Learning How To Deal With Zombies?

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I barely remember part of one dream from last night after forgetting most of my other dreams from last night and most of this dream after waking up a few times feeling strange like a minor version of when I had to go to the emergency room back in 2011 when I thought that I was dying when I was taking Fluoxetine (this rarely happens sometimes since then even though I stopped taking Fluoxetine about a month after this happened back in 2011, always when I am sleeping, and I wake up during the night or morning feeling strange with some of the same symptoms from that day but not as strong since I have learned to resist the panic better since then I guess); maybe I have sleep apnea that causes this rare event to happen sometimes, but who knows, hopefully one day I will get a job again so that I can pay for a sleep study to see if I have sleep apnea or something like that (fortunately this only happens rarely).

Whenever it rarely happens I wake up feeling strange in a way that is hard to describe that stops me from being able to sleep, like my heart rate is slow or my heart it not beating, like my blood pressure is low & my blood is pumping slowly or not at all, I feel weaker & a bit numb & a bit tired like my body is/was not getting enough oxygen & blood flow, I go to the bathroom but it is harder to walk & when I try to urinate I usually have to stop because I feel like I am going to die and/or faint & my urine flow probably is weaker during that moment and/or stops & I/my body wants to start panicking because I feel like my breathing is not working correctly & like my body is shutting down/like I am dying, and so I usually have to sit down on the toilet for a moment because I can not stand straight during that moment; and then I start trying to relax & to control my breathing to avoid a panic attack, and then I wash my face with water & I try to walk it off/walk around to get my heart rate/blood flow going & this usually works eventually as I start to regain some strength & the panic/feelings fade mostly & then I can go back to sleep. (Even now I still feel a bit weird, after this happened last night/this morning)

Anyway, I barely remember part of one dream from last night that took place during the day in a fictional area with a lot of people & I in a neighborhood, but I can not remember most of the details.

I know that there were houses with fenced yards & some without fences, some buildings with fenced areas & some without fenced areas, and at some point something happened that probably involved infected people/zombies/whatever attacking the neighborhood; and the military came or was already there, and the military started killing infected people & non-infected people. (Basically the military started killing everyone who was not in the military)

Chaos broke out with people screaming, running, hiding, dying, getting infected, getting shot, getting bit, et cetera; and so I decided to start fighting the infected people/zombies and the military, and some other people did as well to prevent more unnecessary deaths.

The military had gun turrets & other weapons on vehicles, on some buildings, and various other places; and so I focused my attacks on taking out the soldiers who were using these weapons to kill large amounts of people & zombies, and in this dream I discovered that maybe I had certain powers/abilities that allowed me to better deal with/fight zombies & the military but I can not remember the details about this unfortunately.

I just know that somehow I was able to survive fighting zombies & the military, this inspired more people to follow my example, and eventually we defeated the military in the neighborhood & many of the zombies but not all of them because we started working on creating safe zones in certain buildings/houses with fences.

I came across the entertainment wrestler Bully Ray (Mark LoMonaco) during the fighting & he was trying to find his wife, he left to find her, and later I found her; and so I took her to a building with a fenced area that I was making into a safe zone for survivors, and I slowly tried to secure this safe zone & keep it safe while helping survivors & Mr. Ray’s wife; and I would go outside to patrol the area sometimes, and to look for Mr. Ray to let him know that his wife was safe.

At some point Mr. Ray came back and I took him to his wife, he told us about the situation in other areas & we talked about various things, and we tried to decide what to do next.

During the dream I noticed that Mr. Ray and certain people seemed to not be bothered/attacked by the zombies very much & they did certain things that allowed them to better deal with/fight zombies, I started studying this & experimenting with this by watching people like Mr. Ray, and testing various methods/behaviors that I noticed them using.

I started learning how we could better avoid zombies attacking us and how we could better fight them if necessary and/or control or somewhat communicate with them, and I started trying to share some of what I learned with the other survivors.

This would allow less violence & it would help avoid zombies attacking us & help avoid us having to attack zombies, and maybe slowly we could learn how to communicate with and/or live with the zombies or at least help avoid them from attacking us; but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr


1-13-2013 | Dream Fragment | Running From Zombies, Touching Butts, And Helping Solve A Robbery Case At My Former Job?

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I over-slept and forgot most of my dreams from last night, but I do remember part of the end of one dream; but it is unclear.

I do not remember the beginning or the middle of the dream, I just remember being on the outside of a two-story motel-style apartment building during the day, and I was walking on the second floor balcony/walkway/whatever toward one of the rooms for a reason that I can not remember; and I probably knocked on the door but it was partly open, and so I walked inside slowly saying hello/is anyone here/saying who I was & why I was entering the apartment/et cetera.

The entrance had a small area for hanging up your jackets/coats and holding your shoes with another door separating it from the apartment, that door was partly opened too probably and I opened it as well, and the apartment looked like a mansion with nice whitish colored carpet/walls/ceilings/et cetera to my surprise; but the outside of the apartment building looked like an average brick motel-style apartment building from the 1960s or something.

When entering the apartment you only could see a wall in front of you with paintings/decorations/furniture with a hallway leading to an open room on the left, so the rest of the apartment was hidden behind this wall & hallway, but I did not get to see the rest of the apartment unfortunately.

As I was turning left to walk down the hallway I heard strange noises/breathing, so I stopped feeling that danger was around the corner, and I saw someone moving; and to me it sounded like a zombie.


A Trickster Being?

I barely remember part of a strange and unclear dream fragment that took place during the day in a fictional version of a field near my parent’s yard, and I was walking in through the field when I saw two little girls alone in the field playing near the house of one of our neighbors.

I wondered why they were alone in the field and where were their parent’s, both girls were unfamiliar & I had never seen them in our neighborhood before, and they both had whitish colored skin with blond colored hair & one of the girls was younger than the other.

I saw a male police officer or sheriff walking toward the girls, so I stopped at a distance to see what was going on, the man had a tan-colored uniform shirt with badge & he had whitish colored skin with dark blondish and/or brownish and/or grayish colored hair I think & he seemed to be late middle-aged or early old aged.

The police officer nicely greeted the two girls and asked them what they were doing playing in the field alone without their parents, I think, and then he said something and/or gave something to the older girl that made her happy.

Then he went to the younger girl and he said something to her and/or gave something to her that made her unhappy, and now that he had the older girl on his side; he manipulated the older girl by turning her against the younger girl, who was probably her sister.

The younger girl started to cry while the older girl looked happy & was on the police officer’s side, and then the police officer said something to and/or gave something to the younger girl to make her happy; but this made the older girl unhappy.

The police officer then manipulated the younger girl who was now on his side by turning her against the older girl, and the older girl started to cry while the younger girl was happy.

I thought all of this was wrong but I stayed back quietly since he was a police officer, but I was ready to say/do something if he went too far.

The man then said and/or took and/or gave something to both of the girls that made them both unhappy and they both started to cry, and then I either said something to him or he just looked at me smiling & laughing like he was putting on a show to show how he can manipulate people to do bad things or something like that.

Either I forgot what happened next or the dream jumped in time, either way, I was now in an abandoned house/building with the man but he looked & acted differently; he still had whitish colored skin but his age/hair color/height/appearance/clothes changed to what might have been Tom Cruise-like, whether slightly in appearance and/or personality, I am not sure which.

I can not remember what happened but I think that the man had turned the two girls into zombie/vampire/human-like corrupted/controlled people, they looked the same but they seemed to be controlled and/or had been changed/corrupted to where they acted like zombie/vampire/humans that attack/eat/drink blood from/rape/kill/torture/do bad stuff to people.

The man seemed to be starting a family/group/whatever by turning/controlling people into corrupted zombie/vampire/human-like people, he might have used the word family but I am not sure, and I think that he wanted me to be his second in command/partner/co-creator.

It was like he was trying to get me to willingly join him instead of killing me and/or turning/controlling me like the others, and if I refused he would probably either kill me or turn/control me.

I felt like a prisoner, even though he was not directly forcing me to stay in the building, but he had groups of turned/controlled people around the building; and I afraid of them & I tried to avoid them, and so I did not try to escape & I felt that he was powerful enough to stop me if he wanted to.

I spent most of my time in a room hiding/avoiding the turned/controlled people, and I did not see the man that much; but we did talk one or two times as he tried to get me to join him.

I think that in a way the turned/controlled people were his children in that vampire-like way, not the normal biological way, and so he was a creator/father of them in a way; and maybe I was as well somewhat either because he wanted to be second in charge/co-creator/his partner or maybe I had/was forced to turn/control one or more people, but I am not sure.

I think that he would sometimes leave to turn/control more people and/or he would lure people into the building to be killed, raped, tortured, eaten, have their blood drunk/drank/taken, attacked, et cetera by his turned/controlled people/children/creations.

He lured a group of people in the building to be attacked but a few of them escaped further into the building and I helped them hide in my room, and several of them were my former classmates like A & G.

My room had shelves or something on the wall that I would climb to avoid the turned/controlled people, and so we climbed them as some of the turned people tried to attack us; but the situation got bad, and I decided to try something different to save the others.

Since the man wanted me to be/considered me to be his second in charge/co-creator/partner and since maybe all or some of the turned people were also my children/creations/whatever, I decided to command one of the turned people to stop so I told him that I was the second in charge/his co-creator/whatever & that I command him to stop; and he stopped.

He was a man about my age with whitish colored skin with blondish colored hair, and he asked me something strange like so you do not want me to have sex with you or something strange like that; and I said no!

I think that he referred to me as his father/creator or something like that but I am not sure, maybe either the man had placed him under my control/command and/or I had turned him, but I am not sure.

I explained to the turned man/my child/creation/whatever that what he was doing was wrong, that my sexual orientation was heterosexual/straight, that if what he said was true then in a way I am like his father/creator so that would be kind of like incest & wrong, and that I did not want to do that regardless of all that.

I told him to stop trying to kill/eat/rape/attack/drink blood from people, to stop doing bad things, I specifically commanded him to not harm me or the people who I saved, and I told him to go somewhere else & do something positive; and he walked off to follow my commands.

Some of the other turned people hesitantly followed my command to stop attacking us, like they were not directly under my control/turned by me, but they recognized my position as second in charge/co-creator; and so they backed off.

I told my former classmates that they should escape but I needed to stay behind to figure out how to defeat the man and save the turned people, and I still felt like a prisoner since I did not feel ready to defeat the man; and I also felt that I was playing into the man’s plan, since I had to accept/say that I was his second in command/co-creator to save my former classmates & I gave commands to some of the turned people.

I felt that the man was trying to corrupt/manipulate me, hoping that I would give into the power of being able to turn/control people to do what I want, and I felt that he hoped that I would start to like doing bad things & getting other people to do bad things; and he hoped that I would willingly join him and help lead his family/creations as his second in charge/co-creator.

I knew almost nothing about the man or what he was or what powers he had or how powerful he was or what his weaknesses were, et cetera; and so I felt unprepared to stop him yet.

I started to consider trying to command all the turned people to stop doing bad things and to see if I could use them to help defeat the man, and set them free; but first I wanted to learn as much as I could about the man and about what powers/control that I had, and so I went to look for him in the building but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr 🙂


My Aunt JE Is Sick?

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I am too busy and interrupted to think about or remember most of my dreams from last night, so I will not be able to type or remember most of them.

I remember part of one dream, which was a pretty long dream, but most of it will be lost thanks to today’s annoyances.

Near the end of the dream my aunt JE seemed to be sick and/or very depressed and/or dying, and my mom and one or more of my aunts were taking care of her.

I remember my aunt JE spending most of the time on a couch, and I wondered if she was dying.

We were at a house/place that was partly like my grandfather’s house or was my grandfather’s house, during some parts of the dream.

I can not remember or think about the rest of the dream, too much noise and interruptions, I imagine that this will start stressing me out if this continues the next few days; I am a bit grumpy/angry now about it, I hate having my mornings interrupted before I can clear my mind/think/wake up properly/do my morning routine & having so many interruptions that it takes several days to finish simple things like watching one TV show episode. Hehehe

The end,

-John Jr 🙂