We’re Definitely Living In A Simulation.

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We’re Definitely Living In A Simulation.

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Something Is Not Right

File:TV noise.jpg
Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons

I had several interesting dreams last night that I had remembered, unfortunately I woke up several times and went back to sleep several times without voice recording my dreams, and so now I can only barely remember the end of my last dream and I have forgotten my more interesting dreams from last night.

All that I can remember of this dream is that it took place during maybe a gray day, I was driving in my automobile with an unknown somewhat older woman with short-to-medium length curly hair with white skin, and a woman with white skin with long yellow hair and a man with white skin with short brown hair who seemed to be family members of hers (maybe a son and daughter-in-law and/or both were her children).

The somewhat older woman was sitting in the front seat to my right and the man and woman were sitting in the back seats behind us, and we talked as I drove past the Dairy Queen in the city of D.

The older woman and/or I decided to turn on the street that the parent’s of my former male classmate DH lives, so I made a right turn on this street, but then I immediately got a strange feeling that I can not describe that something was not right.

It made no sense for me to feel this way but I did, I asked the others if they felt it too and the older woman felt it as well, and so I drove slowly and I probably stopped my automobile briefly as we tried to figure out why we were feeling this way as soon as we drove on this street.

I was familiar with this street and nothing looked unusual yet but this area now felt strange (almost like a weak version of the feeling(s) that you get during sleep paralysis, like you sense a threat and/or a strange presence, and like something is just not right), I asked the others if I should turn around and leave, but they decided that we should keep going slowly and look around to see if we see anything strange.

We slowly drove up the street which was quiet with no one around, I slowly partly let down my windows so that we could listen for any strange sounds, and as we approached the area near where the small church should be I heard television static/noise (like when a television is on a channel that is not working (available) where you see white and black dots).

There was a tiny shack-like house and tiny shack-like storage building near where the church should be, in the storage-like building I saw a television with the white and black dots on the screen making the static/noise sound, and maybe I saw part of an obese man with white skin sitting down in a chair not far from the television.

I noticed that the house of my former classmate DH’s parent’s was either missing or had a smaller house there with boarded up windows, this confused me and I noticed a few other differences from how it used to look, and so I wondered where his parent’s were and what happened to their house.

I remembering thinking about several memories and possibilities, there was more that we heard and saw, but I can not remember the details unfortunately.

I do remember turning around my automobile to drive back for a closer look of where their house used to be, I also talked with the others, and we continued trying to make sense of the situation and the strange feeling that we felt and the strange atmosphere.

But that is all that I can remember of this dream.

The end,

-John Jr