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2018 Year In Review At

What Is It?

Here is my 2018 year in review at for my blog John Jr’s Blog.






Welcome To The Gutenberg Editor

Of Mountains & Printing Presses

Most of this post was a premade demo-like post that made for our blogs back when we had the option to test the new Gutenberg Editor before it was fully released, I was going to publish this post back then, but this new editor was so confusing and lacking in the options that I needed that I got so frustrated that I gave up on it and I felt like almost giving up on blogging here at if this new editor was to replace the old editor one day without at least equaling it or being usable for me.

The Gutenberg Editor is still lacking options that I need to blog like I normally do and it is still confusing, but it has improved enough to at least be somewhat usable now fortunately; but they seriously need to release some video, images, text, a guide, a course, et cetera on how to use this new editor.


An Extraordinary Bad Day | My Cousin ME | New WordPress Anti-Spam Technologies | Stopping Some Gunmen

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I had a variety of dreams that I remembered but I did not record most of them, and so now I can only barely remember part of several dreams.

Dream 1

This dream was inspired by the short film Quelqu’un D’extraordinaire (2013) that I watched before going to sleep.

This dream involved a woman having a bad day, and her bad day was continued as a bad day inside a dream / nightmare that was like a movie inside a dream; and so in a way this was a dream within a dream about a woman having a dream / nightmare where her bad day continued into the dream world in a movie form.

But that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 2

I remembered more of this dream, but I forgot most of it before I could record it.

The dream possibly partly took place inside a shopping mall but I am not sure, I possibly walked around and went to a variety of places, like maybe a buffet and / or restaurant where I possibly ate but I am not sure.

At some point I saw my male cousin ME, we greeted each other, had a conversation, and maybe I asked him to join me to help me with something and / or we just hung out and went around to various places but I can not remember now.

That is all that I can remember now even though I know that there was more to this dream.

Dream 3

This dream involved / WordPress releasing some new anti-spam technologies to fight spam comments / messages / et cetera to work with their current anti-spam technology Akismet, and so I was looking at the settings et cetera for these new anti-spam technologies trying to figure out how they work and what the settings did et cetera.

Each anti-spam technology had a different focus on what it looked for in regards to being suspicious like: anti-malware, anti-grayware, and various other things it focused on to identify suspicious comments / messages / et cetera.

But that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 4

This dream took place during maybe the evening, and I was riding in a fictional car with my parents.

As we were passing a fictional small grocery store or general store we noticed a man with light-color skin who seemed to be threatening another man with light-color skin who seemed to be an employee of the store, it seemed that the store was probably being robbed, and like the employee was about to be taken hostage and / or killed or something so we parked not far away so that me and my dad could try to help.

I wanted my dad to park the car where my mom would be at a safe distance with cover, but my dad parked quickly where she would still be partly exposed unfortunately; but we did not have time to fix this so I told my mom to stay in the car and to hide and take cover if necessary, and then me and my dad had to pull out our pistols (that we had on us for some unknown reason) and we ran for cover to help the employee.

There were several gunmen outside the store, me and my dad took cover behind pillars / support beams for the building, and a shootout began between us and the gunmen.

I moved from cover to cover shooting and killing the gunmen by flanking them, I did not want my dad to get shot, and so I took all the risks until I killed all the gunmen outside.

The employee outside was probably alive, I was not sure if there were more gunmen inside or not, and so I told my dad to stay outside and to maybe return to my mom and to keep his gun out-of-view so that the police do not shoot him by mistake.

I then cautiously opened the entrance door and I yelled for the employees inside to let me know if there were anymore gunmen inside, I let them know that I was a friendly, and then I waited for a response.

Going in alone was dangerous, but it was better me taking the risk alone than my dad going with me and possibly getting shot.

I probably did not get a response yet so I assumed that there were more gunmen inside, I paused to try again and to decide what to do, but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr


Your Stats Are Booming! John Jr’s Blog Is Getting Lots Of Traffic | November 6 2018

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