Humans Versus Other Animals

Dream 1

All that I can remember of this dream is that I was inside maybe a windowless apartment or dorm, and at some point my male cousin DE was there talking to me.

My male cousin DE looked healthier but a bit unstable, and at some point he started telling me about some things that he had seen and experienced inside this apartment or dorm or wherever (either another room in the building or this room and / or somewhere else).

My cousin DE was very talkative and he was energized in a somewhat unstable way, but it was nice to have a conversation with him and to have him open up and talk about some unusual things.

My cousin DE told me that he had seen and heard and experienced some strange things that involved either the supernatural and / or paranormal and / or hallucinations (he believed that it was real, which was possible, but I also considered hallucinations to be a possibility), one involved him being in the room talking to maybe his mom (my aunt JE), and he said that a shadow person (shadow figure) appeared and my cousin DE attacked it I think until it disappeared.

I asked my cousin DE if his mom saw the shadow person, my cousin DE replied no, but he still believed that it was real and he did not even consider the possibility that it was just a hallucination.

My cousin DE told me about other situations involving seeing and hearing and experiencing strange things, it was like listening to scary stories, and so I remember feeling a bit creeped out as I listened to my cousin DE share his stories with a lot of energy and belief.

But that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 2

This dream was interesting but it is unclear unfortunately, the dream took place during the day, and I was walking through maybe a wilderness area with some other people and this area was possibly connected to a park that was in walking distance of a high school I think.

At some point we saw a dangerous wild non-human animal, maybe a cougar, and it started trying to attack us causing most of my group to run while a few of us like myself just tried to avoid it without running.

During the chaos as most of my group tried to escape, we saw several other dangerous animals (maybe an alligator, maybe something else, and a male lion), and those animals tried to attack us as well.

It was a bit scary because this was a life and death situation and my group was running for their lives, but part of me seemed to maybe enjoy this moment as a chance to test myself and see if I could survive against dangerous wild animals like that using only hand-to-hand combat.

Part of me was not afraid to die fighting for my life bravely, I decided to keep moving and avoid the dangerous wild animals if possibly, and I hoped to make it out of the wilderness without having to kill them or be killed.

But I saw that someone in my group was possibly about to get killed and so I ran to face the wild animal(s), I remember the male lion and I staring at each other and I charged at him to face him so that the others could escape, but it or they ran after someone else instead of fighting me.

Eventually I reached the park and some of my group was running through it and the wild animals chased them, but then turned around before getting further into the park.

People in the park started to run too and we went across an airport-like runway until we reached maybe a hangar-like area near the school, and we went inside a building.

My group was completely broken and in shock, Rick Grimes from the television show The Walking Dead was one of them and a young man who slightly reminded me of Gleen Rhee, and I was the only person who was okay and I was even smiling and laughing and I was happy from the energy boost from a bit of fear and excitement from facing death and fear and surviving.

Some of the people in our group probably did not survive, I asked the others if they thought that it was possibly for humans to defeat wild dangerous animals like that using only hand-to-hand combat, and they replied no.

I asked them if they felt that humans could ever develop the natural ability to defeat them and how, but once again they said that it was not possible and that it was crazy to think that it was possible and they asked me what was wrong with me.

I was surprised and disappointed in their defeatism et cetera (especially in Rick who was acting like the leader, and he was the main person arguing against me), I told them what I thought and felt and what happened during our escape, and I was interested in possibly going back to find the others or their bodies and face the wild animals if necessary but most of the others were not.

One of the people in my group who was especially cowardly was the actor Alfie Allen, after hearing what I said he started to gain a bit of courage, and he felt responsible for maybe some of the others probably being killed as he ran for his life.

I understood their fear et cetera, but I was curious to test myself and to see what we humans are capable of.

Alfie walked outside like he was trying to build courage to return to the wilderness and I followed him, and when we got outside there were a lot of people outside including the military who were mobilizing so that they could go into the wilderness to deal with the wild animals and probably recover the bodies of the others in our group.

The military had no armor, they had interesting jungle-like camouflage T-shirts and they wore helmets and they had backpacks and maybe rifles, basically they looked like very underfunded National Guard soldiers.

Alfie was considering going with them and so was I, but part of me did not like that basically a bunch of humans with guns were about to go which was not really a challenge and was over-kill in my opinion.

I wanted to go unarmed and maybe only use things in the wilderness as weapons if necessary, I actually did not want to kill the wild animals, they were just in their natural habitat so I wanted to leave them alone as long as they left me and other alone.

I probably decided to not go with the military because of this and the fact that I was not sure if we could go with them or not, but I can not remember if Alfie decided to go with them or not (probably not, his cowardice probably took over again).

The next thing that I remember is that there was a memorial service taking place at / outside the school, and my brother GC and my dad and I were there but we walked away behind one of the buildings away from everyone.

There was a trail with a small stream or river that we followed until we reached a small graveyard of students who had died over the yards that was on a small mound, and you could see the airport-like runway from earlier where the military had mobilized.

We looked at some of the tombstones et cetera, some were probably of the people in my group who died, and I remember my brother GC making some rude comments about graveyards being a waste of space and he said some other negative things and he probably stomped on one or more tombstones so I told him that he was being disrespectful and rude and he walked off angrily.

After looking at the graveyard and paying my respects, my dad and I started to walk away to maybe rejoin the memorial or to leave, we talked but I can not remember what we said.

But that is all that I can remember of this dream.

The end,

-John Jr

Trying To Stop A Gang Rape At An Outdoor Cinema

I did not get much sleep last night and most of my memories of the dreams that I did have slipped from my mind except for part of the end of my next to last dream.

This dream took place during maybe late afternoon or early evening, I am not sure if I rode with someone else or how I got there.

I ended up out in the countryside in the wilderness (forest) in a clearing where there was a small area where a film was going to be shown, so it was probably an outdoor cinema.

The area where the screen was or where the film would be projected was on the ground, and it was not that big; and it was possibly under a slightly covered area that probably had concrete.

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Three Spiders And Three Clones Of Myself?

My dream recall/memory of my dreams is even worse than yesterday and I hope that this pattern does not continue, if it were not for my better than average dream recall and my ability to at least remember something if I focus hard enough, I would have forgotten everything; I am not even sure if this is one dream or several connected or similar dreams or if I woke up several times during the night or not, I just know that it was nice and cold in the room and I did not want to get out of bed, and my memory of my dreams would quickly fade and I could not really save them.

What I can remember is very unclear, corrupted/messed up, confusing, et cetera and I remember a nice wilderness area that was possibly in a fictional country or place near the city of D; and I visited this wilderness and I had memories of visiting it in the past, and this area had mountains/water/forests/caves/et cetera with a nice view.

It is possible that I stayed in a cave in this wilderness with several other people, at least one woman and several men, and something happened during our stay that I can not remember (many things probably); but that is all that I can remember of this part of the dream.

I remember riding maybe a bus with other people (kids/students/teachers on a class trip, city workers, a man who looked like the Dragon Ball character Krillin, and random people) during the day to visit this wilderness area, many things happened that I can not remember before/during/after this part of the dream, I remember a man with whitish colored skin with yellowish hair who was from a rich well-connected family who was there for revenge I think.

I remember three living spiders on an object that had three different connected parts (a bit like a cricket cage/holder maybe), one spider for each part, but I am not sure where the spiders and the object came from (maybe the wilderness or the man who wanted revenge or someone/something else) but I think that they possibly were to be used against me maybe; and the man from the rich family probably attacked whoever/whatever for revenge or he attacked everyone, but he was stopped and he was probably arrested when we returned to the city of D in the field by SL Baptist Church.

I remember having the three spiders and the object with three parts that they were on put into another container to imprison/contain them and maybe they were taken to jail with the man from the rich family as well but I am not sure, I remember talking to some of the city workers about how I was looking for a job and how I had recently had an interview for a city job, and we walked across the street by HD Head Start to a fictional building for city workers and Mr. CA had an office in the building.

I remember talking with them and Mr. CA and helping them move some heavy furniture, they mentioned the city job that I had an interview for and they told me that Mrs. S got the job and that it was a shame that I did not get the job since/because she already has a job with the BP School Board so they should have given the job to someone who was unemployed like myself, and they wished me luck in the future; and at some point I went to my parent’s house.

The man from the rich family got released from jail thanks to his rich family and their connections and a good lawyer, somehow the three spiders and the object that they were on that had three parts that I had contained/imprisoned in another container ended up with me at my parent’s house, and I remember one of the spiders getting out into the bathroom when I opened the container; and a second spider probably got out in another room, and the third spider probably stayed on the object with three parts.

I tried to look for them and I told my mom about the situation, next I remember there being three clones of myself in the house, maybe the three spiders became three clones of myself or maybe the three clones appeared and the three spiders were still there or maybe the three spiders and the three clones were in other parts of the dream as well but I can not remember.

I think that one or all of my three clones were certified private detectives and each of them had a different set of skills/personalities/job certifications/et cetera, they all seemed to have been made by someone/something to be used against me (probably like the spiders, who were possibly also the three clones, but I am not sure), and so like the three spiders they were now loose/free again.

I remember talking to my three clones one at a time to learn more about them and hopefully get them to stop their mission against me (I think that these talks took place in three separate fictional parts of the house, maybe like a human house-like version of the object with three parts that the spiders were on, and I remember one of these parts being dimly lit with a lot of plants like a green house) I had a good talk with each of them (maybe they were going to stop their mission against me), but I can not remember the rest of the details other than seeing one or more of their private detective certifications and badges; but that is all that I can remember/make sense of from my mostly destroyed memories of fragments of this dream or dreams.

The end,

-John Jr

A Nice Family | A Call Of Duty: Advanced Warfare Inspired Dream

The Further Adventures of the Wilderness Family
Source: Wikipedia

Dream 1

I barely remember part of the end of the first dream which took place during maybe a gray dream-like day in a fictional wilderness, the environment was very dream-like and you could not tell what time of day it was exactly or how the weather was exactly, and in this wilderness were some open areas and a small rock structure that was the height of a house or taller.

I saw various fictional non-human animals and real non-human animals and I met a nice/kind family with whitish colored skin with a husband, wife, at least two young daughters, and at least one young son; and they lived in an outdoor/indoor one-story house near the rock structure.

We got attacked by a somewhat Godzilla / King Kong / dragon / dinosaur-like creäture that stood on two feet and had two probably short arms that possibly could spit/shoot fire from its mouth that was almost the height of a house or taller, the husband and I distracted it while his family ran inside the house, and they were used to dealing with this creäture so they knew how to survive against it; and it seemed to be the only non-human animal in the wilderness that was aggressive.

The husband and I ran to the top of the rock structure which was slightly taller than the creäture, the husband and I moved around hiding as the creäture walking around the rock structure looking for us until it gave up, and once it left I was invited to the house where the family lived.

The family was very nice and kind and they told me that I could live with them, I remember them giving me a tour of the house, and talking about some of their family rules and activities et cetera; and the house possibly had no ceiling or some parts of the house had no ceiling, some parts of the house did not have walls, et cetera so the house felt like you were outside and inside at the same time.

As the husband gave me a tour of the house one of his daughters was folding her underwear, she told me with a smile that she wanted to show me how to properly fold girls underwear, and she started showing me how to fold them; and then her and her father asked me to try folding them, and so I tried.

I remember them/us smiling and laughing as I struggled to fold them properly, this family and their house felt so positive and peaceful that you could feel it, and they congratulated me once I finally folded them properly; and we continued the tour of the house, but I woke up.

Dream 2

The second/last dream was inspired by the video game Call Of Duty: Advanced Warfare, the dream was about a fictional last mission in the game where you were playing as the main characters (Private Jack Mitchell, Sergeant Cormack, Ilona, and maybe Gideon) trying to stop the main villain (Jonathan Irons), but in my dream the villain was a fictional man who was similar to the main villain but not the same person.

The villain in my dream was taunting the main characters as they chased him while fighting through waves of his Atlas soldiers, the advanced weapons and armor from the video game were in this dream, but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

The end,

-John Jr

A Fictional House / Yard / Trail / Beach / River Near N Street In The City Of D

Last night or this morning I was having a dream when I was suddenly awakened from this dream into the real world because someone supposedly accidentally sprayed air freshener in my face, and the shock of this caused me to forget all of my dreams; but after I went back to sleep I had one last dream, and I remember some of that dream.

The dream took place during the day in a fictional version of the city of D and I walked through a fictional trail with several other people through the wilderness that led to a small river with a beach on the right side of the river in the distance, you could cross the river on a small bridge that several people and I made years ago when we were younger, and on the other side of the small bridge was a small yard and a small house where some of my fictional friends/classmates used to live.

No one lived at the house now and so we went to visit this area to think about old memories and to hang out inside the house, there were still objects/furniture inside the house, and I remember using hanging out inside the house after spending sometimes house by the river and bridge; and I think that my brother GC, one or more of my former classmates, and maybe one of my cousins was with me.

At some point two police officers entered the house, both of them were a bit obese and one of them was older with whitish colored skin and the other police officer was younger and he looked a bit like my male cousin EE, and we were all surprised to see each other there because no one lived at the house; and the police officers explained to us that they use the house sometimes but they did not say what they use it for, and so we explained why we were there and our history with this place.

The older police officer left at some point and the younger police officer stayed so we showed him around the house and outside the house telling him about some of our memories of this place, and in the distance I saw a family (husband, wife, kids, aunts, uncles, maybe grandparents) with whitish colored skin fishing/playing/cooking/talking/swimming/et cetera at the beach having fun.

We explained to the police officer how we made the bridge from trash that was dumped in this area because it was once used as a trash dump by a company and/or some people and how we used to clean up the trash, and I remembered/told various memories/stories that I remembered of this place; and some of them involved some of my cousins like my male cousins EE/ME/DE, my former male classmates DH/JC/SW/EW, my dad, my aunt DE, my uncle EE, and various people who lived in the neighborhood.

It was a nice day outside and the river was flowing, we probably cleaned up some trash and made some adjustments to the bridge while enjoying nature and the wildlife in river and around the area, and it was nice talking about and remembering old memories of this place; but those memories were probably fictional and/or from past dreams, but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

The end,

-John Jr