Waking Life

Waking Life (2001)

Titles: Waking Life
Countries: Brazil, Canada, Spain, United Kingdom, United States
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What is it?

The 2001 American adult animated docufiction movie Waking Life.


A Gang Fight In A Parking Lot

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For a few days now I have finally felt like writing some of my dreams down again and as I was watching the film, Waking Life, was inspired to pause the film and actually type a dream or two to my blog; so that is what I will do now.

Dream 1

Last night I can not really remember the details of my dream or dreams, but it had something to do with me either signing up for, training for, thinking about signing up, or I was already in the military; but that is all I can remember.

Dream 2

A few days ago I had a dream that is somewhat unclear that started with me walking into a small building that looked like the hallway of my grandfather’s house and outside of it was a parking lot in or near a neighborhood park or something.

The beginning is unclear but I think people in the neighborhood were hanging out in the parking lot talking and stuff like that, almost like a small celebration or something was going on and I saw DE, my uncle CE, my cousin ME, and my other cousin ME in the parking lot as well.

I was in the building which had a closed-door on one end of the hall and an open door at the other end, which led to the parking lot, and what happened next is very unclear but I will try to describe what I think happened.

I think I saw a ninja-like person appearing in the hallway, he had been invisible at first, and I think he tried to attack someone or we thought he was going to; another man in the hallway had a gun I think and pointed it at the ninja-like man, I am not sure if he shot him or not but I remember trying to help the man with the gun.

The next thing I remember is the man and I used a room in the hallway to hide, we felt that something strange was going on, it seemed that some one or some group was trying to kill a person or persons in the parking lot; the ninja-like person probably was sneaking in the building to use it as a sniping place to kill someone.

We started to notice men slowly showing up in the parking lot that looked like members of different gangs, one of them was a Latin gang and they looked pretty dangerous; the different gang members were positioning themselves on different sides of the parking lot like they were preparing for a battle, but this was happening very slowly so everyone was trying to act normal even though you could tell people were starting to get worried.

Two members of the Latin gang tried to sneak through the building so the man and I took their guns and held them hostage in the room that we were hiding in to question them and try to avoid whatever they were planning; as we were doing this now and then other gang members tried to sneak through the building so we would capture them too; after a while we had captured at least 10 gang members.

One of them was Vin Diesel, he had a bag with him and in the bag was a strange pump-action shotgun that may have been a 20 gauge; the gun was mostly metal except the place that holds the shells it was fabric and tied, so I guess you would have to hold the gun down to chamber the next shell.

I asked Mr. Diesel how to load the shells, he told me and so I loaded the shotgun, and it had a carrying strap so I hung it around my neck & had a pistol in my pocket.

The man who was in the room with me would guard the gang members we had captured to avoid them escaping while I would guard the door, and wait for more gang members to sneak through, so I could stop them.

They all seemed to be trying to use the building as a place to sneak attack someone in the parking lot, but we kept preventing this from happening, we wanted to tell other people in the parking lot but the other gang members were there and we feared a shootout if we did tell the others; also we were afraid that the gang members that we had captured would escape and attack us.

I kept watching the parking lot from the building and I could see that the situation was getting very tense, people were starting to move to the edges of the parking lot except for the gang members; I felt that something bad would happen soon and I did not know what to do.

The man in the room and I were only two people trying to hold at least 10 gang members in one room and try to stop the others from fighting outside, it was no way we could handle the situation if something outside happened in my opinion; so I was very worried.

In the parking lot I saw my other cousin ME walking toward three men that were bigger than him and they started arguing, it appeared that they were going to jump him and they had a gang with them, so my cousin ME and uncle CE started to walk over there to back him up; I stood in the doorway trying to figure out what to do.

I noticed that the other gangs put their guns away or in their pockets, they did not have their guns in the open, and they all started to walk toward the argument; I had my shotgun ready but feared causing a shootout if people saw my gun so I walked back to the room in the building and gave the shotgun to the man; I told him to continue to guard the gang members that we had captured and that something big was about to happen outside so I told him to be on high alert.

I still had a pistol hidden in my pocket so I stood in the doorway wanting to go stop my cousin from fighting but I was afraid to leave the man in the room alone with all of those gang members, I feared that they would jump him and escape to kill or fight people in the parking lot; so I stood there and decided I would try to do what I could from the doorway if the gang members started shooting.

Before my cousin ME and uncle CE could reach my other cousin ME, the three men started attacking him, he was doing pretty good but the rest of the gang jumped in and had him on the ground; so my cousin ME ran over and tackled several of them, since he is pretty big, and my uncle CE started to fight some of them too.

Then almost everyone in the parking lot jumped into the fight, including all the gangs, it was chaos; I stood back trying to figure out what to do and I could not see my family members anymore since there were too many people.

I tried to come up with a plan, one plan was find my automobile and drive toward the fight, get out and grab my family members putting them into the automobile and then drive to the building to get the man in the room, and then escape; but I woke up.

The end,
-John Jr 🙂