A Possible Felony & A Tour Of A Dock

Dream 1

All that I can remember of this dream is that I seemed to be at work at my shelver job at The B Parish Library, except it looked different and it was possibly an indoor/outdoor building, and I remember my female coworker Mrs. R asking me and some of our other coworkers a question.

My coworker Mrs. R had some documents I think that had possibly gotten wet, these documents possibly belonged to the government (maybe federal government) and/or another library and/or something like that, and she wanted to try to dry them using maybe a microwave oven (microwave) or something like that but she had heard that it was a felony (crime) to do something like that.

Yachting (Boating) And A Disaster?

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All that I can remember of this dream from last night is that it took place during the day, and I was boating and yachting with other people in several boats and a medium-sized mostly white yacht on a large body of water.

We were having fun and relaxing, I think that there was an unknown woman with me on my boat, and at some point we docked in the water not far from some docks and a city instead of at the docks for some unknown reasons.

We all went to the medium-sized yacht to eat, drink, talking, play games, and more so we docked our boats around it and we all boarded the yacht and went inside of it.

As we were eating, drinking, talking, playing games, and more we got interrupted when an obese or over-fat male fish and game warden or police officer or wildlife and fishery officer whoever with white skin with short yellow hair boarded the yacht asking all of us to show him our driver’s licenses.

He gave no reasons for boarding our yacht or for asking to see our driver’s licenses, we decided not to ask questions, and I was the first person to try to show him my driver’s license but I was having difficulty finding it in my wallet to my surprise so he moved to the next person.

At some point I found my driver’s license hidden behind my debit/credit card and I showed it to him, after checking all of our driver’s licenses he probably left in his boat to the dock and maybe went to a building near it, and then we decided to go dock at the docks to explore the city but before we could dock something strange happened that is unclear so I could be wrong about this.

I noticed movement and the color orange out the corner of my eye like fire and/or lava and/or something had started moving through the city and toward the docks, and I looked up to see what seemed like a disaster where maybe every thing was getting burned up by orange stuff that was spreading like maybe the world was being burned up or something but I can not remember.

I just remember yelling for the others to not dock their boats or the yacht and that something strange and terrible seemed to be happening, and so we started moving back toward the open water as it spread to the buildings by the dock on its way to consume the docks as well.

I assumed that the game warden or police officer was probably dead as the building he was in got consumed by the orange stuff, it spread to the docks as we moved further away in the open water wondering what was going on, and wondering if it would spread across the water toward us or not but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr

3-30-2011 | Three Dreams With Two Involving Disasters

Janesmoor Pond Janesmoor Pond, has been design...
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Last night I remembered part of three dreams, with the three of them having the same former classmate & friend in it, and I think the first dream took place at a fictional fishing spot on the outskirts/country of my birth town.

It is a fishing spot on someone’s farm and my dad, brothers, a former classmate & friend, and I were there in the evening or late afternoon.

I had a string with a hook & bait, instead of a fishing pole, and I was fishing on a small dock with no luck; while everyone else were on the bank of a wooded area that was higher up than the rest of the area(s) around the lake.

A Good Dream Then A Bad Dream

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Source: Wikimedia Commons

Dream 1

The first dream was a very nice and relaxing dream.

I do not remember what happened at the beginning of the dream, but I do remember me and a woman my age were walking up to the top of a hill or a little mountain.

Next to the hill or mountain at the bottom was a small dock with a small yacht, and the water appeared to be connected to a bigger body of water like a sea, but I could not see it.

It seemed that this was an isolated area that was connected through rivers or something to a large sea, there was probably a mountain blocking the view of the bigger body of water.

By the dock there was probably a trail or a small road that led to a big house or medium-sized house, I think the yacht and house belonged to her dad, and she must have said that because I remember thinking that.

As we were going up to the top of this hill or small mountain, we probably talked but I can not remember, and she was carrying a painting canvas & a stand to hold the canvas.

I do not remember what the woman’s face looked like but I think she had long brown hair, and she had whitish colored skin.

She had a dress or skirt and a jacket or long sleeve shirt or it was a dress, I do not know the names of women’s clothing that well. 😀

At the top of the hill there were small ponds of water, like the ones for Goldfish or something, but there were no fish; there were just some stones that you could walk on, and a big stone that two people could sit on.

We walked to the big stone and the woman started painting, while I sat down and looked around at the beautiful scenery.

I did some talking, but I can not remember if she said anything or not; she seemed very focused on her painting.

She was painting the area by the dock and yacht, and she started painting at the bottom of the canvas.

As I sat there and I felt very relaxed, and the wind was blowing a little; and the temperature outside was nice and cool, but not too cold.

It appeared to be in the afternoon and the sun was going to set soon,  and behind the hill was another area that led to the ground; but I only looked at it for a few seconds, as I looked around.

I am not sure if the woman was a stranger, friend, girlfriend, or my wife?

I can not remember much but we seemed to be very comfortable around each other, like we knew each other well, and I may have said something to her that made me think that she probably was my wife or girlfriend.

I do not remember what her voice sounded like either, I just remember seeing her focused on her painting.

I remember saying a few things, thinking about my brothers, and thinking about a few other things; then the sun was almost set, and so we started to leave.

Then I got awakened.

Dream 2

My second dream was not so nice, and it took place at night-time in a fictional version of LC by the mall.

Like the first dream, I do not remember the beginning of this dream either.

Me, my friend/former classmate JC, and another person or two were driving to the mall.

The mall and the parking lot were bigger than in real life and they had some alley-ways, and a few concrete structures that looked like little stages for concerts.

Suddenly police started coming to the mall from everywhere, like something big (bad) had happened at the mall.

So we got out of the automobile and started walking closer to the mall, to see what was happening.

We heard assault rifle fire/gunshots, so we hid on one of the concrete stages in the shadows.

Me and JC decided to leave the stage for a closer look, and as we turned the corner by the stage, there was a police officer with an assault rifle.

He turned toward us looking scared and shot at me, and I jumped to the left to dodge the bullet and I fell to the ground.

We told him that we were just coming to see what was happening, and then I looked down at my chest and I saw a hole and blood.

I actually got shot and did not know it at first, and then I started to feel like I was dying.

I told the police officer that I had been shot and I told him to call an ambulance, but he looked scared; and he just stood there like he was trying to decide what to do.

It seemed that he may have tried to think of a way to cover this up without getting in trouble, but I do not know.

My friend JC was standing there looking scared and he did not know what to do either, and he seemed to be afraid that the police officer would shoot him too; and pretend that who ever was attacking the mall had done it.

I had a cell phone in my pocket, that is one of the reasons that I got shot, as we were turning the corner I was reaching my hand into my pocket to get my cell phone, and I guess the police officer thought I had a gun.

I was on the ground holding my chest and trying to stay calm, and I told JC and the police officer to call for help; or I would probably die.

They both stood there and they still did not know what to do, and they both just looked/stared at me.

Then I woke up,

-John Jr 🙂

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