Pauline Croze Has Two Daughters?

Dream 1

This dream involved me waiting at a doctor’s appointment, at some point in the dream (probably later after talking to my female coworker JB) I possibly noticed that I was only wearing a large zipper storage bag and / or plastic bag as underwear with maybe an open book that was open to chapter 3 in the book to cover my groin area (my guess is that this dream and this book was or was partly inspired by me starting to read the book 11/22/63 by Stephen King Saturday that my female coworker JB recommended in real life), but I can not remember so I might be wrong about that.

There were several waiting rooms with some being open and some being separated, some of them possibly looked like part of The E House but I could be wrong, and at some point I noticed my female coworker JB in a different part of the waiting room so I walk over and sit and talk with her.

At some point we get called to two different waiting rooms and we part ways, I wait my turn in the other waiting room that is separated instead of open now, but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 2

This was my favorite dream of the night, but my memory of it is limited and messed up after waking up and going back to sleep so many times and having it featured in false awakening dreams and daydreams within dreams and daydreams and thoughts and thoughts within dreams and alternate versions of this dream and dream conversations about this dream and more.

This dream itself was possibly a false awakening dream which makes it even more confusing.

I possibly woke up in bed or the dream just started with me in my bed, and across the room in the other bed I noticed Pauline Croze to my surprise and confusion.

Then to make things even more confusing there was a baby girl with light-color skin wrapped partly in a blanket in the bed with Ms. Croze, I assumed that the baby was her daughter, which confused me even more because I did not know that she had any children.

I thought that this was real life so I was laying there in bed confused trying to make sense of things, like one would if they woke up and just started noticing unusual things like this, but Ms. Croze looked so happy with her assume baby daughter and she was talking to her in French so I got distracted from trying to make much sense of the situation by this beautiful moment.

I said something to Ms. Croze in English and maybe a bit of French, mostly English, and she responded to me in mostly English while only using French to her assumed baby daughter.

Ms. Croze was so relaxed and happy in bed speaking in French toward her assumed baby daughter that I started to wonder if somehow I was the father of the baby, I had no memories to explain whether this was true or not, and so I assumed that maybe Ms. Croze was somehow visiting and spending the night and / or somehow we were married or something without me having any memory of this which made no sense.

I decided to just enjoy the moment and not interrupt Ms. Croze much, everything felt so positive and relaxing and comforting and loving, and it was pretty magical watching an assumed mother show love to her assumed baby daughter.

Through different parts of this dream I possibly heard parts of her song Tu Es Partout playing quietly in the background which helped add to the mood of the dream.

It was possibly very early in the morning, and at some point Ms. Croze walked to the living room with her assumed baby daughter so I followed.

In the living room was a girl with light-color skin (slightly darker than the baby girl), Ms. Croze greeted her like maybe she was also her daughter, and then the possibility of me being the father seemed a bit more likely when I saw the second assumed daughter but there was still no evidence so I continued to observe and enjoy the moment and wait for chances to ask Ms. Croze some questions to help me make sense of this.

I planned to ask Ms. Croze if she was just visiting, how did she get here, how did she even know about the city of D, how did she end up at our house, did she know me, where those her daughters, et cetera.

Unfortunately I did not get the chance to ask those questions but we did get to say one or two things to each other while in the living room (but I mostly did not disturb her spending time with her assumed daughters), Ms. Croze stood up carrying her assumed baby daughter while walking with her assumed young daughter to a different area, and so I followed them.

They walked through a door that led from our house into a store-like place oddly, there were other people there, and some kind of video game-like commercial / augmented reality partly projected into the dream world video game and friendly video game competition in the real world was starting and those of us in the area were now part of it.

Some video game characters appeared in maybe CGI, possibly holographic form, and many were possibly The Lord Of The Rings characters.

There were heroes and villains to choose from, you pick a character and you control them, and we started to get attacked by some other characters as they were explaining the rules of the game.

I picked a mage-like character who could fly or levitate or that was just a gaming exploit that I found by accident, we got attacked by a powerful main villain from maybe The Lord Of The Rings who could probably use magic (maybe Sauron), and so we started running from him.

I / my mage character flew or levitated over shelves and probably augmented reality areas, basically it was like an augmented reality video game being partly projected in the normal dream world of the store so you did not need special glasses et cetera to see the video game world, and this allowed me to avoid the powerful villain as we rushed to reach a certain area where maybe we would win or be safe or something.

While doing this I looked back sometimes to make sure that Ms. Croze and her assumed daughters were okay, if they needed help then I would have turned around to protect them, and I felt even more protective of them because they were guests at our home and I was still not sure if I was the father or not of the assumed daughters and I was not sure what my relationship was with Ms. Croze if any.

But that is all that I can remember of this dream now unfortunately.

Dream 3

I woke up and went back to sleep many times trying to think about and save in my memory for later and sometimes record my dreams, except the times that I thought that I was recording my dreams were actually false awakening dreams, and so I really was not recording the dreams in the real world but there were times that I woke up in the real world thinking about and trying to save dreams in my mind for later instead of recording them right then.

Most of the dreams involved me thinking about the second dream and a few other dreams, I would sometimes remember new details, and sometimes I would daydream and dream new parts of those dreams and even new versions of those dreams; and there was a variety of other things and a combination of things that happened during this.

Unfortunately because of all of that I do not remember most of these dreams in enough detail.

I possibly had at least one other dream with Pauline Croze in it, but I am not sure.

The first Pauline Croze dream definitely was thought, falsely recorded, dreamed about, daydreamed about, et cetera in some of these dreams.

The last thing that I remember is a dream where I was possibly in bed or near it, and a female with light color skin with maybe short yellow hair (this is a guess on the hair color) was talking to me about all of these dreams (forgotten ones, remembered ones, fictional ones, et cetera) et cetera.

I was mostly visualizing the dreams as she talked about them so she was mostly in the corner of my field of vision because I usually was not directly looking at her so that I could focus, but I think that she was young so either a young woman or a girl.

I am not sure if she was a normal dream character or if she represented my subconscious or if she was something else, and I am not sure how she knew my dreams (either she was able to read the ones that I falsely recorded and / or I told her about them or she somehow just knew my dreams or something).

This assumed young woman or girl went over my dreams with me commenting on them, giving her opinions, maybe sometimes giving her partial interpretations or something, and even arguing with me about some of them; and she was pretty critical of them and me at times, and was not afraid to give me a bit of attitude.

She felt that some of my dreams were probably indirectly being altered in real-time by mine own assumptions and expectations et cetera, like one or more of my Pauline Croze dreams, and so we debated and argued about this and I listened to her opinions et cetera trying to hear her side of things.

She felt that those dreams would have went differently if I had not indirectly (unknowingly), in her opinion, been changing the dreams without realizing it.

It was interesting having someone talking about my dreams like this and being critical of them and of me, imagine a kid who acts grown and is lecturing an adult like they are the kid or something, which I thought was also a bit funny.

But that is all that I can remember of these dreams unfortunately.

The end,

-John Jr


Helping The Old Version Of My Aunt JE Move To The New / Current Version Of My Aunt JE’s House?

File: Aunt Bliss.png
File: Aunt Bliss.png

Last night I got in bed too late (after 3 AM), so I only got about 4 hours of sleep.

Which is not good/healthy and to make it worse I got awakened several times by having to use the bathroom, by people making noise, and by people waking me up.

My dream recall is currently very strong, so I somehow managed to remember part of two dreams, but I forgot the first dream after going back to sleep again.

I do barely remember part of the second dream.