10-8-2009 | Dream Fragment | John Versus Michael Phelps

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Last night I had several dreams but my memory of them is mixed together, and I only remember fragments of most of them so I will combine them all.

I know the first dream or dreams involved a gathering of several members on my mom’s side of the family, and they were meeting up at my grandfather’s house.

I only remember going from my parent’s house to my grandfather’s house several times in the dream or dreams, and during one of those trips I was in my grandfather’s yard waiting for someone to open the door to his house; when suddenly I realized that I was naked for some strange reason.

A Mermaid Or Siren? Lady In A Puddle 2?

Last night I only remember the end of my last dream, which took place in an unknown rocky area near a sea or ocean.

Several unknown people and I were standing on a concrete platform that had steps that led to a coral reef-like place that appeared to possibly lead to an underwater cave or just very deep water in a sea or ocean.

I think we may have swam in the shallow part near the reefs, and there were some fish and other sea creatures.

I was a bit scared but I did not see anything real dangerous until I think I saw a small shark, so I got out of the water and I decided to just watch the others swim from the platform.

After awhile the others came up to the platform to rest and as we were talking, we noticed what appeared to be a woman under the water near the dark area that either led to an underwater cave or to the deep sea or ocean.

I think the woman had white long hair, very pale whitish colored skin, white/silver-colored silky clothes that had thin mess-like fabric connected to it for decoration like a scarf.

The lower part of the woman’s body was in the darkness, so we could not tell if she was a mermaid or human, but we did not think that she was human.

She was making hand signs at us signaling for us to come into the water and follow her, even though we felt it was dangerous, we also felt somewhat mesmerized & curious.

One of the men decided to jump into the water to follow the woman, but to be safe, he asked another guy with a knife or spear to follow him to help protect him from a distance.

The two men jumped into the water and swam into the darkness, the woman was now gone, so they had to go into the darkness.

I was curious but I was too afraid of the deep water, creatures, and was not sure if we could trust the woman.

I stood there looking at the water waiting for them to return, but minutes later, no one had returned.

I started to get worried and wondered if I should try to go get help, but I decided to wait a bit longer if the woman had taken them to an underground cave.

The two men did not have scuba gear, so I was really started to wonder what was taking them so long, but then I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr 🙂

Water On The Tennis Court

All that I can remember of this dream is that it was a gray day, and it looked like it had rained earlier that day.

I decided to walk toward the tennis court and I noticed that the tennis court was completely covered in water, but the water was not deep, and so I could still walk on to the tennis court.

The Romano Vampire Hideout?

Last night, I had a dream that is somewhat confusing, since I forgot a few key parts of the dream.

I remember an abandoned house connected to an alley with some old buildings in a fictional version of a street in my neighborhood, the front of the house was like my uncle IC’s house, the inside was like a smaller version of my grandfather’s house, and the rest was like an alley in a big city.

Lady In The Puddle

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Saturday night I remembered a bit of two of my dreams, and in the first dream I remembered part of a strange and detailed story I was told by a dream character; and I think the second dream was related to my body’s fight against a real sickness, that I had since Thursday.

The first dream took place in a fictional version of my job, the building had no windows and the building was almost empty.

There was only one work table and there was a room that may have been the office or offices, and I think some workers were in there were talking.

In the main area my cousin CE was working by herself at the only work table I saw, and I stopped to talk to her; but I can not remember what I said.

Not too far from her across the room, there was a dark area near the only entrance I saw in the building.

The only light in the area by the entrance, was from the crack in the entrance door.

I walked over near the door to look outside but I saw water in the dark area, and it was like a small deep pond or aquarium; but I did not see any fish or anything.

I then walked toward the door but I heard a voice of a woman, so I looked down, and next to the door was a water puddle between the door and the small deep body of water.

The water puddle was only about ankle-deep maybe, and in the water puddle there was a small woman with long blonde hair and whitish colored skin.

She was under the water but I could hear her voice clearly, and she began to tell me a story about her past.

I do not remember the entire story, but it is probably one of the most detailed conversations I have had with a dream character that really did not have anything to do with the dream or me.

I think it is rare for a dream character to tell me a story about themselves like that, and for me to actually remember some of it.

She told me that she used to be a scientist working with a team of scientists, that were researching marine animals.

I do not remember why they were doing the research, but I think she mentioned it.

She talked like you would expect a scientist to, she gave details and used scientific-like words.

She said something about one day she had the desire/need/want/wish to kill the marine animals or something, but I forgot the details she gave me about this.

I can not remember why or what made her start thinking about killing the marine animals.

I think she described how she started noticing some strange changes in her thoughts, behaviors, and personality.

All I can remember is that she said that she killed the marine animals, and that they were doing research with/on a neurotoxin made from a plant or tree.

She put it in the water, and I do not know if she killed the other scientists or not; she did not say.

As she told the story, I think her voice started to slowly sound crazier & crazier, as she told the story.

I can not remember if she stopped talking or did I just leave while she was still talking, because she started to sound pretty crazy.

I remember wondering what happened to her colleagues, why did she kill the marine animals, I thought she was crazy, and since she was trapped in the water puddle and she was so small, I was not worried about her hurting anyone else; so I walked off.

I then talked to my cousin CE, my cousin TE was there also, and some random workers in the office.

My second dream took place in a building with no windows again, which is common for my dreams.

It was like a big garage for automobiles and small boats.

My mom, uncle JF, and I were talking on one side of the room and on the other side there was a party.

At the party there were Humans and Vampires, and they were talking and dancing I think.

All I remember is that a fight started between two female Vampires and some Humans, and the two female Vampires seemed to be too tough/powerful for the Humans to defeat; so the Humans ran outside.

I ran outside and I tried to stop the fight, but the two female Vampires wanted to fight and they seemed to hate Humans.

They were the ones that started the fight, and it appeared that the Humans and Vampires were trying to get along; but these two Vampires wanted to stop that.

As we were about fight, a group of Vampires flew from the air and attacked the two female Vampires, and then they ran into the building to fight.

The group of Vampires came back outside and said that the situation had been taken care of, but they did not say if the two female Vampires were dead or not.

Then I woke up,
-John Jr 🙂

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