My Former Classmate JF In The City Of D

Lazy Overview:

I barely remember any of my last dream last night, and I think it took place in a fictional version of the city of D in the day.

I think I went to a fictional mall and I met my former male classmate JF, and we went around the mall talking; and I remember him being with two women, and one of the women stood out from other characters in the dream.

She had blond colored hair in a style similar to Victoria in the Twilight film but her hair was shorter, she had whitish colored skin, I think that she was wearing an outfit with an animal fur cape-like thing around her shoulders that reminded me of something that Victoria wore in the Twilight film, I think that she had blue colored eyes, and something about her seemed different from the other characters in the dream; but I can not remember anything else about her or most of the dream.

I just remember her and another woman being with JF and I during some parts of the dream, and then they were gone in other parts of the dream; and I remember wanting to talk with the woman again, but we did not know where she had went.

I also remember that JF needed a ride and so I drove him around in my automobile, and we stopped downtown to walk around or something; but JF left for some reason.

I remember thinking that something was odd/strange/interesting about the woman from earlier in the dream, and I remember thinking about her and that I wanted to find her again, because I wanted to understand who or what she was and I wanted to get to know her better; it was just something very different about her appearance, personality, and I felt something different coming from her than the from the other dream characters.

It was almost like she did not belong in my dream and/or like she was not one of my dream characters and/or something like that, maybe, but I can not remember; then I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr


The Young Shepherdess Speaks?

Source: Wikimedia Commons

I can not really remember much of my dream last night due to being awakened.

It had something to do with my family and I going to some house that I think had two floors.

There was a woman and several young women who were probably in high school and maybe one college young student who were at the house, and the woman seemed to be the leader.

I think that the house was either was a bed & breakfast or it was going to be sold to my family or they were sharing the house with my family, I am not sure which.

At some point there was a gold framed painting of The Young Shepherdess there and something odd happened; either the painting talked and/or the women in the painting temporarily became a character in the dream world to talk to me and/or the painting was being moved into the house and/or it was being moved around the house and/or it was just hanging on the wall.

I am not sure what happened exactly but I know something odd or interesting happened, but I can not remember.

I know the woman of the house and the young women were nice and maybe we talked about the painting or something, but I just can not remember.

I know the woman of the house gave us a tour and explained some rules, and we all talked, but I can not remember much else.

The end,
-John Jr 🙂


Fighting Fear With A BB Gun

Source: Wikimedia Commons

The night before last I remembered part of my last dream, but it is unclear so I will have to try to put the pieces together the best I can.

I am not sure but I think that I was not myself and I think I may have been a woman, maybe, I remember being outside my grandfather’s house talking with two or three women; they were three women that I knew from CS like Mrs. C, Mrs. JN, and Mrs. E.

Things are unclear but I think a man who looked somewhat like Tommy Gunn from Rocky V (Rocky 5) came up to us and threatened us, took us hostage, and stole our car with us in it as prisoners.

I remember wanting to do something but being afraid since I think I was a small & weak woman. (I am not saying that women are weak, I am saying that in this dream I was a weak woman or at least I think I was a woman, I am not sure)

Instead of fighting him we followed his commands and got into our car, he drove as we all sat there in silence, and I was sitting in the back seat behind him.

We were afraid, confused, etc. and I was trying to figure out how to handle the situation.

I did not want to get the others killed or hurt and I felt that I was not strong enough to handle the situation, so I did not know what to do, and I sat there doing a lot of thinking.

At some point I noticed that I had a green and black pistol in my pocket but I was still afraid and confused about what to do, but I told myself that it was time to stop letting fear cloud my judgment (actually it was deeper than that but I do not know how to explain it); so I took a deep breath, let the fear pass, and decided to take action.

I pulled out my pistol pointed it at the man’s head and told him to stop the car or I was would end his life now; I noticed that even though the pistol looked real, it was actually a BB gun, I noticed this because of the size of the barrel.

I was bluffing and hoping that the man would think that it was a real pistol, he did not seem to think that I would shoot him and that it was loaded, so I pulled down the clip and I looked at it pretending that I saw bullets when I actually only saw BBs; I then put the clip back in and told him that I would not hesitate to shoot him if he did not stop the car and get out.

I said it seriously with a straight face and told him that I had practiced shooting pistols before, and that shooting him would not be hard for me.

He believed me, stopped the car, and got out of the car; I got out as well still pointing the pistol at him as I got into the driver’s seat, and then I drove off.

The other women in the car started to sigh in relief and thank me, and Mrs. C apologized for calling me weak and saying that I was led by fear or something like that; I can not remember what that was all about, but I think before the man had taken us hostage, I think the women had talked with me about some of my problems in life.

One of the women asked how did I get the courage to handle the situation the way that I did, I told her that I had been afraid & confused, but I was tired of letting fear confuse and rule my life, and something changed in that instant; I let the fear pass, took a deep breath, and did what I thought was necessary to handle the situation.

I told her that when I was thinking about how fear effected my normal life more than about how it was effecting me in our hostage situation, and that is when I got tired of the fear and just faced it and let it pass through me.

She told me that I was brave, but I told her that I was not sure about that but I hoped that I will be able to deal with the fear & the confusion that it can cause in the future, in my normal everyday life; that is the real challenge, but at least I could then see there is hope, but I woke up.

The end,
-John Jr 🙂


Women With Swords

Last night was my first time remembering part of a dream in a few days, but I only remember the end of the dream so things are not very clear.

The dream took place during the night at an unknown compound/complex/castle/or some place, and I was on an unknown mission.

I had somehow gotten past the security that was guarding the outside of this compound, and I was sneaking near a window on one side of the compound.

I had no weapons or armor, and so I think that my mission was to get some information and/or an unknown object; but if only I could remember the beginning of the dream, then I would know what was going on.

As I was about to climb through the window, I heard two voices, and so I ducked below the window to hide.

Suddenly a small strange-looking man, who appeared to be a scientist and probably the leader of the compound, came into the room with a man, who appeared to be the head of security, and he looked like the Colonel Koobus Venter from the film District 9 with the bald head.

The room they were in appeared to be a small storage closet and/or office and they were talking about something but I can not remember exactly what they were talking about, but I know that they were getting close to talking about some information that would have helped me with my unknown mission.

As they were talking I started to hear gun shots, the sound of swords hitting something, and battle screams/cries.

The bodyguard pulled out a pistol as the scientist/leader hid in a corner, and then the bodyguard stood in the entrance of the door to guard it.

The bodyguard started to shoot at something, but he got shot & he fell, and it sounded like he had gotten shot with an assault rifle.

I stood up to look through the window and through the entrance to the storage closet, I saw a woman with long red hair wearing old style metal armor with a sword, attacking some guards; and the bodyguard who was laying on the floor shot was actually still alive, to my surprise, and he tried to shoot the woman with red hair but someone shot him again.

The woman with red hair defeated two guards who had assault rifles, and she only had one sword!

She moved pretty fast and she dodged bullets very well, and she easily defeated both of the guards, while showing no fear.

She then walked past the entrance of the storage closet but did not check the room, and in the distance I saw what appeared to be two men wearing all black ninja style armor with their faces covered & they had assault rifles.

The bodyguard was still alive, once again to my surprise, and he tried to shoot at them but the two men shot him again & he finally died!

I then decided to climb into the room through the window to get the bodyguard’s pistol, so I did, and the scientist/leader was still hiding in the corner of the storage closet but no one had come into the room to check it yet to my surprise.

The pistol looked like the black Luger-style pellet pistol that one of my little brothers have, and then I decided to take a risk & walk out of the storage closet to tell the people that the scientist/leader was hiding.

I walked out of the storage closet into what appeared to be a main hall / throne room with a staircase on my left with another woman with long hair wearing old style metal armor with a sword guarding the top of the staircase.

In front of me was one of the men wearing all black ninja armor with an assault rifle guarding the right corner of the room.

On my right was a throne with a woman sitting on it that appeared to be my age and she looked just like the woman with red hair, except her hair was somewhat blonde to my surprise, she looked like her hair should have been red; I assumed that she was the leader and that the woman with red hair was her sister & second in command.

She was wearing a simple blue Celtic-like medieval style dress with no armor or weapons that I could see and she had just put a crown on her head, and was sitting down on the throne looking completely relaxed & confident.

Standing guarding on the right corner of that side of the room was her sister with the red hair standing there with her sword in hand pointing down to the ground, as she stood there looking fearless & confident.

On the left corner of that side of the room was the other man wearing all black ninja style armor with his face covered with an assault rifle guarding the only ground floor entrance to the room.

I noticed that none of the women had guns and all had old style clothing & armor, and looked to be more powerful than the men who all had guns & modern light weight ninja style armor.

To my surprise none of them seemed to be worried as I walked into the room with the pistol, which I kept down so that they would not feel threatened, and I told them that the scientist/leader was hiding in the storage closet & that they should question him since he probably knew a lot of information & I told them that I was not associated with this place & that I was on a solo mission.

I spoke directly to the woman on the throne, who had just finished talking with her sister with the red hair.

The woman on the throne said very well and told one of the men to get the scientist/leader & arrest him, and then I told the woman that she should make sure that the building is secure because I felt that there were hidden rooms in which guards might be hiding.

I told her that after securing the compound that they should use it as a stronghold and be ready to defend it from possible reinforcements that may be sent to reclaim the compound.

I also told her that I needed to complete my mission and that the scientist/leader probably had information that could help me, and I told her that I would help them.

She then told her sister and the others in the room to take the scientist/leader with them to question him as they secured the compound and prepared the defenses.

I began to worry that they would torture the scientist/leader, I do not support torture so I was thinking about asking them not to harm him, but treat him kindly which I felt would work better.

I was afraid to ask so I stood there making faces that probably revealed what I was thinking, and as the sister with red hair past me she looked at me with her look of fearlessness & said: “Do not worry, we do not support torture, and then she told the others that no harm was to come to the scientist/leader.”

Her and the others walked up the stairs with the scientist/leader leaving the leader and I alone in the throne room.

The leader stood up and I was about to tell her that she needed some armor & weapons, and that she needed a few bodyguards & I was going to tell her that I would be willing to help her with security.

I was a bit afraid so I decided to wait for the right moment, and I still was not sure if she had a weapon or not or if she had armor on under her dress.

She did not look as tough as her sister and looked slightly fatter (a bad choice of words, I know) than you would expect a warrior type to be, but I felt that she was probably the best fighter of all of them; looks can be deceiving.

Before her or I could say anything, I woke up.

The end,
-John Jr 🙂