Training A Dream Character

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Dream 1

All that I can remember of this dream from last night is that the parts of the dream that I can not remember possibly involved traveling, my mom and / or parent’s and maybe I did some traveling, and the part of the dream that I do remember took place during a Sunday during the day I assume.

Some of my family and I were inside a fictional house that was my parent’s house, it looked nicer and had more space than our real house, and I remember walking into a family room that was similar to the family room at The E House.

Inside this family room was a cabinet with a television at the top and chest of drawers at the bottom, I found some assorted donuts in a bag next to the television, and I went to eat one but it tasted very nasty and stale so I had to go spit it out and try to wash my mouth out.

I saw my mom and I told her about the donuts, she said that she had bought them but forgot about them, and so they were stale now but as we were talking either someone knocked on the door or they rang the doorbell.

At the door was my male cousin ME, which annoyed me, I did not feel like any visitors so I walked off to quickly finish rinsing my mouth out to remove the nasty stale donut taste from my mouth before going into another room to avoid my cousin ME.

My mom answered the door while I was doing this, but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 2

All that I can remember of this dream is that it took place outside starting late in the afternoon in a wilderness area behind maybe some stores or a shopping center or shopping mall, and in this area was a small river with grass and plants and trees and some small hills and small island-like areas and various wild non-human animals (alligators, snakes, et cetera) and even a cat that was hunting.

I was training a female dream character who had maybe light-color skin, and I seemed to be teaching her some survival skills trying to teach her how to move around this type of wilderness and spot and avoid danger and threats like some of the dangerous wild animals.

There were other people around this area, maybe some of my family was among them, and I walked her through and around and over the river and various dangerous areas with alligators and snakes et cetera.

I was explaining things to her, showing things to her, letting her ask questions, sharing advice, and letting her apply some of these skills that I was trying to teach her.

It was like trying to train dream security, you have a very short amount of time to try to quickly train someone in the basics of what they need to know to survive, and so I was using a variety of methods at once hoping that I could prepare her properly.

I remember showing her some of the ways to spot and avoid alligators and snakes, some of their hiding places et cetera, and alligators were the most common dangerous non-human animals that we saw in this area.

At some point I remember seeing what looked like an alligator skull under the dirt near the river, normally I would have avoiding this area, but I took a risk assuming that it was dead so I walked near it and then we crossed the river to one of the small island / hill-like areas.

On one of the small island / hill-like areas we found a broken concrete piece that looked like maybe something from a bridge or some kind of infrastructure, it had two levels to it and it was over a ledge that had a slight drop, and sleeping on both levels were some kittens.

One of the kittens had fallen a bit lower than the others, if they were not careful they could fall off the concrete piece completely and maybe not be able to get back on, and we assumed that these were the kittens of the cat that we saw hunting earlier.

On another small island / hill-like area we found a desk with a computer and / or television that had internet access, but I remember taking the woman back where we came for some more practice and I wanted to see if that really was an alligator skull under the dirt or was it a living alligator that was hiding.

I felt that I had been wrong and that it was a living alligator, I wanted to let the woman know that I had made a mistake by taking an unnecessary risk, and so I wanted to use this to teach her a lesson on what not to do.

We found the area but it was gone, and so I assumed that it was a living alligator and that it walked away so it could have attacked me earlier.

I explained my mistake to the woman so that she would not make the same mistake as me, and after this I am not sure where she went.

I am not sure what I was training her for or why, but it probably felt like how it feels when I sometimes get to try to quickly train my own dream security or when I have to try to quickly train some dream characters to help them and us survive something.

I then walked alone to the computer and / or television, there I met a young man or teenager with light-color skin, and I remember him telling me that he was interested in advertising and marketing and that he does this on his own time and he plans to make this his career.

He shared some of his ideas and personal projects with me, and at some point he walked away.

I then saw a commercial on the computer and / or television that was made by the young man or teenager to my surprise, I was surprised that someone his age was allowed to work, and that he had made something for a major company and for a major product.

The commercial was one of those commercials that actually advertise two different things in the same commercial, but I can not remember what it was about but I know that it was very good.

I wanted to let the young man or teenager know, but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr


My Former Classmate DH In New York | Walking Near Wild Animals | Helping Mr. RD

Dream 1

I somewhat remember part of three dream fragments, I had more dreams but I forgot them after not recording them when I woke up to use the bathroom, and the first dream took place during the day & I was leaving a fictional modern multi-story building when I met my former male classmate DH’s mom Mrs. CH at the exit/entrance doors which were all glass with a view to the parking lot showing a bright sunny day; and I greeted her & I asked her if DH was doing okay, and she said that he was in New York now for some unknown reason.

She said a few other things and she asked me for some advice about a computer problem, I gave her my advice, and then I said goodbye; and I walked to the parking lot imagining what DH was doing in New York, but I woke up.

Dream 2

The second dream is unclear since I forgot most of it but I remember exploring a fictional park with several other people during the day that had many wild non-Human animals in it, it was amazing seeing various animals that you would normally only see in a zoo, and at some point we came across some dangerous wild animals who were carnivores; and we either scared them off and/or fought them and/or escaped them at some point.

I remember talking to one or more people who were on land separated from us by a river, they saw what had happened, and we tried to make our way to them; but I woke up.

Dream 3

The last dream involved our neighbor Mr. RD walking around somewhere unknown during the day with a group of mostly female workers / employees who walked with him everywhere in this dream, they and some other people were working for him fixing/building/remodeling something, and there was a man not far from me watching this & talking with me.

Not far from us was a Superman-like man who had super strength and maybe some other powers, he was doing something that I can not remember on his own, and at some point Mr. RD asked me to help him with something; and I went to help him and his mostly female workers do something that I can not remember, and at some point I finished.

I went back to talk with the man standing around watching the work being done, at some point we saw Mr. RD temporarily hire the Superman-like man to help move heavy stuff for him, and so we watched him move very heavy objects by himself since he was super strong; but I woke up as we watched and talked.

The end,

-John Jr


Looking For Health / Cheat Codes?

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I almost forgot my dreams from last night again, probably due to one of my usually un-intentional thoughts/actions/behaviors/et cetera that seem to cause me to start forgetting/blocking out my memories of my dreams sub-consciously; but I will not waste time talking about that, since I already do not feel like typing. 😉

All of my dream fragments from last night are unclear and a bit confusing, probably due to a sub-conscious block/eraser/(whatever is the correct word), but I will type what I think happened in each dream.

Dream 1

I can not remember the dreams before this but I do remember part of one dream where I drove to the W Park in D during the night, and before I got out of my automobile my former classmate DH drove up; and he got out of his automobile to walk to the park, and I tried to wave at him to get his attention but I guess that he did not see me.

I got out of my automobile but I decided to not bother following DH to get his attention, the lights were on at the tennis courts and their were people playing tennis and/or doing something, and so I walked past the tennis courts headed toward the walkway so that I could walk around the park to think alone; but a man walked in front of me and he said something to me, oddly, we were on a fictional balcony-like area that over-looked the area near the walkway.

I can not remember what the man looked like or what he said to me, I just remember DH walking over to see if everything was okay, and so I guess that the man was acting weird; but I am not sure.

DH must have come at the right time because I remember saying that things are okay now and I think the man started to leave, but then I noticed a black colored panther sitting behind us on the balcony-like area; which caused DH and I to be very still & quiet to avoid it seeing us.

We then saw another wild & dangerous animal too and we might have seen another wild animal, and my mom & my brothers walked over to greet us; but we warned them of the dangerous animals, and we all tried to quietly move away as some of the wild animals started to move around.

I wish that I could remember what the man had told me and I wish that I could remember the details of the parts with the wild animals, because this dream would make more sense, but I do remember thinking that the wild animals were symbolic once I woke up; there was more to this dream that I can not remember or explain, so I will not be able to share the details that will help anyone reading this to make sense of it.

Something was strange about the man and/or his behavior and/or what he said and the part with him in it was an important part that I can not remember, the part with the wild animals was an important part that I can not remember, and the part after the wild animals was an important part that I can not remember.

This is a wild guess but I think that after the wild animal part that something connected to what the strange man said happened, I think that I met another person who might have been a woman but I do not think that she was Human, and a strange part about health / cheat codes might have started at the end of this dream & I might have learned that I was not Human; but I can not remember.

Dream 2

The second dream that I remember was connected to the end of the first dream that I can not remember and I went to a house that belonged to a husband, wife, and their kids; but I can not remember why I went exactly, but I think that I was trying to protect the family.

I am not sure if the house was empty at first, I think that it was, and I think that a woman was there who was not Human but she looked Human; I think that I was the same thing as her, a non-Human of some kind, maybe a vampire (probably not) or something, but I am not sure.

I think that a non-Human woman was after me or something and somehow the family and/or the wife had somehow helped me, and so the family and/or wife were in danger; because the non-Human woman would probably come after them to find me and/or because they and/or the wife had helped me or something; but I am not sure.

I think that the non-Human woman who was already in the house had broken into the house while the family was gone, and she knew that I would be coming to warn/protect the family.

The non-Human woman and I talked, she had followed me and she knew about my situation & she knew that another non-Human woman was after me, and she seemed to want to watch what would happen; she treated my situation like a fun game or something, and so she had stalked me/us, for entertainment probably.

I can not remember the other details of our conversation, unfortunately, but the wife and kids came into the house; and they were surprised to find us standing in their house in the dark.

I started talking to the wife to warn her about the situation but then the non-Human woman who was after me or whatever, entered the house, and so now there was a stand-off between me and two non-Human women & the wife and kids; and the non-Human woman who was after me or whatever, started talking to me from across the room.

The first non-Human woman who was already in the house (the stalker or the watcher) was on the left side of the house, the second non-Human woman who entered the house (the stalker number two or the searcher) was on the right side of the house, I was across from them on the other side of the house in the kitchen, and the wife & kids were standing near the door in between both sides of the house.

The situation was tense and I feared for the safety of the family, the watcher watched in amusement, and the searcher began to slightly argue/talk with me; and it seemed that the searcher and I had history between us, maybe we dated before or something, I am not sure.

I just remember the searcher saying things directed at me like she was bitter about something, but I also sensed that she wanted to re-connect with me in a positive way; but I sensed that she had negative feelings/thoughts toward the wife and/or the family.

Eventually the wife’s husband walked in the house and he quickly became angry, and he did not seem to know me or the other two non-Humans; and so he asked us who we were and why were we in their house, and he probably told us to leave.

I knew that either one of the other non-Humans could easily kill the entire family by themselves, and so I feared that the husband would cause a fight if he did not calm down; but I understood his anger and his wish to protect his family & home, but he had no idea what or who he was dealing with.

I tried to calm him down and prevent a fight, I was not sure if I could defeat either one of the non-Human women, but I can not remember what happened; I think that something about health/cheat codes might have also appeared in this dream as well at the end of the dream during the parts that I can not remember, but I am not sure.

Dream 3

The last dream is also unclear and I remember going to a fictional version of M College during the day for some reason, I think that I was searching for health/cheat codes, that had something to do with healing myself as a non-Human or something.

I call them health/cheat codes because I am not sure what else to call them, the night before last I had something similar in my dreams or dreams but my memory was erased or blocked like last night but completely, this time I was able to remember some of my dreams with a lot of effort on my part to save some fragments as they were being blocked and erased.

Since my memory of the health/cheat codes is so unclear, the best that I can describe them is: that I am able to bring up a black box almost like a DOS-Mode Command Prompt or a holographic area of my thoughts of some kind where I can input data that can effect/affect me physically/mentally/emotionally/whatever & maybe the dream world or something like that.

Maybe the box is not a box and maybe it is not black, but it is something that I can see and manipulate to input data by using my mind to make it appear & disappear; but you need to input certain codes / special information/data to make certain things happen such as: healing yourself.

For some reason I needed codes to heal myself, I guess something happened to me in one or more of the dreams, and once again I do not think that I was Human but I still looked Human.

I had an idea of what some of the codes were but I was not sure, and I was not sure of the codes needed to enable the healing process; and so I searched around the college for some reason.

I waked through my former Psychology 101 class, several other classes, and several other buildings; and at some point I entered a building where there was a huge room of kids, like a daycare, and I tried to walk through without being noticed.

At some point I think that the kids were non-Human animals, like farm animals or something, and a woman who was supposed to be watching them noticed me leaving the building; since I was not supposed to be there, I guess she warned some of the other workers, and she tried to yell at me as I left the building.

I walked outside and I started trying to walk away before someone saw my face, as I tried several codes to heal myself, and I remembered the health code; but I needed to figure the codes to make it work and/or to use it properly, and so I started testing some codes as I walked.

I slowly started remember some codes from memory, and I started testing various combinations of codes to see what they do.

I decided to walk to my automobile to leave but once I got to my automobile I heard the voice of a woman from the area where the kids/non-Human animals were, and I saw her laying on the ground partly under some leaves; but she was a pig, but she could talk. 😀

She told me that she had seen me in the building and that I was not supposed to be there, and she asked me why had I walked through their building; and I was shocked and surprised a bit about what had just happened.

I started talking to her, she was still a talking pig on the ground 😀 , but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr 🙂