Money For Nothing

Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons
Source: Wikimedia Commons

The Daily Post had a Daily Prompt today called Money For Nothing, and this is what it said:

If you’re like most of us, you need to earn money by working for a living.

Describe your ultimate job.

If you’re in your dream job, tell us all about it — what is it that you love?

What fulfills you?

If you’re not in your dream job, describe for us what your ultimate job would be.

And this is my response:

I think that the Daily Prompts have been getting a bit too personal sometimes, which limits my responses, and so once again I will not be able to say much in my response; and so I hope that they will tone down the personal questions a bit.

I simply would like a support type job working in the background where I do not have to directly deal with other people much or at all that I can at least somewhat enjoy and at least somewhat be good at and that I can handle (mentally, emotionally, socially, and physically), that offers a good and safe working environment (physical and social et cetera), shorter work periods and enough holidays and vacations, that would allow me to at least support myself and my family on the basics (food, water, shelter, utilities, education, health care (physical and mental and emotional), money, recreation (social), safety, et cetera), and that would allow me to help others and the world in at least some way instead of making things worse or instead of helping keep things worse.

The end,

-John Jr


The Automobile Repair Shop

Source: Wikimedia Commons

I can only remember parts of the dream because when I woke up my brother started watching television and my other brothers were being annoying, so I forgot some parts.

Me and my dad went to the automobile repair shop to see how things were going with my automobile, the automobile mechanics said something but I can not remember what they said.

After they finished talking the owner was going to let me work there to pay for fixing my automobile because I did not have a job and I did not have enough money.

So my job was to clean the shop after the shop closes, just for one day.

They had a guy that usually cleans it, but he told him to go home for the day.

I was going to ask the other guy that cleans the shop where the broom was, he was sitting with some other guys talking.

I introduced my self to the group, but I could not talk loud enough and they did not hear what my name was so they asked me my name again.

When I went to say my name a second time, I woke up in the real world actually still saying my name.

I then went back to sleep and the same dream started back again, which is very rare.

So I started to clean the shop and talked to the owner a little, and after I finished he said that he might let me work sometimes because I did a better job than the other cleaning guy.

Then I woke up,
-John Jr 🙂