An Assassination? | Gold Louisiana Stickers?

Dream 1

All that I can remember of this dream is that I was outside during the day with a crowd of people, and a fictional female politician was speaking to the crowd.

Near the politician was her female aid / assistant, at some point someone in the crowd possibly shot the politician, and some of us in the crowd started to sneak away to avoid the chaos.


Joe Rogan & Shaquille O’Neal & JB | JB & Man Child

The Joe Rogan Experience | Now on Spotify

Dream 1

A forgotten part of this dream involved me working at The BP Library and interacting with some of my coworkers, and later in the dream I was part of a Joe Rogan film shoot (I am not sure what we were filming) that was taking place near a motel during the day.

At some point I was carrying maybe a spray bottle of some kind of cleaner in one hand and something else in my other hand as I walked by and / or through the motel, a female employee of the motel with light-color skin saw me walking by, and for some unknown reason she called the front desk of the motel to report me.


The World Heavyweight Championship Belt & A Water Gun Fight & JB | Email & Time Clock Problems

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Dream 1

All that I can remember of this dream is that I decided to do a little experiment and walk around semi-outdoor and indoor areas wearing a replica of the WCW World Heavyweight Championship or the WWE World Heavyweight Championship or just the generic Big Gold Belt.


Jessica Jones And A Stalker

David Tennant and Krysten Ritter in Jessica Jones (2015)
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I got in bed after 5 AM and I had a small caramel frappe before going to sleep, and so I did not record most of my dreams except for barely part of two dreams.

Dream 1

This dream took place at my parents house, I was inside the house when my male cousin DE showed up knocking at the front door several times during the dream, and the first time my mom answered it.

The second time my brother GC answered it, and the third time my brother GC was about to go outside while holding something but then I noticed DE standing at the front door again.

I wondered why did DE keep showing up so many times in such a short amount of time, it was annoying, and so my brother GC locked the door and he probably went to let our mom know that DE was at the door.

It was a long wait so DE knocked several times and I had to say: “Just a moment.” several times during this wait, but I woke up.

Dream 2

This was an interesting and pretty realistic feeling dream, it is unclear though, and so I am not sure if I was in the dream during some parts or not and / or if I was Jessica Jones from the web television show Jessica Jones during some parts and / or if I was just seeing things from Jessica Jones point of view sometimes and / or if I was just seeing things from a camera person point of view sometimes but I do know that I was definitely in the dream at the end when we were outside on the ground floor outside the front of the apartment.

This dream was probably inspired by Jessica Jones (Season 3) that I finished watching last week.

This dream took place during the day at a somewhat tall multi-story apartment building where Jessica Jones lived on an upper floor, I am not sure if I lived there too or not, but Jessica Jones and I knew each other but I am not sure if we just lived in the same building and / or if we were friends and / or if we were dating or what our relationship was but it seemed to be close possibly.

At some point in the dream some strange creatures started attacking from inside the apartment building, they were various types and sizes of creatures, including small insect-like creatures that could fit in small places.

The creatures were hunting down people using motion and sound it seemed to track people.

Jessica Jones wanted to help but the threats were unknown and their numbers and some other reasons, it was not safe for her to walk out of her apartment normally, and so she used her superpower of super strength and she punched a hole in her wall with one punch and she climbed outside the building.

Jessica climbed through the window of someone else’s apartment, she went into a back room, she lifted a ceiling tile and climbed into the ceiling cover it back, and she hid in a ventilation shaft near the grill so that she could see through the cracks as various threats entered the apartment room looking for signs of life to attack.

Jessica stayed still and quiet, each threat would walk into the room briefly listening and looking for signs of life before leaving, and eventually it was safe for Jessica to move again.

Eventually Jessica reached the roof of the building outside and she was joined by a younger Will Smith-like man with maybe a box fade haircut who also had superpowers that were maybe a bit like a weaker version of John Hancock from the movie Hancock so maybe he had low-level super speed and maybe he could fly and maybe he was stronger than normal, and they seemed to know each other; he was nicer than Hancock.

They talked about the situation, something happened that I can not remember, and then they had a confrontation with the person who planned this attack.

The person who planned this attack was a thin weak nerdy loser-type man with light-color skin with yellow hair who seemed to be an obsessed stalker of Jessica Jones, and so she seemed to be his target along with those who(m) she was close to and knew.

I am not sure what was the point of this attack but he seemed to have been stalking Jessica long enough to know some things about her, I was in the dream at this point for sure, and Jessica told me to check his wallet and in his wallet I found a torn piece of paper with part of my name on it with my full last name and part of my first name.

It seemed that maybe he had gotten it out of trash that I threw out and / or that Jessica threw out, I guess he had special plans for me because I was possibly close to Jessica, and I wondered what these plans were.

There was a brief interrogation on the ground floor outside the building, we did not know how many people were still alive inside the building, and Jessica seemed to be trying to decide whether to kill the stalker or not after maybe roughing him up a bit.

As we waited eventually Jessica kissed him with a slow long kiss to my surprise and confusion, I assumed that she was going to kill him after this, but to my surprise she did not.

After the kiss Jessica said something and then started to walk away with the Will Smith / John Hancock-like man, and I started following them in confusion trying to ask them what they were going to do with the stalker but the dream ended like a movie with ending credits and maybe music.

During this I was still confused and wondering what was going to be done with the stalker, did they call the police, were they letting him go, and why did Jessica kiss him?

But I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr


Diarrhea Warning | A Van Going Through A Wall | My Grandmother DE Is Alive Again

I had a variety of dreams that I remembered part of, but now I can only barely remember part of three dreams.

Dream 1

My stomach was bubbling in the real world and impacted this dream, so my stomach was bothering me in the dream as well, and eventually I realized that I had diarrhea in the dream.

My mom was in the dream during this part of the dream, I then realized that my body was sending me warning signals from the real world, and I woke up.

In the real world my stomach was bubbling like I had diarrhea, and this kept interrupting my sleep and dreams.

Dream 2

This dream involved something that I possibly saw in a previous dream, possibly a forgotten one from this week, and what I saw was a repeating incident that I would see each day in the previous dream or dreams and in this dream.

The dream took place during the day in the city of D, I was with one or more of my brothers but I am not sure if anyone else was with us, and each day we would drive past near where G’s Chevrolet should be.

In this area was a fictional metal building like the shop / warehouse building of the dealership, each day we would see a somewhat older thin strange-looking maybe sickly possibly bald man with light-color skin possibly wearing a knit hat driving a van (maybe a blue or light blue older van) carefully toward the wall of the metal building, and there were no visible openings so it was like he was going to drive through the wall.

At least half of the time or most of the time he would fail to pass through the wall on the first try, but sometimes he would pass through the wall on the first try like maybe: there was an invisible or small portal, a fake wall, some kind of unknown technology, some kind of magic, some kind of barrier or force field, or something on the wall.

If he failed on the first try he would back up and carefully try again, like he had to hit the wall at the correct speed and angle or whatever to pass through it somehow, and me and my brothers and whoever would try to guess if he would make it through on the first try or not.

We had no idea how he did this, we never stopped to drive over there to investigate, maybe there was a small opening in the wall that we could not see or something; but from our angle it looked like a solid wall.

We would bet / guess each day that we passed by, so the dream mostly involved a repeating cycle of us driving by each day trying to guess if the man would drive through the wall on the first try or not (the man happened to always be in the process of trying to drive the van through the wall each day that we drove by), but that is all that I can remember of this dream; this was familiar and so this same thing possibly happened in a past forgotten dream.

Dream 3

This dream took place at a slightly fictional version of The E House, somehow my grandmother DE was alive again, but I have no idea how and even in the dream I was probably not sure how.

As usual my grandmother DE did not say much, I remember her smiling and going around the house checking things and probably trying to get the house straightened up and back to normal since it has been abandoned since my grandfather CE (her husband) died.

I was happy to have my grandmother DE back, instead of trying to talk to her much at first, I did not disturb her much and I just walked around looking around at the house and what was different and what my grandmother DE was possibly working on as I tried to enjoy the moment and decide what I could do to help before stopping to focus on my grandmother DE.

I remember seeing some large plastic bins / containers of water with no lids sitting on the floor in a room oddly, in the kitchen were some dirty dishes like my grandmother DE had cooked food or something so I was going to wash those soon, but I can not remember what else I saw or did or said.

I know that me and my grandmother DE did interact a few times during this time but I can not remember what was said or done, I just know that when I was almost done checking the house, I realized that I needed to talk to my grandmother DE while I had the chance.

There were so many things that I wanted to talk about and ask her and I just wanted to spend some time with my grandmother DE since she has been dead for years, I realized that I had been wasting time looking around without talking to her much, and so I went to talk to her before it was too late.

I realized that I did not look at her closely yet, and so as I approached her I looked at her closely trying to notice the details and to try to remember her and save this moment in my mind just like she it seemed that she did to me the last time that I saw her alive in real life; the last time that I saw my grandmother DE alive in real life she looked at me and my brother closely and lovingly, like she knew that she was going to die soon, I felt and thought this when I saw her looking at us closely but I did not want to believe it and I just assumed that I was imagining things but she really did end up dying not long after this and I did not get to see her during that time because she was in a hospital in another state at the time and I had no idea that she was dying.

Unfortunately in this dream I woke up before I could really get a chance to talk to my grandmother DE much, I was about to, but then I woke up; I should have spoken to her more when I had the chance, but it was good to see her again at least.

The end,

-John Jr