An Automobile | My Coworkers JB And DC Visit Me | Arcades In The Library

Dream 1

The end of this dream took place in the evening or night in maybe a slightly fictional version of the city of D.

Some of my family were there, there was something about maybe an automobile that was for sale, and maybe I and / or some of my family went to see this automobile.

I and / or we possibly test drove the automobile, but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 2

This dream possibly took place early in the morning at the house of my parents, but I am not sure if that was the correct time of day or not.

My female coworkers JB and DC, a small dog, and maybe one or more of their children arrived to visit me by surprise.

DC looked and acted completely different than in real life but somehow I knew that it was her, and during the dream I possibly did not realize that she did not look or act like her real self; in this dream DC was a playful trickster and a jokester with a lot of energy.

We spent most of the time in the dining room and the kitchen talking mostly, this visit caught me off-guard and I am not used to having guests and I am pretty boring and they have never visited me before, and so I imagine that it must have been a pretty boring visit for them.

The curtains in the house were closed so it was a bit darker like it was very early in the morning before the sun had completely risen yet, I could never get good conversations going because we kept getting interrupted like in real life because we have to work and deal with patrons, and so that was annoying having our conversations constantly interrupted and cut short (this time by children, the dog, et cetera).

This dream had an interesting and pretty realistic and somewhat enhanced mood / feeling to it, I felt surprised and a bit nervous but also happy to have them visit and to have a chance to spend some time with them (it was cool being able to talk to them away from work for a change), but the interruptions and me being worried about trying to be a good host et cetera and the lack of things to do kept interrupting the moment et cetera.

At some point JB mentioned something on her mobile phone that I probably did not have, probably an app that was for the Android operating system, and not the Windows Phone (Windows Phone 8.1 in my case) operating system that I have on my mobile phone.

I told JB that app or whatever was probably not available on my mobile phone, a Nokia Lumia 635 (the sad 512 MB RAM version which never got the Windows 10 Mobile update), and I started explaining some of the history of my mobile phone and some of the history of the Windows Phone operating system.

I started to sense that I was possibly boring them and that they were possibly starting to make moves to leave so I stopped, and it seemed that I was correct because they let me know that they were going to go but they probably thanked me and JB and her family and the dog probably left out the front door first.

I then notice that my former male classmate DH is suddenly there now, and so I asked him when did he get here and he said that someone had just let him inside.

Before leaving DC gave me a brown gift bag while smiling suspiciously like this was a prank, it looked like a brown paper bag nicely decorated, but I had the feeling that she probably put some dog feces inside of it.

I thanked DC pretending to not notice, she moved slowly hoping to see me open it but I did not open it so she left still smiling and probably hoping that I would open it later, and I said goodbye.

I carefully put the bag on something and somewhere until I can safely check it outside and dispose of it if it really was a bag of dog feces as a prank like I suspected.

I then turned my attention to DH, he wanted to talk in the living room oddly, and so I assumed that maybe he wanted to talk to me about something privately.

But I woke up.

Dream 3

This dream was possibly partially a continuation of the previous dream, but I am not sure.

I was at The BP Library working at my job in a slightly larger and nicer fictional version of the children’s section, in the dream there were taller shelves and more shelves in there, and there were some arcade machines with video games and some other gaming equipment in there in the corner near where the children’s bathroom is or should be.

While I was working there was a family in there who were patrons, a husband and wife and young son who possibly all had skin colors of various shades of medium-color skin (very light-medium (or maybe dark-light color skin), light-medium, medium) at first, and sleeping on some fictional furniture was a fictional regular patron who was a homeless woman named maybe Tomko (?) who basically lived at the library (not after hours of course).

The father and son were playing arcade games and other games, including a slightly Dragon Ball inspired arcade game maybe called maybe Fireball, where you controlled a Goku-like video game character who would stand on a raised Dragon Ball style martial arts tournament ring in the middle of a field in an arena and he would have to shoot maybe fireballs following certain rules trying to score the most points.

The mother was sitting down on some furniture near the shelves on the right side of the room while I was shelving, at some point the father and son were celebrating their video game score for the Fireball arcade game while looking at a black scoreboard on the wall with previous highest scores, but the mother interrupted them complaining about maybe wanting the son to be reading books instead and / or something like that.

At this point or before the argument the family’s appearance had changed without me realizing it, they all had light-color skin now, and the mother had yellow hair now; and a somewhat older somewhat rough country-like male patron with light-color skin wearing a hat was in the children’s section too now looking at the shelves of books et cetera.

The husband did not agree with his wife, he liked video games and various things that he considered to be more masculine and he wanted his son to grow up to be a man and interested in masculine things, and he felt that reading and studying a lot et cetera was more feminine and maybe nerdy and / or something like that.

The husband and wife argued, I moved behind some bookshelves to stay out of it unless things got too bad, and then the rough country-like man joined the argument siding with the husband.

This man somehow brought race, racialism, racism, white supremacy, et cetera into the conversation as he explained his support of masculinity and his disappointment in current generations as he felt that they were letting their so-called race (in this case the fake race (I do not support or believe in race) known as white / Caucasian / whatever) down because of this and other things because he felt that “his people” (his words, not mine) were becoming weak and diluted and outnumbered et cetera for various reasons and were being threatened by other so-called races.

While it was disappointing to hear this, it was not surprising, the man looked and sounded like a stereotype of someone who would have those kind of beliefs.

After this the fictional regular female patron Tomko woke up, I started to wonder if she would want to work at the library since she basically lived there if there was an opening, and if show I wondered if I should ask her if she wanted to live with me at least temporarily until she earned enough to get her own housing if she wanted to.

I sensed that Tomko was probably pretty smart and capable if she tried, but I wondered if this was a good idea or not as I tried to decide if she was stable and trustworthy and safe enough to allow into my home like that; in this dream I had my own home or apartment I assume.

I woke up as I thought about this while I was still working.

The end,

-John Jr


Malcolm X Peacefully Protesting?

Source: Wikimedia Commons

*Jibber Jabber Alert*

I am not sure if this is one dream or two dreams so I will type them as separate dreams, the first part of the dream was probably inspired by me contacting T-Mobile late last night by web chat to ask them if T-Mobile is going to ever release the Lumia Denim update (I got no answer, but supposedly they will contact someone about contacting Nokia about the update) that came out back in November 2014 for their Nokia Lumia 635 phones (and other phones) running Windows Phone 8.1, because every other carrier except T-Mobile has released this update according to Microsoft’s own page which shows every carrier with the update except for T-Mobile who is still stuck on the Lumia Cyan update:

T-Mobile has done a terrible job when it comes to phones running the Windows Phone operating system, they seem to be trying to help destroy it or something like that by doing things like: not releasing updates, not keeping them in stock, not advertising them, not selling the newer models (they even stopped selling the Nokia Lumia 640 shortly after it came out even though it was a good phone for the price and it was doing good in ratings), actively trying to get customers to not buy phones running the Windows Phone operating system (this happened to my family and I, and to many other people visiting their stores; just look around online and you will see that other people have had this problem as well), and et cetera.

It almost seems like a conspiracy to destroy the Windows Phone operating system, maybe they are getting paid by some rivals of the Windows Phone operating system to behave this way to help decrease competition(?) and/or there is a bad grudge between some of the leadership of T-Mobile and Nokia/Microsoft and/or they just do not think that the Windows Phone operating system is worth supporting and/or something like that, and this is unnecessary because the Windows Phone operating system was already doing poorly against its competition; and so there is no need for companies like T-Mobile to make it worse by behaving this way, and hurting their own users and the competition between mobile phone operating systems.

Many other people and I are still left without answers, without updates, and without access to the newer phones with the Windows Phone operating system; and without the Lumia Denim update we will not be able to update to Windows 10 Mobile for our phones when it is released, and we are currently left without some of the improvements that came with the Lumia Denim update a year ago so we are left with less functional phones because of T-Mobile’s behavior.

I actually wanted to go with a phone with Google’s Android operating system and I still want to (because most apps are made for it and some of the apps that I want are not available on Windows Phone, it is more popular, and it probably is better overall) but most of the phones that I had to choose from in the budget price range had outdated versions of Android and will not get updates to the newer versions, they were lower quality, they had worse hardware, they had worse reviews, and they were not as durable or reliable as what Nokia/Microsoft was offering in that price range with their phones with the Windows Phone operating system so a Nokia/Microsoft phone with the Windows Phone operating system were our best option for the price; and so I am not a Windows Phone/Nokia/Microsoft fan and I am just someone who picked what was best overall for my family and I for the budget price range (under $100), and I think that this behavior from T-Mobile is wrong and I at least want T-Mobile to release the Lumia Denim update and then the Windows 10 Mobile update when it is available et cetera.

-End of rant 😀

Dream 1

All that I can remember of this dream is that it probably started during the day inside my parents’ house with me trying to contact T-Mobile again to find out if they are going to ever answer our question about whether they will ever release the Lumia Denim update for our Nokia Lumia 635 phones like every other carrier has, I can not remember what happened, but I do remember talking with my parents about the situation; and then I went outside to jog in the yard.

As I was jogging I saw a male police officer with whitish colored skin with short yellowish colored hair wearing glasses who I recognized from either real life and/or a dream, he was walking on the street looking at houses and writing something on a notebook/clipboard/paper and he seemed very focused on this task, and it seemed that he was collecting data like he was updating records for a census or a police database to maybe see which houses were abandoned or not and other information like that (the layout of streets, yards, number of vehicles and types at each house, who lived at each house, et cetera).

At first I thought that the police were looking for someone who used to live in the abandoned mobile home next to The B House but then I quickly realized that I was wrong, I greeted the police officer as I jogged and he greeted me back, but he continued focusing intently on his work without asking me anything or saying anything else to my surprise; and I thought that was strange, and I wondered what he was doing.

I probably told my parents about this when I finished jogging, but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 2

All that I can remember of this dream is that it took place during the day and I was still at my parents’ house, the dream involved a man who reminded me of Malcolm X in how he looked and dressed and acted or maybe it was Malcolm X, and oddly part of the dream world seemed to be in the time period from when Malcolm X was still alive based on what people were wearing and their hairstyles and the automobile designs in the dream.

He was trying to get the city/local government to allow them to do something/makes some changes/et cetera that I can not remember but the city/local government refused, and so he and some other people who mostly had brownish colored skin started peacefully protesting (marching, singing, et cetera); and at some point the city allowed them to do one of the things that they had requested after their protesting put enough pressure on the city and the city hoped that this would make them stop protesting, and they started doing whatever it was outside in the field by my parents’ yard.

While doing this they also continued their peaceful protesting trying to get the city to allow them to do whatever else was on their list of things that they were protesting about, I would watch from the window inside my parents house, and groups of people with whitish colored skin with racist beliefs would drive in old style cars from that time period while wearing old style clothing with old style hair styles from that time period around the protesters angrily yelling and spitting and threatening et cetera them.

The racist groups of people became more aggressive as the protesters refused to stop their peaceful protest and work, and it started to seem like the racist groups of people would become violent soon and attack the protesters, and the city/police were not trying to do anything about it because they wanted the protesters to stop protesting and working on whatever it is that they were working on too; but woke up.

The end,

-John Jr


Giving Away A Nokia Lumia 635

Source: Wikimedia Commons

I barely remember part of the end of my last dream from last night, I went to bed late last night and I woke up once during the night because I was slobbering and maybe snoring, and so I can not remember most of my dream.

Last night I finally watched the film Rear Window for the first time after hearing Grace Randolph mentioning it several times in the past as one of her favorite films, which was better than I expected and I think that it does deserve being called a classic film because the visuals and style and clothing and acting et cetera still holds up today, and the film had mystery and suspense and a bit of comedy and good dialogue and it was all filmed from one room and small area it seemed.

All that I can remember of the end of my dream from last night is that it took place during the day, I think that we were possibly getting new neighbors across the street at The B House or the abandoned mobile home next to that house, and AJ a former male schoolmate/classmate of one or more of my brothers and/or cousins who sometimes stays at the mobile home at the edge of the field by my parents’ yard was one of the people moving across the street from my parents’ house.

AJ, some of his friends, and some of his family were probably moving things into their new house and hanging out in the yard and in the street; and I remember my parents wanting to get rid of some old stuff that we were not going to use anymore, and so we asked our new neighbors if they wanted any of it and we showed the old stuff to them.

One of the items that we were giving away was a Nokia Lumia 635 mobile phone, I remember checking the mobile phone trying to see if anything needed to be erased and deleted first, and I think that someone had possibly visited some pornographic/porn/pornography websites when I looked at the web browsing history of Internet Explorer on the phone; and so I remember clearing the history, and then I did a factory reset of the phone after checking a few other things.

I then gave the mobile phone to AJ as we stood in the street outside my parents’ yard and I gave him a quick overview about the mobile phone and the Windows Phone operating system, I told him that I would text him screenshots and videos that would help him learn to use it better and I even texted him one screenshot as an example, and I told him to contact me if he needed help; but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr