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I feel asleep on the living room couch again by accident as my body is still thrown off by daylight saving time, and so I have been going to sleep an hour earlier on the couch by accident when I get tired and I have been waking up an hour too early and not able to go back to sleep so I lay in bed for an hour until my alarm clock goes off which leaves me not feeling so good when I wake up.

I did not record most of my dreams, and so now I only barely remember part of the end of one dream.


The United States Has To Pay Lebanon Reparations For Blindness?

Source: Wikimedia Commons

I had more dreams but I only recorded part of my last dream that took place during the day, and part of the dream possibly took place in the past when I went to a fictional college in maybe a fictional version of the city of LC but I am not sure.

There was a route that I would often take when walking through the college campus that was to the left of a quiet street, there were several college buildings along this route with offices at the front of the buildings, and I would sometimes go inside one of the last buildings.

Most of the time I would walk under a bridge and make a left turn through some courtyards with smaller college buildings with offices at the front of them, and this area would often have bicycles laying on the ground (maybe because there were no bicycle racks, but I am not sure).

During the dream I traveled through this route several times in maybe the past, and then the dream went to the present when I was no longer attending the college and I went back to the college to show my mom and my former male classmate DH and maybe my brother GC around the college while telling them about various memories.

We took my usual route, things were the same and bicycles were still in the courtyards, and there were college students walking around.

I am not sure if we walked or drove, but the next thing that I remember is us going to a store that reminded me of a poorly lit under-stocked version of the Big Lots in the city of LC combined with a bare-bones budget medical clinic / hospital that is sometimes in my dreams.

The store was barely stocked and most of the store was dark with some dim light in the front like they only wanted you shopping in the front or something, and the only employee was a woman with light-color skin with yellow hair who was the cashier who looked like she probably also worked at a medical clinic or hospital and the cash register was oddly placed on the right side of the building.

At some point when we were at the cash register the cashier and me were talking when she told me that she worked at a medical clinic and / or hospital as well, and she told me that I should consider volunteering there.

Then she told me that I seemed to be friendly and personable, and she suggested that I consider taking part in the medical clinic’s or hospital’s annual telethon (fundraiser) because she felt that I might be a good fit for that based on my personality.

I thanked her for the suggestions and compliments, I started to explain that I do not think that I could handle something like that because of anxiety and shyness et cetera, but that maybe I could do something in the background at the telethon and / or volunteer sometimes.

There was a pause, I was actually getting nervous, and our conversation was holding up the line so I probably said goodbye and we left.

We drove to a shopping mall and when we got inside the mall we went to separate (maybe my mom and my brother GC went one way and me and my former classmate DH went another way) without picking a meet-up location, and I did not realize this until it was too late.

As me and DH walked I kept thinking about what the cashier had said about volunteering and / or doing the telethon, I was thinking so hard that I had a daydream and / or the dream jumped to my thoughts, and I was rehearsing for the telethon with one or more people.

After rehearsing I stopped to listen to an audio recording from a previous telethon, and it sounded like John Rosenstern was talking to another man during the telethon.

The Mr. Rosenstern-sounding man was telling the other man about how The United States government had to pay $5 per something that I can not remember, which amounted to $100-something a year per person, for anyone in Lebanon who was blind as a result of something that The United States had done and / or had some responsibility for in the past; and so I guess this was reparations.

I had never heard of this before so this was interesting and I was curious about this, and I wondered how much a year did The United States government pay in total and I was curious about the story behind all of this but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr


An Orphanage On Eastside?

Source: Wikimedia Commons

I barely remember any of my dream fragments from last night, but I think that the first three dream fragments took place in D on Eastside.

I think that a group of kids and a woman age 23-26, all orphans, were living on Eastside in an oppressive orphanage; and I somehow came across their group, and I spent some time with them.

I remember one or more people who worked for the orphanage were also there at several parts in the dream, one of whom was a man who forced the orphans to go outside to learn how to use & shoot single-shot black powder rifles, and I think that the workers at the orphanage were mean & controlling & they did not seem to care about the orphans.

I think that most or all the orphans had medium-dark brownish colored skin & black colored hair, and most or all the workers had whitish colored skin & dark blondish colored hair; so I guess that it was an Eastside orphanage for abandoned kids from Eastside.

The kids and the woman, who were all orphans, seemed nice but their morale/mood was down due to the oppressive orphanage & they hated the workers at the orphanage/they hated the way that they treated them; and they told me about some of their bad experiences when the workers were not around or close enough to hear.

The workers did not trust me, like they were afraid that I would learn about their mistreatment of the orphans and that I would report them to the police, but they did not turn down my request to help them for free; I decided to take a moment to volunteer to help the orphans, which gave the workers a chance to do mostly nothing, so they agreed to let me help.

The head of the orphanage was a woman I think, and her husband probably, both of whom were mean; but I did not talk to them or see them very much, fortunately.

I remember the woman, who was an orphan, told me about how she ended up in the orphanage; and she told me that she was tired of her current life there and that she felt worthless, and she seemed to hint that she might have been a bit interested in me.

I felt bad for her and the other orphans, and I tried to help lift their moods, which helped; and I tried to think of ways that I could help improve the conditions of the orphanage without the orphans getting punished by the workers for telling me the truth of their conditions.

I also might have talked with the woman about some ways that she might be able to start her own life away from the orphanage, but like me, she also was worried about the other orphans & she would not leave until life was better for them.

The orphanage was near my parent’s house, I think, oddly; and so when my volunteer time was over, I went to check on my grandfather, whose house was also near the orphanage.

My grandfather was trying to take a bath in a bathtub that was in his living room, oddly, but he was having a hard time trying to get in the tub & so I had to help him; fortunately he was not naked and he was wearing swimming trunks.

My grandfather seemed to be in pain and his old age was finally almost too much for him to handle, it was obvious that he would need constant care very soon, if not now, and/or that he probably will die in the near future.

Either his bath water was too hot and/or it was just the pain, either way, he kept making sounds of pain occasionally as he sat in the tub.

I asked him if he needed anything, I got his newspaper & mail, I asked him if he had eaten & drank enough water, et cetera.

We talked for a brief time and then I left, and I remember something happened that I can not remember, which caused me to think of my online female contact in Germany NF & marriage; and I felt that I had made a mistake of not contacting her in so long and that I should call her and/or go see her in G, and I remember thinking about what it might be like to go there & meet her family & friends & for us to get married in a year or so.

My thoughts were positive, mostly, and I felt like I needed to act soon, if it was not too late already.

I remember thinking of a few other things that were connected to my real life, but I can not remember what they were, and I woke up with those thoughts in my mind & the feeling that I needed to act soon in the NF situation & the other situations that I can not remember & that my grandfather’s life is nearing its end & that we should do what we can to help him & enjoy the time that we have left.

The end,

-John Jr 🙂


Helping Firefighters

Last night I had several dreams but I can not remember most of them, since recently I have done volunteer work almost each day I guess you could say & dealing with other things, and so I have been forgetting more of my dreams; but I still have several dreams every night.

Last night during the dream I am about to mention, I did not realize that I was dreaming, and so I remember telling myself/reminding myself in the dream to type about my helping / volunteering with the firefighters, because I thought that I was in the real world. 😀

The dream is unclear, but I remember going to a fire station at some point in an unknown place, where some firefighters worked; and something happened that was either a major storm and/or some strange event that caused us to lock ourselves inside of the fire station.

I remember us being worried about something and trying to limit our exposure to the outside world, but I am not sure why I went to the fire station in the first place; my guess is that it was to volunteer to see what it is like to be a firefighter and/or I got caught in the event outside & the fire station was the nearest safe place at the time, but I am not sure.

I remember meeting the firefighter in charge and the fire fighters who were several men & several women, and maybe a few other people who came to the fire station with me and/or for safety.

The dream was a longer dream with more detail & dialogue than usual, it was like a disaster movie in dream form or something but realistic, but I have forgotten most of the dream unfortunately; but it was an interesting dream spending so much time talking with & helping other dream characters.

The other dream characters and I got to know & trust each other as we were forced together inside the fire station and as we had to work together to figure out what to do & how to survive & help people.

Some strange things happened outside and inside the fire station that were possibly going on in not only a minor way in our location but also some of the events probably were going on in a major way not only just in our location but maybe in the city, state, country, and world, but I can not remember what happened, unfortunately; but at some point it was safe enough for us to go outside again at the end of the dream.

The dream had a lot of mystery, suspense, drama, realistic parts, and the dream characters & I learned & developed as the dream went on.

Besides the things that were going on outside the fire station, the dream explored the struggles between us dream characters as we had to deal with that & each other & how we had to deal with the outside world as we struggled to make sense of the situation & survive & help people; and there were several layers to the events outside & inside that were strange, but I can not remember them.

I got to know some of the other dream characters since we spent much time inside the fire station together, and I remember telling them that I wanted to start volunteering at their fire station and the fire fighter in charge said that he would allow me to volunteer.

I might be mistaken but I think that during some of the strange events inside & outside of the fire station, that the fire fighters in charge were changed at some point, either from death or injury or loss of confidence or some other strange reason.

It was at the end of the dream when it was finally safe enough to go outside, that I told/reminded myself to type about my experiences on my blog when I got to a computer, because I did not realize that I was dreaming since the dream was so realistic, even though some strange things happened; but I woke up as we walked outside thinking & talking & looking around to see the aftermath of whatever had happened.

Thanks to Ms. Robin, I remembered part of something that happened between waking & sleeping, this morning.

I woke up partly in bed still about half asleep and I was going back & forth between waking & sleeping feeling slow & still tired & I could barely move & things appeared to be moving slower.

I am not sure if I saw this part in a dream state or a waking state, but I remember seeing the framed print of The Young Shepherdess painting that I have on the wall above my bed seemed to possibly be somewhat moving or it was just the slow blurry effect that I saw as I was going between waking & sleeping; and it appeared that she was somehow trying to communicate with me, but things were moving slower & blurry & I was in & out of various states.

I would open & close my eyes trying to look up as I went back & forth between waking & sleeping, and there was this blurry barrier-like effect that I would see that made her seem to slightly be moving like she was trying to tell me something but it was too hard for her to move & she could not talk & so I was going to have to touch the print to communicate with her it seemed; and so I tried to slowly move toward the print to touch it, but things were moving slow & I was going between various states & so it was hard.

I kept trying, and at some point I finally touched my hand on the back of her hands in the print which is covered by glass & so I was touching the glass, and then I moved my hand away after about two or three seconds expecting some information to start appearing in my mind or something; and then I lay there in an awake state for a moment.

I went in & out of waking & sleeping but I can not remember anything else except that I tried touching the print again at some point; but that is all that I can remember, except that I finally went back into a normal fully awake state at some point without the strange effects.

The end,

-John Jr 🙂