12-16-2012 | Dream Fragment | The Place With Snow

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I forgot most of my dreams from last night, but I do remember part of a recurring semi-dream and dream.

The dream part and semi-dream parts involved the entertainment wrestler Bully Ray and my dad mostly, and the dream took place mostly in D or somewhat in D.

In the dream I remember my dad and Bully Ray trying to take something back to a business/store, and as they were driving there was a Superman toy in the automobile that would move with the wind like the Superman toy was flying; and I was probably in the back seat of the automobile.

I can not remember the other parts of the dream but I remember waking up and going back to sleep several times, and I had these semi-dreams where my mind was very relaxed & somewhat trapped in a place with snow & mountains or something; and Bully Ray and my dad were there mostly.

We kept talking about how we lost our mobile phones or how they broke, and so we were to get replacement mobile phones for free from our mobile phone companies; and so this semi-dream world seemed to keep limiting/erasing our brains/minds which I like to call being mind jacked or  hacked, and so that is about all we could focus on/think about.

Water Levels Rising / Strange Weather / Something Strange Is Happening?

I only remember part of one dream from last night and I forgot most of the important parts of the dream, which took place during the day in a fictional version of D, and I was near downtown D at some point; and I remember driving my automobile through downtown D at some point, but I can not remember what happened before this point.

Other people were also driving in other automobiles and I seemed to be following them, and a car cut in front of me at some point, which annoyed me; and so I tried to pass them up to get my spot back at some point.

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