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I slept pretty well last night waking up once to use the bathroom after waking up from a dream that I had remembered but I forgot the dream after using the bathroom but I did voice record a few words that came to my mind, I went back to sleep and I had three more dreams and I woke up, but I stayed in bed trying to get myself to get out of bed to voice record my dreams but I kept going back to sleep partly and waking back up for almost two hours until I finally got out of bed permanently; and so I forgot parts of each of those three dreams.

Dream 1

I suddenly forgot the first dream while using the bathroom, all that I voice recorded after using the bathroom was: my parent’s, maybe my parent’s house and/or my parent’s yard, male, pretending/pretending to be someone/something he/she/it was not or something like that; but that is all that I can remember unfortunately, and so it does not make sense to me.


A College & Some Dorms / Apartments Near A School & Yuno Gasai Murders Some People?

I slept pretty well last night but I woke up several times remembering one or more dreams but I did not think about them or voice record them, later after going back to sleep each time I/my body started getting very uncomfortable being in bed earlier than expected like I had over-slept even though I had not and so I kept trying to go back to sleep but that failed, and during all of this I forgot all of my dreams except for barely part of one dream that I can barely remember part of; and so this dream will not make much sense without all the missing parts of the dream.

The dream took place during the day in a fictional city that might/may have been a fictional version of D probably near a fictional version of D High School, and there was a fictional college and some dorms/apartments next to the school; and maybe I was a student at the college and/or I lived at the dorms/apartments and/or I was exploring this area for some unknown reason(s).


11-19-2013 | Dream Fragments | The Future Diary Inspired Dreams With Maybe A Semi-Lucid Dream?

Future Diary
Future Diary (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Last night most or all of my dreams, semi-dreams, thoughts, and even a possible semi-lucid dream were/was inspired by the Japanese animated TV show The Future Diary; and during all or most of them there would always be at least one part where Yuki and Yuno from the Japanese animated TV show The Future Diary would be trying to figure out if it was/were possible to transfer the power/ability of a future diary that belonged to another future diary user to one of their future diaries (the hope was to make one or both of their future diaries into the ultimate/greatest future diary or diaries that would have all or several of the powers/abilities of predicting possible futures so that they would win the battle royale and become the next God/Goddess Of Time And Space), and they were trying to figure out ways to test this idea and/or trying to contact The God Of Time And Space Deus Ex Machina and/or his assistant/servant Murmur about whether this was possible or not and these parts would either be in the foreground or in the background of the dreams/semi-dreams/thoughts/semi-lucid dream.

There were several dreams, semi-dreams, thoughts, and at least one possible semi-lucid dream; but I can not remember most of them, and they were somewhat connected and so I will type what I remember like it was one dream or maybe I really only remember part of one dream now but I am not sure.

There were many parts where Yuki and Yuno were trying to figure out ways to test their idea that maybe they could take the future diary of another future diary user and transfer the power/ability of that future diary to one of their future diaries, they might have taken one or more future diaries from some other future diary users but I can not remember, and I remember them trying to figure out how to contact Deus Ex Machina and Mumur to ask them about their idea; and one of the ways that they wanted to test their idea was to use automobile jumper cables and two automobiles to jump-start an automobile battery and try to use that method to transfer the power/ability of another future diary to one of their future diaries or something like that.

I remember part of one or more dreams that took place during the evening or night where I arrived by automobile in a fictional city in a fictional neighborhood at an one-story apartment house with a carport next to a house owned by an old woman who was rich where I probably was just moving into and a couple (man and woman) with whitish colored skin was living there already, and I think that I brought my brother GC to the apartment house to see it and to spend the weekend there; and I/we might have met the man and woman who were also living in the apartment house for the first time, they were probably wondering how we got into the house at first, until I explained that I was their new housemate and I introduced them to my brother GC.


A Dead Hyena-Like Creature + A Woman On The Couch + Sleep Paralysis With Hallucinations = ?

Describing what I experienced before waking up will not be easy, I have lost details due to being awakened paralyzed and in fear, but I can say that I have not quite experienced anything/dream/whatever it was like last night; I remember telling myself that this was probably the scariest dream I have had even though it was not scary at times in the usual sense but more of a freaky Japanese-style horror scary, but at the same time I do not think that I felt that threatened or threatened at all by the woman or what ever she was.

All I can say now is that this description will not do this dream/experience justice and will not accurately describe what I experienced, my limited memory and bad writing skills, and my language of English will not properly describe what I experienced very well; it did not even feel like my dream, or that much like a dream, it was very strange.

I do not remember how it started or what part of the dream this is at, but I remember being in my parent’s yard near where the basketball goal is and someone was in the middle of the yard looking at something; so I went to see what was happening.

I am not sure who or what this person looked like and I can not remember if it was a man or woman, I just remember them looking at a larger than average dead Hyena-like creäture on the ground, and they were trying to investigate what happened to it.

The person said that they thought it was probably killed by another Hyena-like creäture or two, and that its face had been ripped off; the person described a bit about Hyenas or the Hyena-like creatures I think, but that is all that I remember and I think that the person mentioned that another Hyena-like creäture or two could be on the loose so they probably needed to be found before more things or people were killed.

The next thing that I can remember is being in a house that looked exactly like my grandfather’s house, no one else seemed to be there, the place had a strange feeling to it that is hard to describe, I had a strange feeling that is hard to describe, and at this point I do not think it felt like a dream anymore or at least not my dream; I wish I could describe things more clearly but I think that I felt somewhat trapped in this place/dream world & I felt that feeling along with other feelings, but important details are missing from this dream due to the dramatic experience that I had after waking up from this dream.

Anyway, in the house I found out that I was not exactly alone, and I felt and maybe heard and/or saw something/someone a few times.

It looked like a woman, I do not think she talked at first, and I think that she would only appear briefly and then she would disappear like a ghost/spirit/soul/whatever you want to call it.

I felt what I think may/might be described as a feeling of being somewhat locked/trapped into this place/dream world and it was like my mind was cloudy and/or my mind was in a weird state and/or it felt like something was causing me to be somewhat clueless/confused/limited, it is too hard to describe in words, and I felt that something wanted me there/in the dream world and/or for me to stay there/in the dream world and/or something needed my help/needed me maybe, and this place/dream world did not feel like a dream (world) and it did not feel like my dream (world) but the dream (world) or place (world) of someone/something else.

It was like I had stumbled/entered into the dream (world) or place (world) of someone/something else,  I did not feel in control of the dream (world) and I did not feel/have my dream abilities/powers, such as/like being able to wake myself up from a dream, and the place did not feel familiar and/or like the normal dream experience, and it did not feel like a lucid dream.

At some point the spirit or what ever of the woman led me to the family room by appearing and disappearing I think, and on the couch there was the same woman who kept appearing and disappearing even though her real body stayed on the couch, I think her name sounded like it was of Japanese origin or another Asian language of origin maybe; I think it started with something like Suki or Yuki combined with something else, but I could be wrong, I guess that she told me her name and/or I just knew her name somehow, and I think that she explained some things/information/knowledge to me.

As usual in dreams when usually female dream characters or dream characters share hidden/secret/important information/knowledge, I usually forget what was said/shared, unfortunately; I think that the woman had long black hair, that she was older than me, and I think that she looked somewhat like a combination of the stereotype of how an average citizen of Japan or an average citizen of certain other countries in Asia usually look & the stereotype of how a member of a Native American tribe is usually looks.

I am not sure if the woman was dead or dying or in a coma or sleeping; but her body was on the couch, but she was appearing to me and disappearing as a spirit or whatever while her body still remained on the couch; and at first I do not think her spirit or whatever could move and she could only appear briefly and disappear, but she started to slowly be able to appear longer and move and even talk the more we tried to communicate with each other.

At some point in the dream after she told me some things, probably about herself and some other secret information/knowledge, that I can not remember, I walked around the house still feeling weird and probably feeling somewhat scared, not of the woman but of the strong feelings that I was feeling that I can not quite describe.

The feelings of not being in my own dream and/or not being in my own place, and feeling almost trapped in the dream/place of someone/something else and the strange blurry/foggy-like feeling that felt like something was clouding my mind or something, like it was trying to keep me there/in the dream world/place and/or like it was trying to prevent me from controlling things/the dream or prevent me from leaving or prevent me from even thinking of leaving and/or trying to control things/the dream.

At some point I walked into a bathroom and I looked around, the woman appeared to me several times, I could even see her reflection in the mirror at times; and I think that she tried to explain something to me about how the more that she appeared to me & the more that she tried to communicate with me and the more that I tried to communicate with her or something, the longer she could appear to me & the longer she could communicate with me and the more realistic she would be/appear and/or the more attached that I would get to the dream world/place.

It is hard to describe and I am not sure exactly, but I do know that I could start to feel her presence more as the dream progressed and at one point she touched my arm and I could somewhat feel her hand/touch, which was surprising since she was a spirit or whatever.

It was like slowly her spirit or whatever was becoming stronger or being allowed to enter the dream world/place longer and/or in a more realistic way, I was able to see and communicate with her better the longer and more we communicated, but I think that I started feel more trapped/attached in/to the dream world/place as the dream progressed; but I started to feel like that might/may not be a bad thing, it was an odd/strange feeling and it is too hard to describe.

It seemed that it was also getting easier for her to communicate with me the more that she appeared to me & the more that she tried to communicate with me and the more that I tried to communicate with her, after the bathroom conversation, I walked back to the family room to where her real body was laying on the couch.

I think that part of me wanted to know what was going on exactly, what had happened to her, what did she want from me, what could I do to help her, what were the strange feelings I felt, and many more questions; but it was very hard for me to think, it was like something was preventing/limiting me from thinking much/clearly and/or that the longer that I was there, the harder it would get for me to think, maybe.

I think that I also tried to think about the information/knowledge that she told/gave me, which I can not remember now at all, but I think that some of the information/knowledge was about her, some of it may/might have been secret information/knowledge, and some of it may/might have been ancestral information about her family and/or mine; but I do not know or remember, unfortunately.

At some point I heard knocking on the door in the hallway, so I went to answer it and I think that two boys were at the door, or the spirits or whatever of two boys about the age of my brothers D&D.

I let them in and I think that they started looking around the house, I did not know who the boys were and wondered where they came from, where were their parents, and what did they want.

I think that they said a few things to me and then they went into the family room where the woman’s real body was laying on the couch and they may/might have seen her and they may/might have asked some questions, but I am not sure & I can not remember; and I am also not sure if the woman’s spirit or whatever appeared while they were there or not.

At some point the boys either left the house or they went into another part of the house, and I think that I felt that the woman had either sent the boys to the house and/or that the boys were an illusion made by her and/or that she was either trying to test me and/or that she was trying to tell me/show me something using the boys; but I am not sure.

I think/ I am guessing that she wanted me to stay there with her, maybe forever, and/or she wanted me to help her with something and/or that she needed me for something and/or she was just curious about me and/or she was trying to share some information/knowledge with me; and I think that she started to mention something about the two boys that had come, and she may/might have mentioned more about herself, but something woke me up in the real world.

I already had the strange/odd feelings constantly throughout the dream like fear, confusion, curiosity, comfort, et cetera; and so when I woke up I still had some of those feelings, but to my surprise the feelings were even more intense in the real world.

I was paralyzed, I had been awakened by one of my brothers at a bad time, and so my body was paralyzed (sleep paralysis) and I felt the normal intense feelings of fear and et cetera that comes during sleep paralysis; I also had an hallucination, I saw either the missing Hyena-like creäture from the first dream that might have killed the other Hyena-like creäture or it was something that looked like a Huge Hyena-like creäture standing on two feet like a human, and it stuck its head through the opened door of the room and it was looking at my brother & it was smiling with big sharp teeth & it had a Huge Head.

It was very large like the dead Hyena-like creäture earlier in my dream, I was very scared and I tried to get up to attack the Hyena-like creäture and/or to move my brother out-of-the-way so that he would not be attacked by the Hyena-like creäture, but I was still paralyzed; and so I tried to scream to my brother to warn him about the Hyena-like creäture, but I could not talk.

I fought hard trying to move or scream, but the best I could do was make a small sound that my brother did not notice/hear, at this point I was in a panic until I realized that I was experiencing sleep paralysis & so the Hyena-like creäture probably was not real; I have had sleep paralysis a few times before in the past, each time being a scary experience with intense feelings and a feeling of a presence of something/someone being in the room & I am always paralyzed of course and a few times I have had hallucinations like hearing and/or seeing things during the sleep paralysis, and so I knew how to handle the situation at this point.

I just closed my eyes and I tried to relax as my intense feelings started to fade away and I started to be able to move again, and then the Hyena-like creäture slowly started to move its Huge Head with sharp teeth back out of the room where I could no longer see it, while smiling the entire time, until it disappeared I guess.

This dramatic awakening with sleep paralysis is what caused the loss of a lot of the details of this very strange unique dream/experience or whatever, I wish I could have saved those details, so that I could better understand what happened and so that I could have explained it better.

All that I know is that my description of the events did not do a good job of explaining the dream/experience well enough in my opinion, but it was a very strange dream along with a rare awakening that made things even more strange and intense.

Then end,
-John Jr 🙂