Did I Really Murder A Woman & Was I The Serial Killer Or Did I Become The Serial Killer & Did The CIA Set Me Up Or Did The CIA Cover It Up?

I slept pretty well last night waking up a few times to use the bathroom and I forgot all of my dreams except for part of one somewhat long dream that is unclear and confusing, and even in the dream I was not sure what really did or did not happen near the end of the dream; and the dream was mostly positive until near the end of the dream when there was a strange/confusing/unclear negative surprise/twist to the dream.

Most of the dream involved me being at a nice school/college-like campus that was like high school combined with college combined with a variety of buildings/areas for various purposes like a cinema, cafeterias/eating areas, outdoor parks with a water park-like area, maybe a small mall-like area, et cetera; and I went around many areas during the dream, and during the dream there were news reports of people slowly being murdered around the city and/or state and/or country and/or world, and they called the assumed murder The Serial Killer.


The Young Shepherdess Speaks?

Source: Wikimedia Commons

I can not really remember much of my dream last night due to being awakened.

It had something to do with my family and I going to some house that I think had two floors.

There was a woman and several young women who were probably in high school and maybe one college young student who were at the house, and the woman seemed to be the leader.

I think that the house was either was a bed & breakfast or it was going to be sold to my family or they were sharing the house with my family, I am not sure which.

At some point there was a gold framed painting of The Young Shepherdess there and something odd happened; either the painting talked and/or the women in the painting temporarily became a character in the dream world to talk to me and/or the painting was being moved into the house and/or it was being moved around the house and/or it was just hanging on the wall.

I am not sure what happened exactly but I know something odd or interesting happened, but I can not remember.

I know the woman of the house and the young women were nice and maybe we talked about the painting or something, but I just can not remember.

I know the woman of the house gave us a tour and explained some rules, and we all talked, but I can not remember much else.

The end,
-John Jr 🙂