Seppuku Paradigm – I Am Cronos (Welcome To Hoxford Fan Film OST)


This song really worked well at the end of the short film Welcome To Hoxford: The Fan Film.


It is a shame that the short film was not longer and that this song did not get to play in full as a final action scene happened or something.


Welcome To Hoxford: The Fan Film

What is it?

The video below is a short fan-made film and Vimeo Staff Pick from 2011 that I watched early last year in 2016 called, Welcome To Hoxford: The Fan Film, which was directed by Julien Mokrani, and it was based on a comic book series called Welcome To Hoxford:

Short Film (Vimeo)


What is it about?

The main character of Welcome To Hoxford: The Fan Film is a character named Raymond Delgado (played by the actor Jason Flemyng) who is a dangerous and delusional prisoner and convicted murder / killer and former soldier with mental disorders who is so dangerous and unstable and out of control that he is sent along with several other prisoners to a privately run correctional facility and mental institution called Hoxford which is run by the Usmanov Corporation.

Hoxford is run by the character Warden Gordon Baker (played by the actor Arben Bajraktaraj), who is a strange man, and a terrible surprise awaits the new prisoners.

This is how The IMDb describes this short film:

Raymond Delgado is no ordinary prisoner…

On a good day, he’ll take the time to tell you he’s the son of Zeus before he tears out your jugular.

On a bad day, you won’t even have a moment to call out for help.

After a yet another “incident” Raymond has been transferred to Hoxford, a correctional facility and mental institution known for its radical methods.

At Hoxford, Raymond’s not the only predator…

Come nightfall, under a full moon, bloodcurdling screams pierce through the darkness of the prison courtyard.

It’s hunting hour!

As the other Hoxford prisoners huddle in the obscurity of their prison cells, trembling in fright, Ray cracks a smile.

He thrives on confrontation.

Lock a human beast in a cage with a legendary monster and, in your opinion…

Who will devour?

And who will be devoured?



Getting Attacked By Godzilla?

The only dream that I barely remember from last night was possibly very loosely inspired by a short film that I watched yesterday called Welcome To Hoxford: The Fan Film:

This dream was longer and more detailed and full of more conversations than I can remember unfortunately, all that I can remember of this dream now is that it took place during the day mostly outside and in indoor and outdoor buildings and areas, and some of my former classmates were there like my former female classmate KM and my former male classmate JP; and there were some unknown people there as well, and one of the men from RocketJump (the man with whitish colored skin with dark-colored hair who they sometimes joke about wanting to join the WWE, there is no about section on their website or YouTube channel that lists their team members, and so I am not sure what his name is) was there.

There was a lot of sitting, talking, thinking, moving between several locations, and more that I can not remember that took place during the dream; and during the end of the dream I remember sitting at an indoor and outdoor auditorium-like area with the others, and I remember joking to my former classmate KM about how she would not have to worry about doing anything because other people would do things for her and I even did something for her like maybe clean something up or throw something away for her as a partial joke. (This was a joke made because many men were attracted to her, and they would do things for her to try to impress her.)

One possible topic that I remember during the dream might have involved the military and being forced into the military, maybe it happened to me but I can not remember, and at the end of the dream we all seemed to be waiting on something or someone; and so we sat around waiting and talking, and it was daytime outside.

There were small indoor and outdoor houses, buildings, shacks, and other areas near where we were; and in the distance were some larger buildings that we probably had visited earlier, but then something strange happened that I can not remember where we got attacked by a Godzilla-like creäture or Godzilla.

We ran around hiding, dodging, running, and trying to distract the Godzilla-like creäture for a long time using the buildings as cover; and then something even more strange happened that I can not remember where maybe the man from RocketJump turned into a or the Godzilla-like creäture or a creäture as well after maybe he got too excited or pumped up after maybe trying to face the Godzilla-like creäture; and then he started attacking us, and this went on for a while.

At some point it is possible that the same thing happened to me where I tried to face the man from RocketJump who was now a giant creäture to stop him from killing people after maybe my former classmate JP got himself killed when trying to distract him from killing some people, but I possibly turned into a creäture as well but I can not remember; and unfortunately that is all that I can remember of this dream even though I know that a lot more happened during this dream before any of this and some after this part of the dream.

The end,

-John Jr