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Below is an outdated segment from my About Page where I gave some blogging advice for users.

I may update it one day.

I wanted to remove it from my About Page so that I could shorten that page.

So I am making it its own post that can be updated & referred to later if I ever bother to update it one day.

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I recommend following News.

Possibly participating in the Blogging University.

Following WordPress Tavern.

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Searching on Support when you need help with something on

Contacting the Staff for help using their Contact Page or by emailing them at, and getting help from the Community by using the Forums.


Seedlet: A New Sophisticated Theme Fully Powered By The Block Editor – The Blog

Seedlet is the newest theme that shows off the versatility of the block editor.

Seedlet: A New, Sophisticated Theme Fully Powered By the Block Editor — The Blog

A Woman Learning Some Grappling Skills

I had several dreams that I woke up remembering but I kept going back to sleep without recording them, I just let them fade away without trying to continue remembering them, and so now I can only barely remember part of one of the dreams that was not even my last dream.


All that I can remember of this dream is that a woman was trying to learn some grappling skills, and another woman was teaching her inside a building and outside of it.


Anders Norén To Design Twenty Twenty Default Theme Shipping In WordPress 5.3

Recently Sarah Gooding reported some good news at the WordPress Tavern about the upcoming Twenty Twenty default WordPress theme to be released in WordPress 5.3 in a post called Anders Norén To Design Twenty Twenty Default Theme Shipping In WordPress 5.3.

This is great news, Anders Norén has made some good free themes that I would be using today if they had some of the newer features and some options that I need in a theme, and so I am more hopeful that he will make a usable default WordPress theme.


Automattic Acquires Tumblr Plans To Rebuild The Backend Powered By WordPress

Recently WordPress Tavern had a post about Automattic acquiring Tumblr called: Automattic Acquires Tumblr Plans To Rebuild The Backend Powered By WordPress.

I was not expecting that at all, I am not sure if this was a good idea or not to acquire a dying brand, but I am curious to see what happens.

Automattic owns WordPress and et cetera, Tumblr was one of its competitors, and so this should be interesting regardless of whether it fails or not.

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-John Jr