A Dismembered Finger Moving On Its Own

Source: Wikimedia Commons

Dream 1

In this dream I was walking through a building when I saw some offices with mostly glass walls / doors, and I saw my coworker Mr. JF on a computer in one of these offices so I stopped to greet him.

We talked, he helped me with something (maybe a computer problem or some kind of other technology related  problem), and we briefly played a video game and / or watched part of a movie; but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 2

I am not sure if I was in this dream or not, I just remember the dream involving an overweight somewhat older woman with light-color skin with medium-length yellow hair sitting in a dimly lit area in front of a desk, and on the other side of the desk was another woman with light-color skin with maybe medium-length medium-to-dark color hair.

The woman with the yellow hair seemed to be getting interviewed for a daycare or elementary school job by the other woman, the woman with yellow hair used to work here, but there were possibly some issues with her mental / emotional stability the last time that she worked there.

The interviewer was asking her various questions like she was trying to figure out if the woman had gotten help for those problems, and whether she was stable enough now to return to the job.

The interviewer hoped that she had gotten help and had her issues under control, but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 3

This dream was possibly inspired by an episode of the television show Z Nation (Season 2) that I watched yesterday with my brother GC.

The dream probably took place during a zombie apocalypse and I was with my brother GC, and we were inside a facility that was partly warehouse-like and seemed to be some kind of emergency facility being used as a shelter et cetera.

The building seemed to be empty oddly except for a possibly not human or not completely human man who possibly had bluish-color skin and / or some kind of other unusual skin color(s) and who looked weird (imagine a less human-looking Alvin Murphy from Z Nation after his skin color et cetera changed), maybe he was a zombie hybrid or a mutant or a test subject or was just some kind of other entity or something, but I have no idea.

We had a run-in with this humanoid man, I am not sure if it got violent or what happened, I just know that the humanoid man got injured somehow and one of his fingers got dismembered somehow (either he did it to himself or it happened in a fight with us I assume).

The humanoid man ended up in another room in another part of the building, and me and my brother GC ended up finding a control room on an upper floor area that could be accessed by stairs from the main area so you could see the main area below.

In the control room we found one or more computers with a map showing other facilities around the world like this facility I assume, and then my brother GC went into another room one or two rooms down from this room.

Eventually my brother GC told me to follow him into the other room so I leave the control room, after walking out of it and closing and possibly locking the door to prevent the humanoid man from finding it, the humanoid man’s dismembered finger walked to the control room door and started cutting the door handle with a small mechanical / electric saw.

I stood there in confusion wondering how this was possible, I was not sure if his finger saw me or not since it had no eyes, I assumed that the humanoid man was somehow controlling it and was possibly after me and my brother GC.

The finger cut the door handle open and it entered the control room, it got on a computer, and then it pressed a button or something that set most or all the facilities in the world as Low Priority which I assumed meant that they would self-destruct and / or be bombed by an automated system or something so the humanoid man was going to destroy those facilities I assumed.

I somehow saw (either the dream jumped to him or I somehow saw him in my mind) the humanoid man in another room smiling and maybe laughing like he could see what his finger could see so I guess he was controlling it, and he seemed happy at what it did on the computer.

I quietly sneaked to the room where my brother GC was and I locked the door.

There was a television on and my brother GC had cut a small opening in the wall in a vertical rectangular shape, and he was in another room that was a middle room and he told me to follow him.

I warned him about the finger and that maybe this facility was going to be destroyed soon too if my assumptions were correct, I turned off the television and the light, and then I rushed to squeeze through the opening to the next room.

I then heard the finger sawing the door handle to reach the first room, and so I tried to hurry but moving through the small opening was hard so I had to breathe in to fit through it better.

I covered the opening with the piece of wall that was cut out, I reached the middle room and my brother GC had cut another opening in the next wall and he was in another room now, and so I turned out the light in this room and I had to squeeze through another opening which was once again a struggle as I panicked to get through as I heard the finger entering the first room.

I covered the second opening with a piece of the wall, I reached the next room that my brother GC was in and I was in a rush / panic to escape the building and get away from the finger and the humanoid man, but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr


Defending Walls Against Aliens

Source: Wikimedia Commons

Dream 1

All that I can remember of this dream is that it took place during the day, and I remember being outside in a school-like courtyard in an area that was surrounded by tall possibly stone walls.

My parent’s were there with me along with various young people of different ages who seemed to be students and some adults who seemed to be teachers but I am not sure, and it seemed that my parent’s and me were helping with the students or something like that.

Something happened that I can not remember where for some unknown reasons we felt that aliens were going to attack soon, and so we started preparing to defend the wall near the courtyard that we were in because we felt that the aliens would climb the walls to attack.

I remember telling everyone to grab anything that they could use as weapons, shields, armor, et cetera so we all started doing this.

I remember grabbing a wooden stick or board and another melee weapon that I can not remember, I picked up a hammer at some point but I put it down, and I remember trying to decide which weapons to use.

While I was doing this I had everyone get into formations and I gave them some advice for the battle to come, I wondered what was taking the aliens so long to attack, and so I asked who was guarding the other walls and I found out that no one was guarding the other walls on the East and West and South sides.

I could not believe that no one was guarding the other three sides of the wall, I feared the worse, and I assumed that the aliens were probably already in the process of climbing the walls on those sides and that some of them had already breached the walls so I divided everyone and sent them to all three unguarded sides of the wall.

I stayed to guard this side of the wall alone or with several other people, I had no idea what the aliens looked like, but I did learn that I was correct about some of the aliens breaching the walls and I heard the others fighting the aliens.

I wanted to help them but I needed to guard my wall so I stood ready and waiting for aliens to try to breach my wall, but that is all that I can remember of this part of the dream.

The next part of the dream involved me riding in an automobile with my brother CC during the day, I am not sure who was driving, and I was telling him about the aliens and how they actually exist but I did not get to see one during the battle I guess because none breached my wall.

My brother CC told me that he already knew that aliens existed, and he told me that he once gave a family of aliens a ride.

I asked him if he meant illegal immigrants (I hate it when people call them illegal aliens) or actual aliens, and he said that he meant actual aliens (extraterrestrials).

I asked him what did they look like, he said that they looked similar to humans, and he did not know that they were aliens at first until shortly after they got into his automobile.

He said that it was a family of aliens, a mother and several children but I can not remember if there were more, and that maybe they had recently arrived and were trying to make sense of things and that they needed a ride to a certain location where I assume other aliens go (maybe to get set up on Earth like someone moving to another country for the first time maybe, and maybe they can get them set up in an alien community).

My brother CC said this so calmly like it was normal, I wanted more details and I was asking a lot of questions, but he was not really sharing much.

I asked him if he had any proof of this, he said no, and so I asked him if anyone else had proof of this online if aliens were just walking around revealing themselves to humans like this and possibly had their own communities and he said yes.

I asked him where can I find this proof online, he did not know of anything specifically but he said that it was there, and that my former female schoolmate MH had probably uploaded some videos and / or photographs of some aliens before.

I woke up as I was continuing to ask questions and trying to find this evidence that he was talking about.

Dream 2

All that I can remember of this dream is that it involved a man who was having relationship problems, and for some unknown reason(s) this man reminded me of my coworker Mrs. LF from The BP Library.

I think that the man had a girlfriend or wife, they were having relationship problems and they possibly separated or divorced or just took a break from each other, and I think that the man started a romantic and physical relationship with another man.

I think that the man’s sexual orientation was possibly bisexual, I am not sure if he knew this before this point or not, but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

The end,

-John Jr


An Accidentally Summoned Entity Called Queen Bee

Source: Wikipedia

I am not sure if this is two dreams or one dream so I will type them separately, I woke up twice without voice recording them, and so I have forgotten details of each dream.

Dream 1

All that I can remember of this dream from last night is that it took place during the day in my parent’s neighborhood, I think that my male cousin DE and/or my aunt JE (his mother) were mentally unstable in the dream, and one of them possibly accidentally summoned an entity into the dream without even knowing it; but I was not sure even in the dream, and that was one of the possibilities that I thought of during the dream.

I think that my cousin DE was at The G House being loud and arguing with himself during one of his aggressive unstable moods, and then maybe the entity was summoned by accident.

The summoned entity was a tall elegant attractive paranormal/supernatural/natural/alien-like female entity with a commanding voice (that possibly almost sounded like two voices or an echo or something that made her voice sound less human) named Queen Bee who was humanoid but was clearly not human with maybe light purple skin with a strange hairstyle or hair-like structure on her head and a black and yellow bee inspired strange fashionable outfit on part of her body or that is how part of her body looked.

Queen Bee was somewhat like a combination of Ragyō Kiryūin (Ragyo Kiryuin) from the Japanese anime Kill La Kill and the comic book Queen Bee, and maybe her presence was positive at first and I think that she formed an outdoor library along part of the street from the dead end sign past half of my parent’s yard.

But her presence became more negative and unstable, probably because of the unstable mental state of the one or ones (probably my cousin DE and/or aunt JE) who probably accidentally summoned her, and she kept expanding her maybe outdoor library to cover part of almost all the yards on our street and most of the street to about my aunt JE’s house.

She created layers of walls and fences and maybe some barbed wire, she created her own entities to guard the area, and she seemed to be expanding and trying to control everything like she wanted to help at first but now she was unstable and was a threat now.

She seemed to be trapping us there and was ruling the area like she wanted to control everything (like maybe she originally wanted to help and protect, but now in her unstable state she felt that completely controlling us and trapping us behind layers of defenses like prisoners was the best way to achieve her goals while expanding her control further), at some point I decided to escape so I sneaked around climbing and jumping walls and fences and barricades until Queen Bee saw me and sent her entities after me, but I escaped because of the head start that I had.

Queen Bee was furious and I heard her yelling with her commanding voice and issuing orders to her entities to capture me, but that is all that I can remember of this dream or this part of the dream.

Dream 2

All that I can remember of this dream or this part of the dream was being outside in a field during the day at an outdoor class with other people, some high level female employees from one or more libraries were there including one or more from the BP Library, and these employees seemed to be the teachers/trainers/et cetera.

They were testing us and putting people in different groups to be trained for different roles after our basic training and basic schooling, and a man who did not talk and I were chosen for a special group to deal with and defend against paranormal/supernatural/alien-like entities/threats like Queen Bee.

We were told that a rare and small number of humans naturally or somehow have the ability to deal with those types of entities or threats, I think that we had some resistance to their powers and/or something like that and maybe some abilities of our own which is possibly how I was able to escape Queen Bee and her entities, and so the two of us would get special training later and be sent out on special missions when needed to deal with/defend against these entities.

At some point the two of us were sent to a house to maybe start our training or to talk with our trainer, I talked with one of the directors/associate directors of the BP Library but I can not remember which one, and oddly this entire operation seemed to be led by them like the library or libraries were in charge of dealing with these entities.

I wish that I could remember the details of this dream so that it would make more sense, a lot more was explained to us about the situation and what was special about us, but I can not remember the details.

We seemed to be in a field in the countryside away from the city, maybe Queen Bee and her entities had expanded their control around the city making it unsafe, and so maybe this was the safest place for us to train and operate.

I remember the man who did not talk and I maybe getting cool-looking stealth special forces/ninja-like all black light weight body armor and/or outfits with ski masks (balaclavas) and maybe some special equipment, we probably put on our gear and we got ready to start our training, but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

The end,

-John Jr


An Attack On Titan Inspired Dream With The Shell Of A Titan?

Source: Wikipedia

I forgot all of my dreams from last night except for barely part of maybe one dream that took place during the day and maybe my uncle CE was in the dream but that is all that I can remember of this dream, and I barely remember part of my last dream.

My last dream was inspired by the Japanese anime (animated)  TV series Attack On Titan and it took place during the day in what seemed to be the walled human city from the animated TV series, and some of my family was there with me along with other unknown people and maybe some people from the animated TV show.

I remember running around the top of the walls and across bridges from something like maybe there was a battle going on at first and / or training, and at some point I remember seeing a large normal titan (with skin) hanging/laying across parts of some of the walls and bridges not moving at all.

There was more that happened in this dream that I can not remember and so most of the dream is missing, and I remember everyone being confused about whether the titan was dead or alive at first because its eyes were still open but it was not moving.

I remember running around the walls and bridges with other people near the titan as some of the others examined it, and I started to think that it was a hollow shell of a titan or a titan pretending to be dead; but I was not sure.

I am not sure if we ever found out if it was the shell of a titan or a dead titan or a living titan or not because I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr