The White House & Sport Cheating | A Computer Lab At Home

Dream 1

Part of this dream involved The White House, but that is all that I can remember of this part of the dream.

The end of this dream took place outside during the day in what looked like a fictional version of the yard of The E House, and I was playing a sport of some kind on a team against another team.


It’sAGundam’s White House Job | An Outdoor TV

Dream 1

This dream involved It’sAGundam (Gundam) somehow getting a government job working for The President Of The United States in an office inside The White House.

I called Gundam using my mobile phone as I ate a fried boudin ball as I walked during the day to a small wooden restaurant with screened windows to get some food, and I talked to Gundam as I waited outside the restaurant sitting in a chair.


1600 Penn (Season 1)

Source: IMDb

What is it?

The 2012 American single-camera sitcom television show 1600 Penn (Season 1).

What is it about?

This is how Rotten Tomatoes describes this television show:

A U.S. president, his wife and their four kids are followed in this short-lived NBC comedy series that chronicled the ups and downs of family life in the White House.

The first and only season saw President Dale Gilchrist (Bill Pullman) and First Lady Emily Nash Gilchrist (Jenna Elfman) welcoming their eldest son Skip (Josh Gad) back to the family fold after Skip has a very bad public mishap, while daughter Becca (Martha MacIsaac) deals with an unexpected pregnancy.

Subsequent episodes found the Gilchrist clan navigating both political and personal obstacles, all the while dealing with many visitors and foreign dignitaries frequently causing havoc in the White House.

Larry King guest-starred as himself in the series finale.

This was Pullman’s second turn as Commander-in-Chief, the first being the blockbuster film “Independence Day.”

Final Thoughts

I saw this television show years ago after maybe seeing a commercial for it, I did not expect to like it at all because the trailer for it looked too goofy, but to my surprise the show was possibly better than I had expected and I think that I ended up somewhat liking it maybe.

I possibly wanted this show to continue a bit longer, I could be wrong though, but it was cancelled after only one season.

The end,

-John Jr


Flooding | Avoiding President Barack Obama | James Franco And Dave Franco And Urination

File:Barack Obama watching the 2009 Superbowl in the WH theater.jpg
Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons

Dream 1

I am not sure if I had this dream last night or the night before or another day, I remembered part of this dream when I was talking to my mom and she mentioned that it was flooding where my female cousin KE or CE lives, and then I suddenly remembered part of this dream.

All that I can remember of this dream is that I woke up in bed at my parent’s house during the morning and it was probably raining, I looked outside to see that the yard was flooded to my surprise, and so I yelled for my brother GC to look out of the window.

My brother GC walked over to look out the window, I told him that I did not realize that it had rained that much and that I had never seen our yard this flooded before but fortunately our house is raised off the ground so the water level was not high enough yet to reach inside our house, but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 2

All that I can remember of this dream is that it took place inside a windowless building that was possibly The White House or connected to The White House or near The White House, my mom was possibly in the dream at some point but I can not remember, and this dream probably took place over several days or weeks.

There were carpeted hallways with various rooms like how you expect the inside of The White House to look, each day I would walk through some of the hallways to go inside a media or cinema-like room where there was a large television or a projector projecting to a large screen on the wall, and you could watch television and films et cetera while sitting in some normal chairs spread around the room or just sit on the carpeted floor and maybe there were some seating structures built up higher in parts of the room.

Some other people would go inside this room to watch things on the screen as well, one of these people was The President Of The United States Barack Obama, and he would often visit this room after work it seemed like he would go there to relax.

I probably got to talk with President Obama at least once inside this room, I think that one day I was talking with my mom inside this room about jobs and being unemployed et cetera, and President Obama was in the room.

After this conversation I remember worrying that President Obama may have heard our conversation, and I was worried that he would ask me about jobs and my unemployment which is a very sensitive topic to me and I hate when most people randomly ask me where I work and things like that (usually strangers or family members).

If he was going to offer me a job or help me get a job, then that would not be so bad, but so far that has never been the case all these years when people bring up the topic of jobs with me; and so I started trying to avoid President Obama.

I tried to lay low in the back of the room when he would be there or avoid the room when he was inside, it was a bit ridiculous but that is how sensitive this topic is to me, but I did feel silly even in the dream.

At some point I probably was going to stop avoiding President Obama and hope for the best, maybe he would help me get a job instead of wasting my time and making me feel uncomfortable asking me questions and talking about jobs and my unemployment, and if not at least I would not be worried anymore and I could stop avoiding him; but I woke up.

Dream 3

All that I can remember of this dream from last night is that it took place during the day and I was shopping with my mom in the city of D in a fictional store where the PL Grocery Store used to be, and as we were finishing quickly because I needed to drive to the city of L for a doctor’s appointment I remember seeing the actor James Franco and a man who looked like his brother Dave Franco but in this dream they were probably not brothers but I could be wrong.

In this dream Dave Franco seemed to be a friend of James Franco who would often follow him around and go partying with him et cetera like Dave looked up to James and wanted to be like him or be him, and they were about to leave the store as well.

James looked like he was on drugs and/or that something was wrong with him, I heard the two of them saying that they were leaving to meet at what I assume was a club, and they left in separate automobiles.

I was about to leave hoping to be able to stop at a fictional buffet to eat before going to my doctor’s appointment because the buffet was going to close for the day soon, and so I left in my automobile and my mom left in hers.

I remember driving behind James and Dave, something strange happened during the drive with James like he lost part of his memory and was driving strangely, and so I followed him to the club to maybe make sure that he was okay.

The club was one long mobile home-like building or several connected mobile home-like buildings that were raised off the ground and on the left side of the road somewhere past Walmart, and I followed James inside.

Later Dave arrived and was annoyed that James had went to the club without him earlier than expected, but James did not seem to notice him or remember who he was; and I was not sure if he was intentionally ignoring him or was it drugs and/or did he really lose part of his memory.

They listened to music, ate, drank, danced, played games, et cetera as James continued to act strange and like he did not remember who Dave was; and this made Dave even more annoying, and at some point I remember Dave not having a shirt on and I remember him having one or more tattoos on his body.

Dave’s annoyance and anger were slowly building and eventually he directly confronted James but James still did not seem to remember him or know what he was talking about, and so it seemed that something was wrong with James.

I am not sure what happened but the next thing that I remember is going outside to leave the club, magically he outside was different now and was no longer by the road, and now it was in a field that felt like it was in another part of the city of D.

The outside of the club was different and was on the ground now and it was connected to a repair shop that repaired boats and probably some other types of vehicles, and as I was walking to my automobile many other people arrived by automobile with brown skin with black hair like they were from a family reunion or funeral.

They had a boat and they tried to carry it inside the repair shop so I stopped to help them carry it inside, one of them accidentally damaged the door of the repair shop with maybe a crowbar, and a female worker with white and yellow skin with black hair opened another door for us and showed us where to put the boat.

After moving the boat I really needed to urinate so I went to the bathroom which looked strange and crowded, the bathroom did not have much privacy and there was maybe a ditch area with maybe some water and that part looked a bit cave-like maybe, and I remember several urinals having white plastic bags in them instead of drains so I avoided those.

At some point I found a urinal or toilet to urinate in but I was having a hard time urinating because I was not comfortable with the crowd of people, at some point I started urinating and when I was almost done I noticed a young woman with white skin with some freckles with yellow and orange hair staring at me urinate from behind the ditch and cave-like area.

Her family (parent’s, sister, and maybe a female friend) was with her and entering the bathroom from that side so I had no privacy and they could see me urinating, I thought that it was rude for her to stare and maybe her sister and friend walked over to stare as well, and I finished urinating and I went to wash my hands.

There was a television in the bathroom and a film was playing, some of my former classmates were in the bathroom like my former male classmate DH so I started talking with him as I washed my hands, and then we got interrupted by our former female classmate AH who suddenly rose (stood up) seductively from under water (maybe a tub or the ditch water) like she was swimming or taking a bath but I can not remember if she was wearing a swimsuit or if she was naked.

She seductively greeted us and told us to not be fooled because that the film playing was not a new film and that it was an old film, my former classmate DH and I were confused, and I was wondering why was she and the other women in the men’s bathroom and what was she doing in that water and how long has she been under the water because I did not see her earlier.

But I woke up shortly after this as I tried to make sense of what was happening, and in the real world I needed to urinate badly so that is probably why I had the bathroom part of the dream.

The end,

-John Jr


President Obama Returning From A Celebration

I can only remember part of the end of my last dream from last night, I had more dreams and there was a lot more to this dream, but the longness and the many details probably led to me almost forgetting every thing as my mind focused more on the end of the dream.

I think that part of this dream (probably part of the dream that I can not remember) was inspired by film 3 or part 3 (Ghost Tears) of Ghost In The Shell: Arise which I watched last night.

One of my dreams or part of this dream involved me talking with my former male classmate DH and maybe his mom Mrs. CH during the day, but that is all that I can remember of this dream or this part of the dream.

The end of my last dream took place during the day at a nice modern or near future college where I was a student, earlier in the dream I probably had talked with my former male classmate JC, but now I was walking alone on sidewalks and catwalks back to my dorm room.

The White House was near or on this college campus (I could not see it, but I knew that it was near) and The President Of The United States was Barack Obama, and he had a fictional adult son who lived near or on the college campus and he was possibly also a student at this college and his fictional son possibly had a wife (maybe he had just gotten married) but I can not remember.

I also remember being told during the dream that his fictional son had people who did his housekeeping and other things like that, maybe the college was providing this special treatment for him because his dad was the president, but I am not sure.

I think that things were going well for me and this was a nice and quiet modern or near future college and it was a nice day with a clear sky and this college looked nice with natural areas combined with unnatural areas that blended well together as other students walked around and relaxed, and so I was walking and enjoying the outdoors and ready to relax in my dorm room.

I crossed a building to reach another sidewalk and my dorm room was in a quiet corner near this building connected by another sidewalk on the left side, and people walking from this building could somewhat see my dorm room because all the walls and maybe even the ceiling were made of glass which made it look a bit futuristic but it lacked privacy.

As I was walking toward my dorm room I noticed what looked like a man and woman wearing underwear in a sexual position on my twin-sized bed which was against the wall facing the walkway where everyone could see my bed, the woman had long reddish colored hair with pale whitish colored skin and she probably looked a bit like Amarna Miller but I can not remember what the man looked like, but when I got closer I realized that it was just a slightly larger than life-size sticker of a woman and man wearing underwear in a sexual position.

I assume that the person who used to live in my dorm room had put this sticker on the wall to give them some privacy when in bed, and as a joke to make people think that a man and woman were having sex in the bed; and even though this sticker was a bit larger than life-size, it looked pretty real from a distance, and so it could trick you until you got close enough to see better.

I noticed that the glass door to my dorm room was already open as I walked inside, my dorm was a two-person shared dorm room with a bed against the left side of the wall and a bed against the right side of the wall, and we shared the middle of the room which was a living room with a couch and some other furniture and a television; and we both had some other furniture on our sides, but the room was open with no privacy and probably no bathroom.

My part of the room was on the right side, the left side seemed unused like I had no roommate yet, and in the middle shared living room I saw my former classmate JC sleeping on my couch with a pile of clothes next to him and a bottle of liquid laundry detergent like he had washed his clothes and/or my clothes.

I had no idea how he had gotten into my dorm room without a key, and so I assume that it was unlocked already and I made a mental note to make sure that it was locked in the future because I did not want people being able to just go into my dorm room like that and I was worried about someone stealing my stuff.

My former classmate JC looked a bit rough like he was having a hard time and was still suffering from the death of his mom and some other things, I assumed that he needed a place to stay for a little while, and I felt bad for him; and so I was going to let him stay at my dorm room for a little while because I did not seem to have an official roommate yet, but this was against the rules so we would have to be careful or we both would get in trouble.

I greeted my former classmate JC and he woke up looking tired, I asked him if he was okay and if he needed anything, and he mumbled something that I could not understand probably because he was just waking up; but my translation of what I assumed that he said was that he was having a hard time and that he needed a place to stay for a while, and so I said yes even though I was not sure if this is what he had said.

I told him that it was against the rules and that we needed to be careful and cautious to prevent others from finding out, he agreed to this, but then we got interrupted by the sounds of aircraft flying above us in the sky.

My ceiling was probably made of glass or there was no ceiling because we could clearly see the sky and we saw Marine One carrying US President Barack Obama back to The White House being escorted by several aircraft, possibly two surveillance drones (UAVs or unmanned aerial vehicles), and a small whitish and maybe reddish colored airplane pulling a whitish colored banner with words on it that probably mentioned a celebration that US President Obama was returning from (maybe his fictional son’s wedding, but I have no idea).

My former classmate JC told me to be quiet and still because the surveillance drones were possibly able to see and hear us, he was probably afraid that they would see him and realize that he is not a student at this college anymore, I forgot to mention that my former classmate JC used to be a student at this fictional college but he had not finished and he was not currently a student; but he hoped to return to college to finish one day.

The aircraft quickly passed to land at The White House and we continued our conversation about trying to avoid people finding out about him not being a student and about him temporarily staying at my dorm room, and I remember asking him if he still had his old student ID or if there had been a student ID; but I do not think that we had student IDs for this college because they did not have that or require that.

The plan was for him to avoid being seen as much as he could and for him to maybe sleep on the couch instead of the empty bed on the left side so that if anyone saw him sleeping, they would just think that he was a friend visiting briefly, but I woke up as we continued our planning because I wanted to help him until he could recover and maybe start college again soon.

The end,

-John Jr