How Did We Get Here / There?

Lazy Overview:

I can not remember most of my dreams last night, but I think that my first dream took place during the day outside a fictional Arts Center that has been in a few of my past dreams; and a film première/showing/whatever was going on.

There were big TV screens outside showing teaser trailers and/or films, reporters & camera crews, fans, celebrities, Artists, etc; but that is all that I can remember, except next I remember being with a brother & sister & a strange-looking man who took us to the outskirts of the city to a two-story/floor house that he lived in.

The man had pictures of how he used to look, he used to look like Santa Claus, and he used to be a rich banker and/or someone who dealt with money; but he had somehow lost most of his fortune, and then he moved to this house & let himself go (he barely even looked human anymore) & he got lost in his obsession with getting rich/getting more money/money/etc.

At some point the brother & sister found out that the man was there long-lost father, but then some mafia-like men came, to escort us away or something; their long-lost father did not even care about them, and he only cared about Money.

The man seemed to be doing some illegal activities to get rich again, and to possibly get revenge on certain people; but I can not remember what happened next exactly, except that the brother & sister & I were at/on the set of a Disney movie that was being made.

An actor was showing us around the two-floor/story house, which looked familiar and I remembered that several other houses had looked similar in several of my past dreams, and they only had several minor differences; and I even remembered a dream that I can not remember now that I am awake, that also took place on the set of a Disney movie.

On the second floor each of these houses had a fireplace in almost the same place, the entrance of the house was in almost the same place, the living room and/or family room were in the almost same place, the kitchens were similar, etc.

At some point I remember us jumping on a platform that was in the living room and/or family room, and the platform had springs or something, almost like an entertainment wrestling ring; I can not remember what happened next exactly, except a man & I appeared and/or woke up on the side of the highway leading to a fictional version of LC (the city that the dreams had taken place in & near).

We both had no idea how we had gotten there, we both had our automobile keys, but we both were missing our wallets & mobile phones; and we were near an abandoned amusement park on the side of the highway, that was supposed to be under construction, but no one was around or driving on the highway.

Further up the highway was another abandoned amusement park that was old & ugly, and an another amusement park that appeared to still be active; but it was very far up the highway, I somehow remember seeing them from the point-of-view from being in the sky, but I am not sure how was I in the sky or what happened exactly. (That probably would help explain how the man & I had gotten to where we were) 🙂

I remember seeing the highway and several other things from the sky and I remember moving up the highway in the sky, but I am not sure if I was in a spaceship or plane or helicopter or flying or just seeing things from that point-of-view.

Anyway, the man & I started to look around for our wallets & mobile phones, and we saw a wrecked eighteen-wheeler between the highway where a river-like area with grass was; and we found our wallets & mobile phones inside of the eighteen-wheeler.

We did not know our exact location and we noticed a map at the construction site of the abandoned amusement park near us, and so we started to look at the map to figure out where we were.

We both were confused and our memories were not clear, it was almost like someone/something had knocked us unconscious, took us out on the highway, and dropped us off or something. 🙂

We wondered if we should walk up the highway until we found someone and/or should we use our mobile phones to call for help, if they still worked, but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr 🙂