in the Bed, and Berlin’s Horrific Experimental Child Placement Program.”

Strange Sounds In A Park | A Criminal Pretending To Be A Kid

Dream 1

I am at a park at night with family, we are going to camp out there, we hear strange sounds & then voices like maybe a girl’s voice who needs helped followed by maybe an adult male voice talking to her along with the strangeness, it was not clear if the voices were really people or not, or something trying to mimic human voices while making other sounds.

My brothers TDC & KDC & I go to investigate, I tell them to each bring a stick to defend ourselves just in case, the area where the sounds were coming from was some land surrounded by the paved walking trail, there was maybe some light, but there were various obstacles in the way with raised areas & lower areas preventing us from seeing anything from the trail.

Sleep Paralysis | Zombies | Amarna Miller’s Food Cart

What I eat in a day 🍲 PLANT BASED meals | VLOG
Source: YouTube

Dream 1

This dream and sleep paralysis experience happened not that long after I went to sleep, unfortunately I can not remember most of it now, but I think that part of the dream involved me being in a room.

I am not sure if this happened in the dream and/or in the real world, maybe both, but I remember being in my bed experiencing sleep paralysis where I could not move but my eyes were open.

What Did I Dream About? Je Ne Sais Pas.

So what did I dream about last night exactly?

My response is: Je ne sais pas.

A Hostage Situation & An Angry Sister

All that I can remember of this dream or dreams from last night is that it or they took place during the day, I remember being inside a store or bus or boat with some other people, and at some point a group of armed men arrived.

The armed men included some of my former male classmates from Eastside and my brother CC, and for some reason they reminded me of the Somali pirates from the film Captain Phillips (which I have not seen yet).

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