MT’s Restaurant | The Ghost Of Mr. FF

Lazy overview of my dreams:

Dream 1

In this dream, I went to a restaurant, a waitress with light-color skin there was rude to me, and she kept trying to get me to leave before I could even order my food.

My former male classmate MT walked over to see what was going on, I learned that he was the owner of this restaurant, I explained the situation to him, and he apologized to me.


Danny Rand (Iron Fist) Visits A Diner

The main character of this dream from last night was once again Danny Rand (Iron Fist) from the television show Iron Fist, but I can not remember if I was myself and / or if I was Danny (Iron Fist).

It seemed that Danny had maybe recently returned home to the city that he grew up in, and he went to a familiar diner-like restaurant that was possibly combined with another type of business that he used to visit when he was a kid.

The diner-like business had several different parts to it that were separated by walls and doors that you could use to reach the next area, and he recognized a somewhat older woman who worked there who was possibly a manager or owner or just an employee who has worked there a very long time so he greeted her.

The somewhat older woman recognized and remembered him from years ago, they talked about the past and the present, and Danny told her about him being the Iron Fist.

After their conversation Danny and / or I walked to the diner-like area near the booths and tables, and he and / or I saw a woman he and / or I recognized who was my former female classmate HM.

Danny and / or I greeted my former classmate HM, we talked about the past and present, and she was told that Danny was the Iron Fist and she seemed happy about this.

My former classmate HM probably told us about some other people she and / or I and / or Danny knew, maybe former classmates and / or family members of hers, and about something involving superheros and probably her and some people she knows interest in maybe trying to become superheros too.

After this part of the dream Danny and / or I returned to Danny’s apartment which was a nice modern apartment on the upper floor of a tall modern multi-story building, and in his apartment he found a man who possibly looked like the actor Kiefer Sutherland.

This man claimed to be either part of him or another version of him or something strange like that, and the man explained how this was possible but I can not remember the details.

This alleged other version or part of Danny (Iron Fist) probably agreed to mostly stay inside the apartment, for now at least, and the next part of the dream took place either the next day or another day.

Danny and / or I returned to the diner-like business, the somewhat older woman was angry at us and she started saying something about my former classmate HM and / or someone she knew, and she blamed Danny / us and superheroes (people in costumes is what I think she called them) for inspiring my former classmate HM and / or someone else into trying to be a superhero and it seemed that they possibly got themself or themselves killed and / or seriously injured.

Danny and / or I had no idea what happened exactly and the woman left in anger without properly explaining what happened, and then I saw my coworker Mrs. T working in the diner-like area now that the somewhat older woman had left.

Mrs. T let us know that the somewhat older woman was angry with us and she probably told us why, I remember Danny and / or I feeling bad about what happened to either my former classmate HM and / or someone else she knew, and Danny and / or I sat down trying to think about this and learn more.

But I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr


Wanting A Dessert Buffet And Eating At A Chinese Style Restaurant

Source: Wikimedia Commons

I slept pretty well/solidly last night and I forgot all of my dreams except for barely part of one dream, unfortunately I got right out of bed without taking a moment to think about the dream so that my mind could remember some of the fragments and put them together and a ringing telephone and a moaning cat/kitten distracted me, and so unfortunately I can barely remember my dream even though I know that it was somewhat long/detailed and that I had remembered a lot more of the dream earlier but now I can not remember most of the dream.

The dream seemed to take place in a slightly fictional version of D but I can not remember the beginning of the dream at all, I think that the middle of the dream might have taken place during the day on Eastside near the neighborhoods near the BA School, and I was walking or riding a bicycle or driving my automobile through the neighborhood for some unknown reason(s); but that is all that I can remember of this part of the dream.

Near the end of the dream (not the end of the dream, but near the end of the dream) I think that it was night or late evening, and I went to either a slightly fictional version of BM Hospital or to a multi-story building where BM Hospital should be; and my mom, my brother GC, maybe a few other direct family members of mine, and our neighbor Mr. D were inside the building in an area that was a Chinese style restaurant.

I sat down at a table alone after briefly talking with my family and saying hello to our neighbor Mr. D, the Chinese style restaurant was nicely decorated and it had nice dim lighting with a nice buffet with a variety of foods, and working there was a waitress who somewhat looked and sounded and acted like the somewhat younger female worker (in her late twenties maybe) at O Wok; and my family and Mr. D were eating while I was trying to decide if I should eat there or not.

I wanted to eat at a dessert buffet even though I did not know if anything like that even existed, I really felt like eating a variety of desserts without having to pay a lot of money, and so I tried to decide if I should drive all the way to LC to look around for a dessert buffet that may/might not even exist and/or for a restaurant that had a good variety of desserts; and I sat there having a difficult time trying to decide what to do, and I probably thought about some other things that were on my mind in the dream.

At some point I started to look at what desserts were on the buffet in the restaurant, probably after the waitress spoke to me a few times wondering if I had decided on eating or not yet, and I think that the buffet had more desserts than I expected; and I decided to eat at the restaurant instead of driving all the way to LC, and so I told the waitress that I decided to eat at the restaurant and I started to get some food from the buffet.

I remember talking with my family some more and at some point our neighbor Mr. D started talking to me about something somewhat important but I can not remember what it was about (maybe it was about finding a job or something like that), I know that he gave me some advice, but I can not remember what advice he gave me; and I remember thanking him and eating my food.

I remember briefly talking with the waitress a few times, she was nice, and I probably finished eating my food at some point and I probably paid for it maybe; and then I probably said a few more things to my family and our neighbor Mr. D before saying goodbye, and then I probably left trying to decided where to go next or what to do next but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr