Two People Two Pictures / Images On Wikimedia Commons?

I got in bed late last night, I had to get up early to do something, and my computer hard drive has bad sectors on it and so I am running the HDD Regenerator program hoping that it is able to fix the bad sectors on my hard drive so I do not have to buy a new hard drive.

I had one or more short / partial dreams last night, but I can not remember any of them except for barely part of one dream that probably continued / repeated several times after waking up several times.

I kept waking up sometimes during the night to look at my alarm clock to see if it was time for me to get up yet or not, and so this interrupted my sleep/dreams a lot.

The dream involved at least two people, a woman and a man, and both of them / each of them had two different pictures / images but I can not remember what the pictures/images looked like; but I think that the images / pictures were available on Wikimedia Commons or a website that looked like it.

The man and woman wanted to show their images / pictures to someone, maybe me but I can not remember, and so they kept waiting or trying to contact that person so that they could view their images / pictures; but that is all that I can remember at this time.

The end,

-John Jr