Backing Up Data & They Wind & Demon Ghost & A Public Bathroom?

All that I can remember of this dream is that part of it involved me trying to back up / store data / stuff for my brother CC & my sister-in-law JC.

In another part of the dream, my brother GC & I were talking, and he mentioned some old TV shows that we used to watch back when we were kids.

The Start Of A Serious Wind Storm?

All that I can remember of the end of this dream from last night is that it took place during the evening or night, and I was inside my parent’s house.

My brother GC and my dad were inside the house as well, I do not remember seeing the rest of my family, and I can not remember what happened in the dream before this point.

A Tornado In The City Of D

This could possibly be more than one dream but I am not sure so I will type it as one dream, it is possible that the dream started with me being in high school again and then graduating from high school again, and maybe the dream jumped several years later in the future; and it involved me returning to a fictional building where the BP/D Prison/Jail should be in maybe a fictional version of the city of D, and I would sometimes visit this building to buy food/drink at its concession stand/snack bar and spend some time inside and outside the building.

This building seemed to be for entertainment/recreation with areas inside and outside for people to eat, drink, talk, maybe play arcade games, games, sports, et cetera; and it seemed that I would visit it sometimes when returning home to visit, and there were some students outside making a music video and maybe that was part of a school project but I am not sure.

I went inside the building to buy something from the concession stand and my former male classmate MT was working at the concession stand so I talked to him as I was deciding what to buy, at some point the students who were making a music video came inside to buy something as well, and at some point I went to leave; and the dream jumped to me being in high school again or this was another dream.

I was back at the fictional high school that I graduated from, I was outside with some other students and some of them were former schoolmates and classmates of mine like maybe my former classmate AC and a few schoolmates who were older than me who(m) I can not remember, and one of my former male schoolmates or classmates with whitish colored skin whose name I can not remember (I think that he used to be friends with my former male classmate KC and/or some of the other somewhat bad/alternative students in school) was talking with me at some point.

At some point it was time to go into one of the school buildings, oddly it was an old multi-story movie theater building that was now owned by the school, and somehow my former male schoolmate or classmate got into an argument with the male leader of a small group/gang of fictional and real former male schoolmates of mine outside before we could get inside the building.

They were about to fight and I tried to calm the situation but it was not working and to my surprise the leader of the gang pulled out a pistol with a suppressor and he pointed it at the chest of my former male schoolmate/classmate while his gang backed him up like a coward instead of fighting him one-on-one in hand-to-hand combat, the situation became serious and this felt real and scary, and I tried to calm the situation again; but my former male schoolmate/classmate would not back down, and the leader and his gang were not backing down.

They continued arguing even as the leader pointed the pistol at my former schoolmate/classmate, the leader took the suppressor off of his pistol and then he pointed his pistol at and directly on the face of my former schoolmate/classmate while talking about killing him, and there was not much I could do at this point; and so I went into the building trying to escape, and I was not sure if they were going to come after me or not and try to kill me.

I moved through the stairway to different floors and into different rooms inside the movie theater trying to find an exit into another building but I could not find one, at some point I reached the top floor where I was trapped next to one of the rooms where people were sitting like they were going to watch a film, and so I was not sure what to do and I was not sure if my former classmate or schoolmate was still alive or not; and then the dream jumped in time or another dream started.

I was now in another school or college building, my former male classmate MT was in the dream again and we seemed to be in school or college again, and my former classmate MT had a fictional ex-girlfriend with light-brownish colored skin who was now dating another man/young man with dark-brownish colored skin with blackish colored hair; but I think that she supposedly/allegedly died at some point, and there was another time jump in the dream.

I was now on the upper floor of a college building in maybe a bedroom like room with a window where you could see the entrance of the building outside, somehow the parking lot outside was up to this upper floor, and outside in the hall not far from this room was my former male classmate MT again; and something strange happened where his supposedly/allegedly dead ex-girlfriend appeared to me, and this confused me because they told me that she had died.

She was possibly nude or topless and maybe she seemed a bit ghost-like when she first appeared but maybe she slowly returned to looking normal, she went to hug me oddly even though she was topless or nude and even though I did not know her really, and her current or previous boyfriend from when she supposedly died saw us hugging from outside the window near the entrance of the building; and he looked suspicious about what was happening as you would imagine, and this was all strange and confusing and awkward for me as well and I did not want people to misinterpret what was going on.

I told her that my former classmate MT and her boyfriend thought that she was dead, I possibly gave her some clothes to put on, and I took her to see my former classmate MT; and she acted like she still had feelings for him, and then her boyfriend from when she supposedly died entered the building seeing them talking and once again he looked suspicious as you would imagine.

I greeted him and I explained the situation to him and the three of them started talking, it was a bit awkward at first but they did not fight, and it seemed that she was not dating either of them anymore but that she was possibly interested in dating my former classmate MT again; but it was a bit unclear with how she was acting toward all three of us, I did not want to get involved, but I did watch them briefly to make sure that they would not fight.

Once I realized that things were good between them I decided to leave to give them some privacy, the situation was still confusing, and I can not remember what she told us about her alleged death or her death; it is possible that she was a ghost or that she came back to life or that she faked her death or that she was no longer human, but I can not remember what she said.

I left on foot until I reached my parents’ yard during the day and the weather was strange outside, I saw my mom in the yard and I greeted her as we walked to the house, but then I saw and heard and felt a tornado forming in the distance in the direction of The BP Library which was scary and realistic; and I yelled for my mom to run inside the house after showing her the tornado, but for some unknown reason my mom ran to her automobile so I had to yell for her to return to the house again.

You could hear and feel the wind as the tornado moved, objects were starting to get pulled into the air as it moved, and it was getting closer as my mom and I ran toward the house; and we could feel the pull of the tornado starting so we did not have much time, but I woke up as we were entering the house in a panic to warn the others and hide.

The end,

-John Jr

Getting Pulled By A Tornado

Source: Wikimedia Commons

I do not feel like typing my dreams from last night but I will anyway, I am not sure how many different dreams I had last night because almost all of them took place in the same fictional city, and so I will combine them all into two separate drams; but I will probably leave some details out to save time because I do not feel like typing them.

Dream 1

This was not the first dream but I can not remember the order of any of the dream fragments so I am typing my dream fragments randomly; this dream took place during the day in a small country town that I probably drove to from the LC-like city in all the other dream fragments.

I remember walking outside when suddenly a tornado started forming in the distance so other people and I started trying to run to somewhere safe, this was scary and it felt realistic, and you could hear and feel the tornado; and it was pulling us, which was slowing us down, and pulling force from the tornado was getting stronger the closer it got.

This was a small country town and we were not close to any strong buildings so the situation was bad and I thought that I might die, I found an old bridge that I tried running to when I could not find anywhere else to hide, but it was hard to move as the tornado was pulling us.

I continued moving as fast as I could trying to resist the pull of the tornado but I woke up as I was trying to get under the bridge to find something to hold on to.

Dream 2

This dream was actually several different dream fragments that took place in a fictional LC-like city, in one dream fragment I remember walking during the day on a sidewalk in a part of the city that reminded me of the area near L’s Restaurant in the city of LC, and this area was a rough lower class neighborhood that had some gangs in it.

Some of the gangs probably started bothering me until I noticed my male cousin ME who was probably with one of them, they stopped bothering me when they realized that I was a family member of my cousin ME, and I remember walking and talking to my cousin ME briefly before he left; but that is all that I can remember of this dream fragment.

In another dream fragment I was in this same city during the day when I probably went to a store where I met a man who reminded me of Mr. AB from the T-Mobile store in the city of LC, he helped me with something, and later I went to his house; and I met his wife, young adult daughter, and his young son.

They had a nice home in a nicer somewhat lower class neighborhood that was a bit safer than the other neighborhood that I was in during the other dream fragment, I remember his daughter acting like she was interested in me, and I remember his family being very nice to me; and at some point I probably left, but that is all that I can remember of this dream fragment.

During another dream fragment I was in this same city late in the afternoon, my mom and I went to a small restaurant that was owned by a tall/large friendly over-fat man with whitish colored skin who probably did not have the lower parts of his legs, and so he had to use special attachments on his legs or use a wheelchair or walk on his stubs.

There were some other people there and I remember meeting the owner who also probably did some of the cooking, it was a nice little restaurant, but something happened that I can not remember (maybe some gang members came and ruined the mood); and so the owner probably dealt with them, but my mom and I left and that is all that I can remember of this dream fragment.

There was another dream fragment where I returned to the house of the man who reminded me of Mr. AB from T-Mobile, I was in need of help it seemed, and him and his family let me stay with them for a while; and I remember spending the night at their house, but I can not remember the rest of this dream fragment.

In another dream fragment I was still in this city during the day but I seemed to be doing better now than earlier, I probably thanked the man who reminded me of Mr. AB and his family for the help, and I remember going to a public park-like area with walkways for people to jog and walk on through a field-like area.

I think that I saw Mrs. CH who told me that her son/my former male classmate DH was coming to visit on a vacation from his job in the military and from his job as a police officer, and her son/my former classmate DH arrived as we were talking; and so my former classmate DH and I jogged around and talked.

Two somewhat older male military officers with whitish colored skin who were over my former classmate DH were walking by us while we were jogging so we stopped to greet them, my former classmate DH saluted them, and he introduced me to them; and he told them that I was thinking about possibly joining the military one day, and then one of the military officers and I walked and talked toward a building in the distance.

I told him that I was possibly close to considering possibly thinking about joining the military one day, he told me that they needed some people like me to work with computers and network security et cetera, and then he said goodbye and he continued into the building; but that is all that I can remember.

The end,

-John Jr

Spring Fever? | My Former Classmate AK And Surviving A Wind Storm Or Tornado

Dream 1

I was supposed to voice record my dreams but I accidentally went back to sleep, and so I can not remember most of my dreams from last night except for barely part of the end of two dreams.

All that I can remember of this dream is that at the end of the dream I was inside a large strange classroom with a very tall ceiling that was possibly underground, I was in a class with other students, and I think that our teacher possibly somewhat reminded me of Grace Randolph from YouTube but thinner with maybe slightly orangish-yellowish colored hair and she had a different voice/she spoke differently and she looked different and she possibly wore glasses but I can not remember so I could be wrong about that.

I think that this dream had what Flynn called Spring Fever, where various dream characters were acting like they had it, and I remember that I was the teacher’s favorite student; and I remember our teacher staring/gushing at me and making a comment out-loud to some female students about wanting/hoping that I would do something (manual labor like moving heavy objects et cetera) with my shirt off so that she could watch and I remember her talking about how good/fit/buff/toned my body looked/et cetera, but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 2

All that I can remember of this dream is that at the end of the dream I was at a fictional version of my parent’s house I think and I remember my former male classmate AK coming over, and it was the first time that I have seen or heard from him since he moved away when I/we was/were still in high school; and I remember us talking/hanging out, and he talked to me about his music and music CD (compact disc) collection.

He liked collecting music CDs and music stored on other forms of material/media/ways/et cetera, I only have a few music CDs and most of my music is digital computer files, but I was going to let him see and listen to some of my music CDs and some of the music on my computer; but first we went outside, and I remember other people going outside as well (for some reason there were various unknown people there).

It was a nice day outside until a sudden wind storm or tornado or something came, it happened so quickly that I only had enough time to grab the wooden light pole in the yard, and I told the others to grab on to me and each other; and so we did this as the wind blew hard/violently lifting us off the ground in the air, but we held on tightly.

I did not have the light pole gripped good enough and so I struggled hard to hold on as my hands were slipping because the wind was so strong but fortunately I held on long enough until the wind calmed down enough that we fell back to the ground, and then we ran inside the house to take cover; but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

The end,

-John Jr

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