Isaac Netero’s Death | Hunter X Hunter (2011) | Zero × And × Rose

What is it?

Here is a scene from Episode 126 (Zero × And × Rose) of the anime (animated) television show Hunter x Hunter (2011) of the end of Isaac Netero’s fight against Meruem.

English Version 1

Netero’s death / hxh english dubbed

English Version 2


Japanese Version

Hunter x Hunter 2011 Netero vs Meruem (Ending)

What is it about?

This is how Fandom describes this scene:

Meruem’s claim of checkmate to Netero continues as they fight to the death.

In his final stand, Netero activates his most powerful attack, the Zero Hand, which does little to no damage to the King.

However, it was Meruem who had been in checkmate all along when Netero activates the Poor Man’s Rose.