A Job + Experiments + A Film = ?

This was a long and detailed dream so I can not remember most of it now so a large part of the beginning and middle are missing, except for part of the dream where I was probably inside The BP Library working at my shelver job when a male patron with white skin started talking to me about gun control, and how he thought that rifles should not be as restricted and should not be in the gun control laws.

This male patron possibly even had a rifle that he showed me but I can not remember if he had it or was it just an image or video of one, there was an old male patron with white skin with white hair with a beer belly and baseball hat/cap who joined the conversation, and he was mostly against gun control for certain types of weapons like the other man.

I was trying to work but they wanted my opinion, I did not think that we employees are allowed to talk about politics and religion et cetera, and so I tried to briefly and carefully respond without giving an opinion.

They continued giving their opinions about gun control and how rifles should not be restricted, which was distracting me from work, but that is all that I can remember of this part of the dream.

Another part of the dream involved me being inside a house or building, maybe my parent’s house, and I picked up the telephone but there was no dial tone like something was wrong with it.

In real life this was happening but was fixed recently, I still think that there may be another problem that also needs to be fixed, and so this part of the dream was probably me experiencing one thing that I predict may happen in the near future where it goes out again because of being poorly and sloppily rewired after they broke our telephone jack previously and replaced it with sloppy open wires that can be easily messed up.

The other part of the dream that I can remember took place during the day, and I think that someone told me about a job so I went to a maybe multi-story building in a fictional field behind BY Wok where the workplace was.

I went inside the building and I saw a variety of people who worked there including some of my former classmates, I talked with some of them during maybe their break in a room with tables and chairs, and one of the jobs possibly involved shelving like my current job at The BP Library.

I remember a woman telling me about a website that involved shelving training and possibly online shelving jobs where you organized items on the website and you could get paid for it, but she was not sure if this was a legitimate and/or trustworthy and/or safe website or not but she showed it to me anyway.

I think that this same woman asked me for a ride when her work day ended, she had dark brown skin with black hair, and she brought a white box with no top with her with some yellow maybe baby canaries who were part of some experiments that she was doing for her job because she worked in the department of this workplace who worked on various experiments.

The canaries in the white box were possibly partly symbolic and possibly stood out in the dream, and possibly also referenced things going on in the research department of this workplace.

We got in my automobile and we started driving and talking, one of the canaries jumped and partly flew out of the box gripping some food with its feet, and so I had to grab it and give it to her to put back in the box.

She probably explained her research that she was doing for this current experiment with the canaries but I can not remember the details, and then we noticed strange things happening outside of the workplace.

Some humanoid experiments from her job were outside of the building, some had fur and looked like someone combined non-human animals with humans like lion-human hybrids and other strange combinations, and maybe they were after a male scientist who was trying to escape or release information about the experiments that this workplace were doing or something like that.

We stopped to help him maybe but then the humanoid creäture experiments chased us too, I remember running up some scaffolding along a building, and then we ran into the field.

At this point it seemed like this was part of a film, there was a film crew filming us, and some people who were driving by stopped to watch.

I then realized that this was possibly not completely real so we stopped running at some point, the creatures probably returned to the workplace, and maybe the filming stopped for a break or for now.

There was more to this dream.

During part of the dream I think that a song by The White Stripes was played, maybe Icky Thump:

That is all that I can remember of this dream even though there was more.

The end,

-John Jr

Satya Nadella Doing A Customer Service Visit

I went to bed very late again last night and I slept well and I had some pretty clear dreams, but somehow I ended up forgetting all but the end of my last dream from last night.

The end of the dream took place during the day and I was inside my parent’s house when I looked out of the window toward The G House, and I noticed that my male cousin DE had many boxes of stuff inside the house and maybe some outside on the back porch like someone had given him a lot of free stuff and/or he bought some of it himself.

Most of the boxes had coloring (red, maybe green, maybe gold and/or yellow, et cetera) and text that was possibly in a Chinese style like most of the boxes had come from an Oriental Market (Asian Supermarket) and/or Chinese restaurant, and my cousin DE seemed slightly more stable than usual but still not stable.

Surprisingly my cousin DE told my family that we could go to The G House and get some of the boxes while he is gone because there was way too much for him to ever use, my family thanked him, and then my cousin DE walked away smiling unstably to walk somewhere (maybe to a store to get more cigarettes and alcoholic beverages).

While my cousin DE was away, I am not sure if my family walked over to The G House or not to get some boxes of stuff, and all that I can remember later in the dream is being in my parent’s living room when I heard my dad talking to someone outside the back door.

I opened the back door to see who my dad was talking to and to my surprise he was talking to the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Microsoft Mr. Satya Nadella, and Mr. Nadella was doing in-person customer service trying to help my dad troubleshoot a problem with a Microsoft device (maybe his mobile phone, a Nokia Lumia 635, but I can not remember).

They were standing outside the back door on the wooden boards that I walk on almost every day during my daily walks, it was a nice day outside, and I walked on the back steps to see if I could help; and I was surprised to see the CEO of Microsoft doing in-person customer service at my parent’s house.

Mr. Nadella was trying to explain things to my dad and I remember him writing down some of his directions on a piece of paper with a pencil, he wrote down a certain Microsoft website, and he wanted my dad to go to this website and download and run a certain file (I can not remember the name of the file) with a strange file format and filename extension at the end that was .MAN which is not a file format or filename extension that I have heard of before.

My dad is not computer literate or good with modern technology so I decided to do this for him, I invited Mr. Nadella inside the living room going over his directions, and asking him some questions and giving him some feedback about Microsoft and its products and services and its past and present and future et cetera while also trying to show off my knowledge and skills as I stood at my desktop computer following his directions to download that .MAN file from a Microsoft website; but I woke up as I was doing this.

The end,

-John Jr

Talking To A Man Who Used Kickstarter To Fund A Website And My Mom Takes My Grandfather CE To Ryan's

Well, it looks like my No Blogging Experiment failed, my dream blogging auto-pilot has activated. 😀

I somewhat remember part of one dream that took place during the day in the city of D and at some point I remember talking with my mom, my uncle CE, and maybe one of my aunts outside my dead grandfather CE’s yard but in this dream he was still alive like this dream took place two or more years ago.

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A French Commercial Outside The BP Library And Going To A Medical Clinic

I slept well last night and I forgot all of my dreams except for part of the end of my last dream, there was more that happened in the dream that I can not remember, and so most of the dream is missing.

I think that something happened earlier in the dream where I was helping with something and/or I helped save something but I can not remember, I just remember at the end of the dream that I was in the city of D during a nice sunny day with other people, and we were standing outside in the parking lot across the street from the front of the BP Library.

I can not remember what we were doing but I think that we were having a gathering sponsored by the BP Library, and eventually I remember us watching a French commercial made by a French company who seemed to be trying to sell maybe a website / blog making program and/or theme(s) and/or something like that to the BP Library.

The commercial had French and English text and probably audio with music, there was a slide-show of images of various website/blog layouts and/or themes showing images of the BP Library in the header area, and so it seemed that the French company was hinting at the various ways that the BP Library could use their software/theme(s) for their website/blog.

The website / blog theme(s) looked outdated to me like something from the 1990s or early 2000s so I was not very impressed, but I was a bit impressed by the presentation of the commercial; and after watching the commercial I walked off to a small one-story medical clinic for a certain reason(s), but I forgot why I was going there.

I had memories of going to this medical clinic before like I have dreamed of it before and/or like I went there before in real life but I am not sure if either of those is correct/true or not, and the medical clinic was in a quiet neighborhood.

In the small yard of the medical clinic next to the sidewalk was a dog with floppy ears who looked like maybe a Basset Hound mix and the dog was sitting on the grass without a chain, and it did a quick weak bark at me and it stood up; and so I stood there so that the dog could realize that it had met me before because I had memories of meeting this dog before.

Suddenly a boy with dark brownish colored skin with short blackish colored hair walking his dog without a leash walked up the sidewalk behind me, and then the dog ran toward them to bark at them; and so I told the boy to hold his dog and put him on a leash if he had one, and so the boy put his dog back on its leash.

The boy then yelled the name of the dog barking at us and the dog stopped barking and it walked near the steps of the medical clinic and it laid on the ground to go to sleep, I said a few things to the boy, and then he continued walking his dog up the sidewalk.

I quietly walked past the sleeping dog but it woke up and did a quick weak bark at me, but then it realized that it had met me before; and then it went back to sleep, and I walked inside the medical clinic.

The lobby was empty and I saw several desks and I saw an obese man with glasses who looked a bit like my dead former high school assistant principal Mr. H walking down a hallway that was behind the desks, he saw me, and he told me to sign-in at his desk which he pointed to; and he told me that he would be back in a moment.

I saw a tore dark reddish and golden-colored candy wrapper-like piece of paper/plastic that had a line where you could write your name but the other lines were torn off, I signed my name, and I waited in confusion for the man to return.

The man returned and he greeted me as he sat at his desk and he asked me if I had signed-in, I told him about the torn paper/plastic that I signed my name on, and he realized that it was torn and that he was out of sign-in papers; and so I told him that I should have medical records at their medical clinic because I have been there before, but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr

Two People Two Pictures / Images On Wikimedia Commons?

I got in bed late last night, I had to get up early to do something, and my computer hard drive has bad sectors on it and so I am running the HDD Regenerator program hoping that it is able to fix the bad sectors on my hard drive so I do not have to buy a new hard drive.

I had one or more short / partial dreams last night, but I can not remember any of them except for barely part of one dream that probably continued / repeated several times after waking up several times.

I kept waking up sometimes during the night to look at my alarm clock to see if it was time for me to get up yet or not, and so this interrupted my sleep/dreams a lot.

The dream involved at least two people, a woman and a man, and both of them / each of them had two different pictures / images but I can not remember what the pictures/images looked like; but I think that the images / pictures were available on Wikimedia Commons or a website that looked like it.

The man and woman wanted to show their images / pictures to someone, maybe me but I can not remember, and so they kept waiting or trying to contact that person so that they could view their images / pictures; but that is all that I can remember at this time.

The end,

-John Jr