Z Nation (Season 2)

Z Nation (2014)
Source: IMDb

What is it?

The 2015 American action / horror / comedy-drama / post-apocalyptic television show Z Nation (Season 2).

What is it about?

This is how Rotten Tomatoes describes this television show:

In Season 2, after surviving a nuclear attack surprisingly unscathed, Warren (Kellita Smith) and Co. regroup and head back out on the long road to California.

Their first order of business: Find Murphy (Keith Allan), who, as a zombie-human hybrid, is the last hope for the human race.

But he’s also a self-obsessed jerk who’s more interested in having fun than being a hero, which is why Citizen Z (DJ Qualls) has put a price on the pimped-out Murphy’s head.

Joining the hunt for Murphy at the start of the season is a mysterious bounty hunter with questionable motives named Vasquez (Matt Cedeno).

The gang also encounter a strange cult led by guest star Anthony Michael Hall.

And Gina Gershon shows up as a queen with a plan for world domination.

My Thoughts

My brother GC and I watched all seasons of Z Nation last year back-to-back, unfortunately I did not make these posts back then, and so they have blurred together in my mind where I can not really rate each season because I can not separate them in my mind; but I possibly would rank this as my second favorite season in the series, basically I probably liked this series a bit less and less each season, but it was still more consistent than The Walking Dead.

We were late to watch this show because the trailers made it look stupid, overly goofy, and not good; and no one we follow ever reviewed it or talked about it, but this show surprised us.

I do know that this show was better than I had expected, and I liked it better than what The Walking Dead has become.

This show was comedic with action and a bit of drama, it did pretty good balancing this sometimes, but at times it was more comedic than it should have been which hurt the show at times.

I do not like how a certain character died so early, if that character had lived, then this show would have been even better because it was fun watching the main characters go back and forth with each other.

This show did have problems as it went on but it was still more consistent than The Walking Dead, I did not like the direction they went at the end, but we still were able to continue watching it unlike The Walking Dead and Fear The Walking Dead which we gave up on.

This show had its problems but it was at least fun to watch at times, and it is better than the trailers make it seem.

The end,

-John Jr