Write Here Write Now | Sleep Parlysis With A Shadow Person

Daily Prompt

The Daily Post had a Daily Prompt today called Write Here, Write Now, and this is what it said:

Write a post entirely in the present tense.

And this is my response:

I am typing this sentence to answer the Daily Prompt instead of an entire post because of the dreams below: Colorless green dreams sleep furiously.

Dream 1

Last night I got in bed and I closed my eyes to go to sleep, probably only a few short minutes later I heard my brother GC yell something like: The Devil is above our….!” or “The Devil is above our beds!” or “The Devil is on our ceiling!” or something like that, and so I opened my eyes to see what he was talking about; but I was paralyzed like I was having sleep paralysis, and so I could only move my eyes.

I remember being a bit confused but I assumed that I was having sleep paralysis, I started to move my eyes to look up at the ceiling, and on the wall next to the ceiling fan closer to the area over my brother GC’s bed I saw a shadow person shaped like a man; and this shadow person was looking down toward us so its back was facing the ceiling and its butt was probably touching the ceiling and its open hands were probably touching the ceiling like it was somehow keeping itself on the ceiling somehow, and it looked like it might jumped down at us.

I only barely glanced at the shadow person so I am not exactly sure what it looked like other than being a blackish color with possibly a static-like effect or strange effect/affect to the blackness but I am not sure, it possibly had eyes and a mouth but I am not sure, and it was about human-size but probably a bit smaller than the average human.

This happened so fast and suddenly and by surprise that I was confused but assuming that I was paralyzed from sleep paralysis at first so I was on alert but not afraid yet, but then I realized that my brother GC could see the shadow person too; and so if that was true, then this was possibly not sleep paralysis or a hallucination and so it was possibly really a shadow person in the room, and so then I started to get even more confused and I started to get a bit afraid because it started to seem like this was really happening as I tried to move to defend against this shadow person.

I could not move still and the shadow person looked like it was going to jump down at us, I am not sure if it did or not, it probably was looking at us and smiling or had it’s mouth open (if it had one) like it was enjoying itself and about to attack; and something happened that I can not remember (maybe it jumped down from the ceiling at one of us, but I can not remember), I made a strong effort to break the paralysis and get out of bed so that I could fight the shadow person, but I suddenly woke up in the real world making a loud noise like I had been snoring and like I had tried to yell something as I fought to get out of the paralysis or something like that.

The alarm clock showed that it had only been a few short minutes since I had laid down in bed, I must have quickly went to sleep without realizing it and I had a false awakening dream where I woke up in a dream and had sleep paralysis in the dream, and so everything that happened was just a dream it seemed; and everything was normal in the real world it seemed, but I did look around a bit and think before going back to sleep because that was a bit realistic and dramatic and surprising but I did not see or hear anything unusual even though I still felt a bit on alert.

This experience reminds me of a blog post called Sleep Paralysis that I read about another blogger’s experience named Girlwithcopperbrownhair a few weeks ago.

Dream 2

I had one or more dreams that involved public bathrooms inside a building, I went to the public bathroom several times in the dream or dreams, but that is all that I can remember of this dream or dreams.

Dream 3

All that I can remember of this dream is that it took place during the day and I was in my parent’s yard near the driveway when I saw our neighbor Mr. RD, his brother who is dead but who was alive again in this dream, and maybe one other man who had dark-brownish colored skin driving past his house in the street like they were going to reverse into their driveway.

The vehicle stopped in the street and Mr. RD got out of the automobile to put his brother in a wheelchair, he was going to push his brother in the wheelchair into the house, but his brother was in such bad physical condition that he fell out of the wheelchair near our fence; and so I ran to help, I helped pick his brother up and put him back in the wheelchair, and I helped push him inside Mr. RD’s house.

Mr. RD’s house was even bigger and nicer than it already is in real life, all of us went inside the house and I remember Mr. RD thanking me, and I remember asking his brother if he was okay and he was; and some of Mr. RD’s family entered the house, I probably briefly talked with them before leaving, but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 4

All that I can remember of this dream is that it took place during the day, I remember that something happened that involved my aunt JE probably walking over to my parent’s house for something, and then I remember my aunt JE and one or more of my parent’s and I walking toward my aunt JE’s house; and there were workers at her house doing construction.

I remember my male cousin DE being at The G House and we possibly went there or near there but I can not remember what happened exactly, we possible went to or near The E House but I can not remember what happened there either, and then we went back home; but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 5

All that I can remember of this dream is that it took place during the day and I was walking through a very large parking lot-like area where there was construction going on in the distance like a company was having a new building/warehouse built or something like that, there was more that happened before this part of the dream, but I can not remember those parts of the dream.

I remember finding a mobile phone and one or two other objects so I walked around trying to find out who they were for so that I could give the mobile phone and the other objects to them, a man with brownish colored skin was helping me at some point, and I remember us walking around tables where people were sitting in this parking lot-like area asking them if they lost anything or not.

I did not tell anyone what the objects were because I wanted to make sure that I returned them to the correct person, at some point I found a somewhat over-weight/over-fat woman with brownish colored skin sitting at one of the tables with other people who said that she was missing her mobile phone and one or two other objects, and so I asked her several questions to prove whether or not she was the owner; and she successfully answered all the questions, and so I gave the woman her mobile phone and the other objects.

I then walked away and some more things happened that I can not remember, and either the next dream is part of this dream or this dream ended; but I can not remember so I will type the next part as a separate dream because I am not sure.

Dream 6

All that I can remember of this dream is that it took place during the day and it was possibly part of the dream before this or it possibly took place near the parking lot-like area in that dream, I remember possibly walking from the parking lot-like area from the previous dream to a one-story building, and in this building was maybe a Chinese style buffet restaurant run by some people who were probably from China.

I remember my dad being with me at some point, Dashie from YouTube and his friend Sport were there, and so were some other people; and I think that the seating area was near the buffet, maybe bar-style seating, and I remember getting food and talking with Dashie and Sport and maybe my dad and the others.

I also remember listening to and talking to some of the workers, a somewhat older male worker was speaking another language (maybe Mandarin) and he was probably talking about me, and I remember trying to guess what he was saying; and I think that he did not think that I should be talking with the female workers because I was not from China or something like that maybe.

I remember one or more female workers talking to him like they disagreed with him, one of the female workers would sometimes stop to talk in English with me, and maybe eventually the male worker started to use a bit of English so that he could talk to me; but I can not remember the details of what was said or what happened.

Later I remember Dashie, Sport, the others, and I having fun and maybe singing and goofing around or something; but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

The end,

-John Jr