Rafts And Androids And President Barack Obama

Unfortunately I can not remember important parts of this dream so it does not make much sense, and all that I can remember is that several people and I seemed to be stranded on the ocean/sea during the day on separate wooden rafts that we probably made; and so I assume that something happened to our boat, money, mobile phones, et cetera leaving us stranded/homeless/lost at sea.

We did not know where we were and all that we could see in the distance was water so we had to just keep moving hoping to find somewhere to dock before our rafts break, before dehydrating, before starving, and before getting eaten by sharks; and so our situation was bad.

Our rafts started breaking but fortunately we found a place to dock at a dock/platform-like area that was connected to a larger structure and/or island, there were some other homeless people in this area, and so we looked around for somewhere where we could sleep and find materials that we could use for various things and hopefully some food and water; and I remember finding a wooden pallet/raft with some blankets that I decided to use.

I remember wanting us to save energy and avoid swimming to a new location unless we had to because we did not have food and water, also my biggest fear were the sharks eating us if we tried to swim to a new location, and I remember us looking around for supplies and transportation and food and water and trying to ask people where we were and where was the nearest land et cetera; and I remember picking a spot where I would sleep later.

The dream gets confusing and unclear at this point but I remember someone or some group testing a male robot / android that they built that was humanoid shaped but made of grayish/silverish metal and slightly bulky, they were testing it in the area where we were, and then they started testing a newer model female robot/android who was shaped like a real human but she was made of a completely maybe mostly solid shiny black material.

They did some testing and adjusting/improving of both robots/androids, later in the dream they had both androids looking and dressing like humans with the female android having whitish colored skin with long yellowish colored hair pretending to be the mother of the male android who now looked like a teenage boy with whitish colored skin with brownish colored hair, and maybe we were on the larger structure or part of the island now; and some of my family was there like maybe they had come to get me, and The President Of The United States President Barack Obama was there to tour the area and give a speech so there were US Secret Service agents around the island.

I remember walking around with my family and the androids were not far from us, I remember seeing and hearing part of President Obama’s speech that he was giving from a high area not far from a parking lot, and after it was over President Obama and some of his Secret Service agents started to leave toward the parking lot to a small airplane; and my family, the androids, and I happen to be going there as well.

The androids wanted to avoid standing out too much and so did I, we did not want the Secret Service agents to think that we were threats so we tried to act normal, but for some unknown reason the male android decided to pretend to be a Secret Service agent and somehow he looked like a man wearing a suit; and his disguise worked because he managed to get on the small airplane where President Obama and the other Secret Service agents thought that he was one of them, and he even went into the room where President Obama was and somehow I saw this even though I was not there probably.

The male android told President Obama that the actress Sarah Jessica Parker had some video footage of his wedding that she possibly was going to upload or had uploaded and he asked if it was okay for her to do this, and President Obama laughed and he said that it was okay; and the male android left the room, and then he left the airplane to meet up with the female android.

I think that my family and I let them ride with us in my parent’s automobile, but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

The end,

-John Jr

A Continuing Dream Inspired By Agatha Christie’s Poirot And The Strain?

Dream 1

All three of my dreams from last night seem to be a continuing dream partly inspired by an Agatha Christie’s Poirot mystery that I watched last night along with an episode of the television show The Strain which I also watched last night, well my third dream did not seem to be inspired by either of those, but the first dream was inspired by that Agatha Christie’s Poirot mystery that I watched last night.

All that I can remember of the first dream is that it took place during the day in a nice neighborhood where a rich upper class family with a large yard and nice multi-story house were having maybe a garden party where the entire neighborhood was invited, and so even poor lower class people like myself/family were invited; and I was younger/a boy/a kid again it seemed, and they had various activities for everyone to do including separate activities for the adults and kids.

I remember playing around with the other kids in the front yard near the sidewalks and street mostly, at some point I spent most of my time with one of the daughters of the rich upper class family who was a girl my age with whitish colored skin with short yellowish colored hair who was a tough independent girl who did not look or act upper class/rich at all, and for some reason a group of male bullies started bullying us (my guess was that they had racist beliefs and/or they saw us as easy targets).

We tried to ignore them but they would not leave us alone and they started surrounding us to attack us, we tried to peacefully deal with the situation but it did not work, and so they attacked us and a fight started; and the daughter and I worked together constantly moving, dodging, blocking, countering, watching each others backs, et cetera as we fought waves of bullies who kept joining the fight.

I thought that the waves of bullies would never end, the daughter and I were good fighters using smart tactics so we were easily defeating them, but there were so many constantly joining the fight that I started to wonder how much longer we could last; and oddly no one was helping or trying to stop this, I guess the adults saw that we had it under control, and eventually we defeated all the bullies and no one was seriously injured.

We worked together well as a team and I enjoyed spending time with the daughter and I hoped that we could continue to get to know each other, we continue what we were doing before the attack, but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 2

The second dream was inspired by the television show The Strain and it seemed to take place years later after the events in the first dream where I was older now but still in public school, at my parent’s house (which was possibly a fictional house) in the morning and it was time for school but I was sick and I feared that I might have a strange/unknown virus/sickness/whatever like maybe something from The Strain, and I can not remember why I thought this but I know that I had strange symptoms that I can not remember.

My mom wanted me to go to school and she possibly tried mentioning the daughter from the first dream to inspire me to go to school (we were good friends now I guess) and that I had not missed a day the entire year so far but I explained to her that I did not feel good and that I did not want to risk possibly infecting other people at school (especially the daughter) or my family so I was quarantining myself in maybe the attic or my room for now, but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 3

All that I can remember of the third/last dream is that it seemed to have taken place after the events of the second dream in the future and maybe we were seniors in high school now or we just graduated but I am not sure, the dream took place during the day, and I was riding in The BV with most of my family and the daughter from the first dream it seemed who now looked/acted like a combination of the daughter from the first dream combined with my former female classmate RB; and she was very nice/kind, intelligent, and soft-spoken and we both seemed to be interested in each other but I am not sure if we were dating yet or not.

We were on our way to a multi-story store/apartment-like building, I remember us talking about various things on the way (the past, et cetera) and I wanted to spend as much time with her as I could, and at some point we reached the building and they went inside but I stopped to straighten/organize something inside The BV before going inside; and when I sent inside the first floor was the store part/area.

I remember catching up with the daughter so that I could spend as much time with her as I could, at some point we reached the next floor, and it seemed that my aunt SE and many family members from my mom’s side of the family were on this floor having a wedding party after my aunt SE’s wedding I assume.

I remember the daughter bringing me some objects from my past, I can not remember what they were, but she was excited about them and she wanted to know more about them and the memories/stories associated with them; and I remember us having a nice moment of closeness as we talked about this as my family members had a good time celebrating, and there was more that happened in this dream (especially between the daughter and I) and the other dreams but I can not remember those parts unfortunately.

The end,

-John Jr

President Obama Gives A Brief Speech In A Field | A Wispmother And A Fictional Young Shepherdess Painting At C Elementary School

Image Credit: http://elderscrolls.wikia.com/wiki/Wispmother_%28Skyrim%29
Source: YouTube

Dream 1

My first dream is unclear in various areas for various reasons but I think that the dream started during the day in the city of D, and I was with my family who were shopping at the shopping center near W Park; and I spent most of my time walking around outside on the part of the shopping center near Subway, and at some point I walked to a fictional place and/or somehow I was in a video game-like situation/world where I was controlling a character or myself from a first-person view.

It was like a survival / wasteland-like video game like the Fallout series and I went inside of an abandoned eighteen-wheeler/semi-trailer truck to look for supplies, I remember pulling out a custom-made shiv for protection as I entered the truck, and then at some point I started driving the truck up the road until the road stopped at a large field near a few parked automobiles; and I saw an abandoned old blueish colored sports car, and so I decided to use that car instead of the truck.

The sports car worked and there were two hats on the dashboard, a military hat or baseball cap/hat and a reddish/whitish colored baseball cap/hat, and I put the military hat on; and then I saw a group of American soldiers wearing combat uniforms (probably Army) walking by me to go to the field like they were on their way to an event, and I saw my former classmate BF among them and he stopped to greet me.

My former classmate BF thought that I was a soldier too because of the military hat that I was wearing and he was excited, he did not give me a chance to explain that I was not in the military, and he had me walk with him and the other soldiers across the field as we talked; and at some point we stopped in the middle of the field, and more people started to arrive and my former classmates LJ and BD and a former male classmate were among them.

As I talked with my former classmates I learned that maybe my former classmate BD was going to get married to the former male classmate who was with them after leaving the field, my former classmates LJ and BF were going to be involved in the event that was about to take place, and maybe they wanted me to take part in the event; and someone set up a wooden podium not far from us in the field, and then a group of United States Secret Service agents and some other people arrived with The President Of The United States Barack Obama to my surprise.

The United States Secret Service agents seemed to think that I was with the soldiers and so they did not check me or anything and they stood around President Obama by the wooden podium and in the crowd of people, my former classmate LJ started the event with a song and/or prayer and/or a brief speech, and several people took turns doing/saying various things (like my former classmate BF and the other soldiers, and maybe even me); and finally President Obama gave a brief speech, the event ended and President Obama and his security left, and then my former classmates and I left to my former classmate BD’s wedding.

We walked to a neighborhood near the field and we went inside of a one-story building that was made for small events like weddings,parties, et cetera and I guess we had the wedding; and then we started the wedding party, and at some point I went to use the bathroom but instead of normal bathrooms there were strange portable toilets/bathrooms and some of them could hold more than one person at-a-time; but most of them were in use and they were not very private, and so I kept trying to find one that was private enough and/or not in use.

I failed to find one that was private enough and/or not in use and maybe a former female classmate of mine started talking to me as I was still standing near the portable toilets/bathrooms, and then we all moved the wedding party outside of the building near the street; and it was a nice day outside in a nice small neighborhood with sidewalks.

My former classmate BD and her husband made an announcement that they were going to start working to help protest/stand-up for non-human animal rights, and they had plans to go to a certain place and get inside some water with some sharks to try to stop those sharks from being killed and/or moved and/or being kept as pets and/or to try to protect their habitat and/or something dangerous like that; and I thought that it was good that they wanted to try to do something positive, but I did not agree with them doing something dangerous like that.

So basically they had plans to do something very dangerous on their honeymoon, and they wanted to make standing up for non-human animal rights part of their lives; and after this announcement the wedding party started back as many of us talked about the announcement while eating, drinking, listening to music, dancing, playing games, et cetera.

I finally had a chance to explain to my former classmates BF and the others that I was not in the military, I explained to them that I had found the military hat in a sports car, and we probably laughed about it; but then a young boy in the neighborhood with medium-to-dark brownish colored skin with very short blackish colored hair came over to the wedding party and he stole something and/or did something negative like that, and we saw him.

There were other kids and people in the neighborhood playing and talking at the time, I decided to run after the boy because he ran away, and the others thought that I was going seriously punish him or something like that; and I caught the boy, I picked him up, and I brought him back to the wedding party.

I had him return what he stole and/or apologize, I asked him why did he do it, I explained to him what he did was wrong and I asked him to not doing again, I talked to him about a few other things, and then I gave him some free popcorn; and I let him stay at the wedding party with us, and so the situation was handled positively and everyone was happy but I woke up.

Dream 2

I barely remember the second dream now because I probably partly woke up and partly went back to sleep several times without voice recording this dream, but I know that it took place during the day in the city of D and maybe it was somewhat connected with the first dream but I am not sure; and I remember going to or being at C Elementary School when the school was closed and no one else was there but I can not remember why I was there, and I remember either finding an unknown boy with whitish color skin with short hair or the unknown boy was with me from the beginning (maybe I found the unknown boy at the school, I probably had him follow me until I finished exploring the school so that I could take him to his parent’s, but I can not remember).

I remember us walking to the second grade hall at some point and we were looking around, the boy went into one of the rooms I think leaving me in the hallway alone, and I saw a Wispmother from the video game The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim floating in the hallway with me and she looked real and not computer generated; and it was an amazing but somewhat scary experience and sight to have this glowing and floating magical female entity staring at me in the hallway, I am not sure if she said anything to me or not, and I am not sure if she floated at me or not.

I probably stood there looking at her in shock at first and maybe I tried to talk with her but I am not sure, maybe she seemed to be trying to communicate/warn me about something/scare me away, and I am not sure if I ran or hid or not.

I just remember seeing the unknown boy walk into the hallway again but the Wispmother was gone and he had not seen it so he had no idea what I was talking about when I tried to explain what I saw to him, and then we went into the gym; and inside the gym there were some paintings on the wall, and one of the paintings was a fictional version of The Young Shepherdess painting with The Young Shepherdess either standing and leaning horizontally or sitting  and leaning horizontally.

I was amazed and surprised to see a painting of The Young Shepherdess and I had never seen this version of the painting before, I might have taken the painting off the wall to bring with me/us, but I am not sure; and I remember leaving the gym to get ready to leave the school but I was curious about finding the Wispmother again first, but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

The end,

-John Jr

Mr. G Is Getting Married

I barely remember part of one dream from last night, which took place at SB school in the new computer lab, and my coworker Mr. G & I were working in the computer lab.

Mr. G said that he was getting married very soon, and I think that he was going to marry a princess or someone like that; I could be wrong, but I know that she had a lot of money & connections/fame.

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