Last night I remember part of a few dreams but my main dream from last night is a bit unclear because I was not able to record it when I woke up, and I went back to sleep and the dream repeated several times with slight variations each time that caused me to forget all the repeats of the dream and that caused me to forget some of the main dream; but I will start with the dream fragments that I remember before that main dream first.

Dream 1

The first dream that I remember seemed to be about the new American Pie film (maybe American Reunion) that is about come out this year maybe, and the couple who got married in the last film (Jim Levenstein and Michelle Flaherty) were living in my grandfather’s house; and one or both of their parent’s were coming to visit.

It was during the day and the couple and maybe the parent’s of the husband were arriving at their house, which was my grandfather’s house, and they were bringing in their luggage.

The couple seemed a bit uncomfortable about their parent’s coming to visit, but I can not remember the rest of the dream.

Dream 2

The next dream took place at my grandfather’s house again where a husband, wife, maybe a daughter, and their son (I was their son, but I was not myself) lived; and we were in the living room.

At some point the dad and the son (me) went outside where a group of people from the neighborhood were hanging out, and an annoying muscular man was bullying people; and at some point the muscular man started to bully the dad and he challenged him to a throwing contest where they had to throw a heavy metal ball or something like that.

The dad used to be athletic in his younger years but now he was older & a bit out-of-shape, and so he lost the throwing contest & he hurt himself a bit; and the muscular man continued to taunt and bully the dad, and so the son (I) stepped in to challenge the muscular man in the throwing contest.

I was angry, annoyed, and I was ready to put an end to the muscular man’s bullying; and somehow I defeated the muscular man in the throwing contest, but he was a sore loser and he attacked me.

I defeated the muscular man in hand-to-hand combat in front of everyone, surprisingly, but then one of his friends tried to hit me from behind by throwing one of the heavy metal balls at me; but I dodged it and then I beat the friend in a fight, and then I looked around & I asked if anyone else wanted to challenge me but no one else did.

I then noticed a woman being bullied by some other women, probably, and so I went to talk with the woman; after my talk and after seeing how I defeated the other bullies, the woman decided to try standing up for herself.

The next time that the bullies bothered her, she verbally stood up for herself, and then I think that she had to physically defend herself; and it worked, but she was shocked that she ended up physically defending herself.

I went to talk to the woman to congratulate her but she was in a bad mood, and so I went inside the house to give her some time but she followed me in the house crying a bit.

She seemed to regret that she defended herself physically from the bullies, so I told her that she had a right to defend herself if attacked physically, but she still did not agree; and she ran back outside still ashamed of herself for defending herself, I decided that I would go talk with her again later but first I stopped to check on the dad.

He was still sore but he was okay, and we talked about how I had defeated the bully and his friend; the mom and maybe the sister were part of the conversation as well, but I woke up.

Dream 3

Now before I type about the main dream I want to mention the repeats of the dream that happened after the main dream, there were so many that I lost count, but each of them probably had the same situation/people/environment; but how I/we reacted each time was slightly different, and each repeat did not finish & stopped before the end part of the main dream, probably.

I am not sure how the main dream started but I remember running away from a fictional city to a town on the outskirt(s) of the city, a fictional area that is sometimes in my dreams, and some Japanese Yakuza-like men wearing suits with guns were chasing a female scientist from the Prometheus movie trailer, the man or android with the blond colored hair and whitish colored skin who was talking into the mirror from the Prometheus movie trailer, maybe one or two other scientist-like people, Prometheus (I am not sure who or what Prometheus was, he/it might have been the man or android with the blond colored hair but I am not sure who or what Prometheus was or what he/it looked like, I forgot), and I.

Here is the trailer that I saw yesterday for the film:

We were running for our lives almost like we had just escaped from somewhere or maybe we had just unleashed/freed/whatever Prometheus, I am not sure, I used my knowledge of the terrain to allow us to out-run the Japanese Yakuza-like men; we were running on a straight path near the highway, but I used various stationary objects in our path to help protect us from being seen or shot sometimes.

We reached a small pass-through town but a group of scientist-like men started to chase us, and so we continued running to the next city; the scientist-like men were closer to catching us than the Japanese Yakuza-like men had been, and so we did not have much time to think once we reached the city.

The city was a small strange futuristic looking city and I think that an alarm/alert had already been sent to the city so the people in the city had abandoned/were abandoning the streets mostly, and so soon we would probably be captured or killed by the police, military, and all the people who were chasing us.

The female scientist, the other scientist-like people, Prometheus, and I ran near a multi-floored futuristic glass-looking building; and some of us ran to hide in an alleyway and I started climbing the building to hide in a vent-like duct, but Prometheus was not going to hide and he/it started preparing to transform and/or release an ability/knowledge and/or sacrifice himself/itself and/or something.

I think that the female scientist and I tried to convince Prometheus to hide but we failed, and to my surprise Prometheus pulled me from the vent-like duct when I was almost completely inside of it, to my shock/horror since I could hear that the people chasing us would find us very soon.

This important part of the dream is unclear and I can not really remember it, but this is what I think happened:

“Prometheus said/told me something after pulling me out of the vent-like duct & back to the ground but I am not sure if he/it needed me to complete his/its transformation/ability/sharing of knowledge/sacrifice/whatever and/or if he/it did not want to be the only one to get sacrificed and/or if he/it wanted to share something with me/share this experience with me; I am not sure which or if either of those is correct.

I remember Prometheus probably transforming and/or charging his/its ability and/or sharing his/its knowledge and/or whatever; and I was able to see and feel things from his/its point-of-view and/or we were temporarily fused together and/or he/it was using me in the process; but I can not remember the details exactly, unfortunately.”

Right before the people chasing us could approach our position Prometheus finished the process of whatever it/he was doing while connected to me and/or while I was somehow able to see & feel what he/it felt, there was a burst of energy or something of maybe a blueish color but I am not sure, and the power/electricity for the city went out & the sky/environment darkened a bit & things felt different.

I felt and saw Prometheus disappear and/or explode and/or something, maybe into the electrical system and/or environment and/or somewhere else, and there was a surge that caused the electricity/power for the city to come back on & it looked & felt clean & like it was now powered by a new source; I wondered if the new power source would be a new infinite clean energy source for the city/World.

The environment also looked brighter & cleaner & it felt positive, almost healing maybe, but I am not sure what was happening or what happened or what Prometheus had done or where did Prometheus go or if Prometheus was alive or dead.

Whatever happened caused the people chasing us to stop, like they had failed and that there was nothing that they could do, and so they stopped chasing us.

The female scientist and I looked around in awe/shock/surprise as we tried to figure out what happened exactly and what was happening, but I woke up.

After waking up I wondered if what Prometheus did was just symbolic and/or literal & symbolic.

The end,

-John Jr 🙂

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