A Zombie Apocalypse? | Returning To College

Dream 1

I suddenly had a vague memory / feeling that I possibly had a dream that involved a zombie-like situation / a zombie-like apocalypse, but I can not remember.

Dream 2

I had several dreams, unfortunately, I only barely recorded party of my last dream; in this dream I was attending college again, I had returned to college to finally finish, after all these years.


When You See Your Crush But You’re Shy #Shorts

When You See Your Crush But You’re Shy #Shorts

What Is It?

The YouTube video When You See Your Crush But You’re Shy #Shorts by the YouTube channel Chewkz.


Partying With College Students | The Avatar Decides To Keep The Spirit Portals Open

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I found out this morning from my dad that my grandfather CE, my last living grandparent, died; and I remembered a quote/poem/whatever that I made back in 2011 that was probably inspired by me thinking about when my grandmother DE died and I probably also made it for when this day was to come/happen:

“The foundations and pillars are gone, fallen houses remain [a fallen house remains], as the survivors crawl away divided and lost, until the day that they die; and fade away… fade away… fade away.” -John Jr (2011)

*Below is a super lazy overview of my last two dreams from last night*

Dream 1

In the first dream I remember being in college again maybe and I was hanging out with a group of other college students including my former male classmate SS, my former male classmate JC, and maybe a few of my other former classmates during late in the afternoon until late in the night.

They wanted to hangout and party around the college dorms/apartments and around the fictional city that we were in which was somewhat like a fictional version of the city of LC, and so we went to several places during the dream; and most of the group wanted to go to parties/clubs, but I did not want to go to those places.

Maybe my former classmate SS, my former classmates JC, and a few others and I probably split from the rest of the group to hangout somewhere else after most of our group got into an argument and almost got into a fight with an annoying group of other college students (I probably helped stop the fight); and eventually we all ended up back at our college dorm/apartment hanging out/partying.

There was music, food, drinks, video games, movies, games, other college students, et cetera with my small group and I wanting to have a quieter/smaller hangout while most of our group from earlier wanted a loud/large wild party; but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 2

The second/last dream is unclear but I know that it took place during the day at a fictional school-like area that looked like a fictional larger version of the D High School, and I was with a few of my former classmates like my male former classmate BH and probably a few other former classmates inside a larger multi-story version of the auditorium.

The first floor of the auditorium had a mall where there were lots of other people and students, and I remember us spending most of our time on an upper floor going through a maze-like floor through various portals that reminded me of the book portals in the Plane Of Oblivion called Apocrypha from the The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim – Dragonborn DLC for the video game The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim except they were glowing balls of blueish/whitish colored lights like the spirit portal on the animated TV show The Legend Of Korra.

We moved between the dimension of the building and the dimensions of the portals trying to reach maybe the balcony of the auditorium and/or the last portal dimension and/or something like that, and The Avatar (probably Korra) from the animated TV show The Legend Of Korra was in the dream at some point; and she decided to leave the spirit portals open like she did at the end of the last episode of season 2, which I watched last night.

We reached a place that had three glowing balls of floating light that each were spirit portals, there were many more scattered around the world, and these spirit portals allow mortals to enter the spirit world and spirits to enter the mortal world now that the Avatar/Korra decided to leave all the spirit portals open so that mortals and spirits could live with each other/visit each other in peace hopefully instead of being separated most of the time.

We were afraid that the three spirit portals might be unclean/corrupted with dark spirits inside them, and so we had the Avatar/Korra try to cleanse them but she was not sure how to do it exactly but she tried anyway; and then it seemed that she cleansed/cleaned the first spirit portal because it became surrounded in a glowing moving energy almost like water/air/vines.

The second spirit portal did not change but it seemed like maybe it was only partly cleansed/cleaned and so it would probably had light and dark spirits inside of it, and the third spirit portal had glowing fire floating above it like it was uncleansed/unclean and full of dark spirits and dangerous for mortals to enter.

The Avatar/Korra decided to leave the three spirit portals like they were to see what would happen before deciding to try cleansing/cleaning them again and she/we were not sure if she would have to cleanse/clean every spirit portal in the world or not, and so she left to compare the various spirit portals around the world and to try to learn the proper cleansing/cleaning method.

My former classmates and I were thirsty and we decided to take a break from exploring the maze-like floor and portals, and we went to the first floor of the auditorium where the mall was to get some water/food/to take a break/et cetera.

I remember having a plastic water bottle and I stood in a long line at a water fountain to get some water, eventually I drunk/drank some water and I filled my water bottle, and an annoying obese male student with whitish colored skin with light blondish/orangeish colored short curly hair wearing glasses and suspenders with his clothes was the next person at the water fountain.

My former classmate BH walked up wanting some water but the annoying student would not let anyone else use the water fountain as he stood around annoying us/saying mean things to us and wasting time at the water fountain, and so I let my former classmate BH have some of the water in my water bottle; but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

The end,

-John Jr