Disgust By The Pool

What Is It?

The Wikimedia Commons image File:Disgust by the pool.jpg by Masse.media.

Here is the description for this image:

Description: English: showing a strong disgust emotion
Date: 3 September 2018
Source: Own work
Author: Masse.media


The Wikimedia Commons image (photograph) above called Loneliness by Ktoine was one of several images that caught my attention back in maybe early 2016 when I used them in a Daily Prompt that basically summed up how my year had went / felt up until that point & the previous year I think.

Fortune Cookie | November 3 2018

Yesterday I got some Hawaiian Shrimp from B Cafe which came with a fortune cookie, and the message inside my fortune cookie was:

Do not dwell on differences with a loved one – try to compromise.

The end,

-John Jr

Detail Of Woman With Green Shawl (Woman With Green Shawl)

What Is It?

I just remembered the image above of a painting that was the Commons:Picture Of The Day for June 26, 2015 on Wikimedia Commons.

The painting is called Detail Of Woman With Green Shawl (Woman With Green Shawl) by the French painter Cyprien Eugène Boulet.

It is listed as an oil on canvas (oil painting) that is located in a private collection in São Paulo, Brazil.

Miss Nightingale At Scutari (The Lady With The Lamp) (1854) (1891)

What is it?

Today I saw an image on the front page of Wikimedia Commons and it caught my attention, and this image is the Picture Of The Day for May 12, 2017; and this image is of a painting called Miss Nightingale At Scutari (The Lady With The Lamp) (1854) (1891) by the painter Henrietta Rae.

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