The Young Man | Origin Of SCP-106 (SCP Animation)

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The YouTube video The Young Man | Origin Of SCP-106 (SCP Animation) by the YouTube channel SCP Animated – Tales From The Foundation:

The Young Man | Origin Of SCP-106 (SCP Animation)

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Nobody could like Corporal Lawrence.

He was a plain man, average height, average build, bland of voice and action.

He tended to stare a beat or two longer than was acceptable for people.

He rarely slept as well, and bunk mates said he would mumble in his sleep almost constantly.

But it all got much worse when the young man fell into a mysterious black hole filled with slime and dirt.

This mysterious hole sent Corporal Lawrence into a spiral, forever changing him into the menacing SCP-106, now referred to as “The Old Man”.

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Original Author(s):
► “The Young Man” written by: Dr Gears:
► “The Old Man” based upon “SCP-106” written by: Dr Gears:

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A Vikings Inspired Dream

Katheryn Winnick and Travis Fimmel in Vikings (2013)
Titles: Vikings, What Might Have Been
People: Katheryn Winnick, Travis Fimmel
© 2016 History
Source: IMDb

Last night I remember part of a dream that was inspired by the new History Channel TV show Vikings, which I watched the first two episodes of last night on the History Channel’s official website for Vikings, and I remember that the dream started without me being in it during a foggy or gray day where the main character Ragnar Lothbrok & his wife Lagertha were walking happily back to their home by the water when they saw their son Björn Ironside fighting a bandit/man attacking their home; and they rushed to help him after stopping/smiling/taking a moment to be proud/encouraged/et cetera that their son managed to hold off a bandit by himself long enough for them to return.

They easily defeated the bandit but I am not sure if they killed him or not and I think that they learned of a rumor of treasure from the bandit, they congratulated their son for his bravery/accomplishment, and then later that night the husband & wife talked about the rumor of treasure as they were in their kitchen preparing/getting food; and I remember the wife encouraging her husband to search for the treasure, and she told a story that she read about in reference to certain beliefs/ideas that were starting to form in their society after a certain war (the time period in this part might have briefly changed from the Viking time period to a time period near or after World War I (WWI) in Russia/The Soviet Union or I was just thinking of this time period because it reminded me of this time period).

A Tom Hanks Film About A Soldier | Superman Temporarily Loses His Powers

English: Tom Hanks as the title character on t...
Source: Wikimedia Commons

Dream 1

I barely remember part of two dreams with the first dream starting like a film where the actor Tom Hanks was possibly narrating and/or was the main character, it was during the day, and the dream might have started in the air over water headed down toward a tiny island with one church-like building; and this dream took place during a war.

Tom Hanks was a soldier and was telling the story about one soldier who did something heroic during a war when he was alone holding off the enemy by himself, and his actions helped win the war or something like that; and Mr. Hanks was inspired by this soldier’s story and/or was re-creating this soldier’s story.

I think Mr. Hanks was the lone survivor of his unit and was on an important mission, and was being chased by the enemy; and so he fled to this tiny island and somehow I was in the dream at this point as a soldier as well.

We went inside the only building on the tiny island that looked a bit church-like and we found another soldier, Mr. Hanks told us about the story of the soldier who inspired him & about the situation/current war/his survival strategy, and he wanted us to do like that soldier had done and hold the island from the enemy as long as we could while he left the island to continue his mission; and so we were supposed to hold of the enemy/sacrifice ourselves long enough for him to complete his mission.

In the building were paintings of a man who I think was the soldier in Mr. Hanks story, and some of the paintings probably told his story in the form of images; I am not sure if I became Mr. Hanks at this point or if he left to continue his mission, either way it was just one soldier & I left alone at the building now, waiting for the enemy to attack.

We barely had any ammunition and we only had one rifle each & maybe a pistol each, we had World War I and/or World War II Ally weapons & uniforms, and so the situation was terrible; and so we would not stand a chance against the enemy in a fight.

We did not even try to prepare much, I tried to get the other soldier to help but he was too afraid & was in shock, and before I could really start preparing we got attacked by the enemy who arrived earlier than we expected; and they entered the building before we could even react, and the fight was already lost possibly without a shot being fired but maybe there was a brief gun battle.

I just remember running since there was no chance to win and I had some important documents somehow that I did not want the enemy to capture, the documents had important information about something that even I did not know, and somehow I escaped the island while the other soldier either died or got captured; I was too busy running for my life since he was in shock & too afraid to react really.

I escaped to a country not far away during the night and I remember running as the enemy, police, et cetera tried to find me; and I think that the enemy lied to the police about me being a dangerous criminal or something like that.

The situation was bad, I did not know where I was or my way around, I had no transportation, people were looking for me all around the city, and so I got caught by the police eventually; and I remember telling them who I was & the truth, and they searched me & they found the important documents not knowing what they were.

They started reading it, it had names of people on it & I am not sure what else, I did not let them know that the documents were important; and it seemed that they were not interested in them fortunately, and it seemed that they would let me go but I woke up.

Dream 2

My last dream is very unclear but I remember being in L during the day near the cinema, and I was there with Superman & three – eight other superheroes and/or people; and I was a superhero somehow I think but I am not sure what my powers were if any, and something happened where we were forced to hide ourselves from our enemies.

Superman allowed us to do something that made him temporarily lose his powers and/or that temporarily turned him into a Human, I just remember his outer-shell (like his outside body burst showing another body under it like another layer) burst into pieces when we done whatever caused him to lose his powers, and maybe one or more of us had gotten captured and/or killed and/or injured before this point.

Whatever happened caused us to hide for our lives, the enemy was winning, but after hiding a while we were ready to strike back; and so we had to do something to give Superman his powers again, and I remember us hiding under a tent area where some people were selling items & food when we did whatever we did to give Superman his powers back.

It worked and then we started our plan to stop the enemy, but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr

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