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The Church:

The first dream took place many years ago just like the other two dreams in this post, but I still remember enough of these dreams to write about them even though I never recorded these dreams many years ago.

These dreams were powerful/stood out/had a great effect on me back when I had them compared to my normal dreams, and they really made me do some thinking.

Anyway, the first dream started in the city of D during the evening or early night inside Walmart, and I had went shopping there with my mom.

My mom went to another part of the store while I went to the grocery section I think, and as I was looking around I noticed a woman standing by the fruit & vegetable section looking straight at me.

No one else was around the grocery section by the fruit & vegetables, and so only the two of us were there.

The woman looked like the angel Monica, played by the actress Roma Downey, from the television show Touched By An Angel; and she was in normal human form with whitish colored skin and long reddish colored hair.

I think that she told me that she was sent to give me a message, and I think that I asked her if she was an angel, and I think that she said yes but I could be wrong; but she might have said that she was just a messenger.

She said that I was going to die, but she would not tell me when I would die exactly, and she would not tell me how I would die exactly.

She only told me that I would die of a spinal injury of some kind or something like that, I think.

I felt sad and somewhat afraid, and I think that she told me not to worry and that I would die in the distant future and so I still had time to live/enjoy my life/achieve my goal(s) and/or purpose(s)/whatever.

I think that she seemed to be calm and she smiled, and I told her thank you for delivering this message to me, and I left; but I am not sure if she disappeared or if she was still standing there.

My mom was leaving out of the Walmart, and so I followed her outside and I told her what the angel/messenger had said.

My mom started to cry and she said that she wanted to go pray, and as we walked to our automobile we noticed a small white shotgun-style church by Walmart in the little field by the apartments.

It was night-time outside and no one was by the church, and the church looked abandoned.

My mom still wanted to go pray, and so she knocked on the door of the church; and after a few seconds a small opening on the door like a peephole but bigger opened up, but whoever/whatever it was did not open the door.

My mom started beating on the door, and I told her to relax and that we should go somewhere else; but she did not listen to me.

She managed to knock the door open a bit, and through the small opening in the door I saw one of the strangest things ever.

In this old church there were these gargoyle-like (they are too hard to describe, so that is the best I can do) creatures in the church seats, and they were sitting there like there was a church service going on or something like that.

There were probably wooden church seats/pews on the left side and some on the right side of the church, with a red carpet going up/down the middle of the floor leading to the place where the preacher usually preaches (the pulpit), except a throne was there instead.

On this throne was the lower part of a huge body sitting on the throne, and I could only see it from about the feet level up to the knees, because it was so tall.

The legs were gargoyle/human-like, but I only had about 5 seconds or less to see all of this, and so I did not get a good enough look at all of this.

I think that next to the throne on both sides, were two large gargoyle-like creatures, who seemed to be guards or something like that maybe.

In the 5 or 3 seconds that I saw all of this, all the creatures froze/stopped moving and they turned invisible as soon as my mom barely opened the door, and so I only had a few brief seconds to see all of this; and it was like they did not want to be seen and/or they were not supposed to be seen or something like that, and we had caught them by surprise.

The creature’s feet were the last part of their bodies to go invisible, and next to the door were two gargoyle-like creatures that closed the door in our faces.

My mom kept beating on the door again, and so I told her that we needed to leave, but she would not listen to me.

Then the two creatures that were behind the door started to throw a pink colored dust/powder/or something like that at us, and so I pulled my mom away from the door.

My mom was still desperate to go inside the church, and so the two creatures opened some of the peephole-like openings on the door(s) and they pointed some trumpet-like cannon/shotgun-like weapons/things at us; and they started to shoot more of the pink colored dust/powder at us, and they also shot some shotgun-like pellets/BBs/shot at us.

So I grabbed my mom and I started to run back to our automobile pulling/dragging my mom with me, but then I woke up.

The Devil?:

This is the oldest dream of the three dreams, and some parts of this dream I can not remember unfortunately.

I remember being a kid in the dream (and maybe I was a kid in real life as well because this is a very old dream), and my cousin DE and I were in a hallway I think.

There were doors along the hallway, and we were exploring the building, and so we went into one of the rooms.

The room looked like a large storage closet for a janitor or someone like that, and the only light in the room seemed to come from a sunroof and/or a window or neither of those were there and maybe the light was coming from somewhere else but I am not sure.

We were looking around the room and there were some metal shelves with a few items on them probably, and I think that we saw some strange candle-like light coming from one part of the room.

I think that I remember feeling very scared for some reason as we walked closer to that area, and all I remember next is seeing a man.

I remember feeling the strongest feelings of fear, shock, terror, anxiety, et cetera that I had ever felt in my life.

The feelings were so strong, that my cousin DE and I could not talk, run, move, et cetera.

I think that the man wore animal fur clothes or he had animal fur clothes at the top part of his body covering his shoulders like a fur coat or something or he was wearing a suit with a fur accessory/whatever covering over the shoulders like a small cloak (or whatever the correct word is); but I am not sure which of these is correct or if either of these are correct or not.

I think that he had brownish colored hair, he had whitish colored skin, he looked like a normal politician or business person or someone like that with a shaved face without facial hair, he had a somewhat short hairstyle that was slicked back a bit, he was at least 6 feet tall or taller, he looked confident, and he looked relaxed.

He did not look scary, but we were scared/terrified/afraid and we felt paralyzed with fear, and we felt many other feelings as well that I can not describe in words.

I think that I knew or thought that he was supposed to be the Christian Devil for some reason but I am not sure, and I may have thought that because I was young when I had this dream, he may have even told us who or what he was but I can not remember what he told us.

I actually think that he probably did not say who or what he was exactly, but I do know/remember that he said: “That he was called/known by many names throughout history by many different people/cultures/religions/et cetera.”.

He just stood there and he talked to us, as we were paralyzed with fear, and with those many other strong feelings that I can not describe.

I do not remember what he told us during all of this unfortunately (I know that he told us various things) but I remember that as he walked closer to us the fear & the other feelings that I can not describe were so strong that it felt like he was so powerful that the closer that he got to us, the harder it was for us to stand, breathe, we felt weaker, et cetera.

He said: “That we had probably heard many stories about him, and that some of those stories were true and some of those stories were false.”; I guess that he told us about some of the stories about him that were true and/or false and/or he told us about himself and/or he shared some information about something else with us, but that is just my guess and I can not remember exactly.

He stood about six or more feet away from us, and he just stood there talking about something the entire time, I think.

We almost could not stand, it was like gravity was getting heavier and it was pushing down on us or something, and I felt super weak; and it was like he was so powerful that being too close to him could probably almost kill you and/or he was somehow draining us without us knowing it or something like that, it was the most over-whelming/powerful feeling that I have ever felt coming from any dream character in my life until this day.

I think that I may/might have started to pray in my mind because I could not talk, run, or anything; and so that was all that I could do, and I hoped that the Christian God would help us.

After a while he stopped talking and I think that he disappeared and/or he walked off, I am not sure which, I just remember him being gone; and we might have temporarily lost consciousness/went to sleep or we might have temporarily been in a trance-like state, but I do not know or remember.

At some point after the man left, we could move again, and some of the fear and other feelings started to leave and/or were not as strong as before; and we started to get some of our strength back, but we still felt drained.

We then ran out of the room to go tell someone about what had happened, but then I woke up.

I have never experienced any thing like that again in another dream that I can remember, and I have yet to have any other dream character that felt that/this powerful again; and that/this dream was interesting and intense, and I wish that I could remember more of the things that the man told us.

The Christian Revelation?:

This last dream reminded me of The Book Of Revelation in the Christian bible a bit, back when I had this dream many years ago.

One day I was at my parent’s house in D on a nice sunny day, and when I went outside I noticed some tiny silverish/grayish colored UFOs (unidentified flying objects, which is any object flying or in the sky that you can not identify) in the sky.

I told my mom & dad to come see the UFOs, and I went to turn on the television to watch the news to see if there was any information about what the UFOs were and what was going on.

No one in the world seemed to know what they were, and everyone was trying to find out what they were and why they were here.

Some people thought that they were meteorites headed toward Earth, some people thought that they were spaceships/spacecraft, some people thought that Jesus was coming back, some people thought that it was an unknown weather phenomenon, some people that thought that they were planets or space debris/objects approaching the Earth, et cetera.

My parents said that we would wait to see what they were, and that if it was Jesus returning that we would all go to the church for shelter instead of our house.

Many of the churches in the city of D were starting to let people stay/live at their churches for shelter.

Some people started living in bomb shelters, and some other people were also preparing for the worse.

Each day the UFOs got bigger and bigger, but none of them seemed to move as far as I can remember (so maybe I should have called them, USOs, unidentified stationary objects😀 ) ; and it was strange because it was like they were getting closer to the Earth each day or something like that, and so they seemed bigger the closer they got to the Earth because they were probably very far away from Earth.

One day when almost each of the UFOs were almost half the size of the moon maybe but I could be wrong, my family was preparing to go to a church for shelter, when suddenly we heard a loud voice and/or trumpet and/or noise/sound; and then we heard a loud voice outside (probably a male voice but I can not remember).

I stepped outside through the window to my room, and outside everyone in the neighborhood was outside looking up at the sky listening to the loud voice that everyone on Earth probably could hear.

The sky was a strange color, the wind was blowing, and as that was going on I noticed a few strange things on the ground.

I noticed a tumbleweed rolling across our yard in the wind, and then to my surprise/shock I saw the skull of/from what appeared to be a dead Gray/Grey type alien but I could be wrong (the alleged aliens that are usually short but sometimes tall who have big heads, big dark eyes, skinny bodies, long arms, no visible gender, et cetera) by my window on the ground.

The alien-looking skull was just bone with no skin or muscles, and then I thought & said to myself: “So aliens are/were real!”.

Unfortunately I do not remember what the loud voice that everyone could hear was saying or what language the voice spoke in, but all that I know is that everyone was standing outside listening to the voice; and it was like everyone on Earth could probably hear the voice

Then I woke up and then I had a short daydream and/or semi-dream, I think, that I was in a whitish-colored place that might/may have been a bit cloudy/foggy; and it was like I was in a waiting area or something like that up high in the sky/air/space & not on the Earth, maybe some other people/humans were there as well with me, and some beings/entities/angels/aliens/whoever (I can not remember who/what they were or what they looked like) may have told us something and/or they were calling out people’s names and/or preparing us for something that I can not remember like maybe judgment/to be judged/to be checked/to be tested/to be allowed inside/to be organized/et cetera and/or something that I can not remember.

There may/might have been a barrier/gate that prevented us from seeing the other side and/or going over to the other side, and I think that there were a few beings/entities/angels/aliens/whoever at the entrance of this area; and I think there may/might have been a podium-like area/structure with a book or something on or near it, but I can not remember and I just remember wondering if this was the entrance to heaven or something like that.

The end,

-John Jr

An Experimental Private School

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I am not sure if this is one dream or two, and so I will type it as one dream.

All that I can remember of this dream from last night is that it started during early in the morning or late at night on maybe December 10 or 11 or 12 or 13 or 14, 2016 inside a fictional version of my parent’s house, my brother GC was trying to sleep, and when I was walking to maybe the bathroom my mom told me that my brother CC and my sister-in-law JC and my nephew CC were going to be visiting for the holidays sooner than expected.

This surprised me because Christmas is over two weeks away so I asked when were they expected to arrive, and I think that my mom said that they were expected to arrive later in this day.

This surprised me even more, I went and I told my brother GC, and I remember him being angry and annoyed by this news and I was somewhat annoyed even though I do want to see my nephew CC for the first time but I was not expecting anyone to show up so soon and I wondered if they would stay for several weeks or not.

At some point I remember maybe reading an online review or someone’s experience of the Japanese anime (animated) film Children Who Chase Lost Voices, and I remember it being well written and emotional and it made me want to watch this animated film again.

I wanted to watch this animated film again but this time with my family including my brother CC and his family, and the next thing that I remember is being in another part of the house when I remember picking up the telephone after it probably rang/rung.

Suddenly I remember being in the middle of a conversation, like there was a jump in time or a gap in my memory of this dream, and I was talking with an attractive short woman with whitish-colored skin with long black hair wearing a workout outfit with a long sleeve sweat jacket and sweat pants with long white vertical stripes down both sides of the sweat jacket and sweat pants.

Even though I could not physically see her I could see her in my mind when she would start talking, which makes no sense, but I did not notice this during the dream.

The woman was asking me medical questions and was talking about possibly setting up some medical tests, and then she mentioned trying to get me set up with a subscription to the fitness magazine she worked for so she put me on hold while she went to check on that (she possibly was going to see if she could get me a free trial).

I was not interested in this really and I definitely did not want to pay for this, I hoped that she was not setting me up for this subscription because I had not given her permission to do this, and I did not want to have to pay for this every month but the woman had walked away from the telephone before I could tell her this.

I waited for the woman to return, but that is all that I can remember of this part of the dream.

The next part of the dream I remember seeing part of a fictional maybe 1980s sitcom with the actor Robin Williams playing a teacher at a school, and then it changed into a real life story about two men (who possibly had recently graduated from college) with whitish-colored skin from The United Kingdom (British) who were starting an experimental private school that was possibly a boarding school (but I am not sure about the boarding school part).

They got a nice old-style multi-story building to use for the school, they got permission and all the legal stuff done, they got a group of students (maybe junior high school and early high school), and they started recruiting teachers.

Their experimental private school was going to be more relaxed and different from most schools, they had a bar in the classrooms where students could serve drinks, and some of the ingredients that I saw the students putting in the drinks were eggs and maybe an alcoholic drink and a few other ingredients which surprised me but I assumed that since the two men were from The United Kingdom that they could maybe get away with letting children this age serve and drink alcoholic drinks (if one of those ingredients really was alcohol, I was not sure, but it looked like it might be).

They were also using experimental and eccentric teaching styles, the next thing that I remember is seeing an area underneath a bridge near this school, and the actor Samuel L. Jackson was sitting in a chair having his hair moisturized (maybe grease or gel or conditioner or oil) by a man with dark-brown skin with curly black hair.

Mr. Jackson was a teacher with his own group of teachers with him, the two men from The United Kingdom walked over to try to recruit Mr. Jackson and his teachers for their new experimental private school, and they managed to recruit them but Mr. Jackson told the man who was moisturizing his hair that he would not be joining them.

This man was also a teacher and Mr. Jackson was not happy with how his hair was being moisturized so basically it seemed that he fired this teacher, he told him to stop moisturizing his hair, and then Mr. Jackson took a lot of the moisturizer and put it in the man’s hair.

Mr. Jackson then started to walk away with his teachers to the new experimental private school, the fired teacher asked Mr. Jackson what he was supposed to do, but Mr. Jackson ignored him.

The teacher was not sure if he was fired or not or what he was going to do if he was fired, he looked a bit devastated, but then I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr

A Man Makes A Woman Hallucinate

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I woke up several times during the night to use the bathroom without voice recording my dreams, and so now I can only barely remember part of the end of my last dream.

The end of this dream started during the day, before this point in the dream there were some people and maybe some entities (I remember a very short humanoid male entity, but I can not remember what he looked like but maybe he looked like a dwarf) who had the ability to use some kind of magic or genjutsu (illusion) to make people hallucinate and maybe partly mind control them, but I can not remember those parts of the dream.

The part of the dream that I do remember involved a man and a woman sneaking toward the driveway leaving from the back of The E House near The G House, and standing guard in front of the driveway by the street was a woman so they could not pass this area with her guarding it.

So the man stared at the woman guarding the driveway and he started whispering something, and then the woman guarding the driveway started to hallucinate so this man had the ability to use magic or genjutsu (illusions) or something to make people hallucinate and maybe partly mind control them.

The woman started talking to someone or something who/that was not there and she started walking across the street to a building with a crawl space under it through a small opening, and the woman crawled into the crawl space talking to the hallucination.

The man and the woman used this opportunity to sneak past her, but that is all that I can remember of this part of the dream.

The next part of the dream involved me seeing some numbers, maybe 942.42 or 924.24 or something like that, and I assumed that these numbers were for an adult non-fiction book so either in my mind or directly in the dream I remember being in a dimly lit version of what looked like The B Parish Library where I work as a shelver.

I knew where the 900s were in the adult non-fiction section of the library so I walked to this section to see if I could find this book, I remember seeing or guessing what the title of the book might be, but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

The end,

-John Jr

Your Stats Are Booming!

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For at least the second week in a row I got this notification from WordPress.com today:

Your blog, John Jr’s Dream Blog, appears to be getting more traffic than usual!

31 hourly views – 2 hourly views on average

Most of these views each day have been home page views and not views of any posts or pages, and there are usually no likes or comments et cetera.

I am not sure if these views are from bots or from real people, but thank you WordPress.com.

-John Jr

Helping An Alien Robot And Killing A Smiling Jack-Like Vampire

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Dream 1

All that I can remember of this dream from last night is that it took place during a gray day and I remember being with probably most of my former classmates who I graduated with, like an entire school of people, and we entered a one-story building until we reached a hall with some strange what I assumed to be alien technology and tanks and things like that with a male humanoid robot (almost android) who looked somewhat like the robots from the film I, Robot.

This humanoid robot did not have skin or hair or anything like that but he was shaped like a human male and he spoke like a human male, and his body was mostly clear and/or frosted where you could see that he was a robot (the parts underneath the clear/frosted parts) and there was blue light at the center of his body.

This humanoid robot said that this place was currently under attack, by another group of aliens I assume, and that the aliens who made him were currently probably mostly in tanks (maybe stasis and/or cryogenic-like tanks maybe underground) being killed by the assumed other group of aliens so most of them could not even defend themselves.

The robot asked for our help asking us to defeat the attackers before they kill all the assumed aliens who made him, and he said that the surviving aliens and him would help humanity and share some of their technology et cetera with humanity if we help save them from this attack by this other assumed group of aliens.

Before accepting this deal I decided to ask the robot some questions because we did not really know much of anything about this situation, but after my second or third question the robot became angry and the blue light in his chest area became red and he ran at us yelling telling us to start helping them now.

I still had not even come close to asking most of my questions and we were not even prepared or armed or armored, but we started moving away from the robot as he ran at us commanding us to start our attack so we started our attack by running down the hall until we reached a dark and maybe damp scary hall that felt like you were headed into a slaughter house/scary alien spaceship or facility that was very dangerous.

I was already cautious and skeptical as usual but this response by the robot make me not trust him even more, this situation had too many unknowns and it felt like most of us would probably die because most of my former classmates were not ready for anything like this and we did not have any weapons or armor or knowledge of this place or who we were even going to fight, and so I felt that I was probably our best hope for survival if I used my knowledge of surviving various similar situations in dreams.

I did not realize that I was dreaming so I assumed that this was real life and that we could really die, and so I wanted to be very cautious and use my knowledge of surviving various situations in dreams to help myself and my former classmates survive this.

We very slowly moved forward through the dark scary hall with many openings and ambush points, this layout was a nightmare and we could be easily ambushed at any time, and so I was very worried and I was barely moving forward as I tried to be very cautious.

We at least needed weapons and I knew that I had some outside so I ran down a hall on the right side that went outside to the back of the building, and many of our parent’s and family members were arriving to the front of the building like they knew about what was going on and were there to cheer us on and support us from outside and from the front of the building (almost like spectators at a sports game).

My parent’s were there and my dad was talking to people outside the front of the building (which was actually the left side of the building), but my mom walked to the back of the building where I was as I looked for my weapons and any other weapons I could use.

I knew that I had at least one gun and some ammunition, I found some wooden and metal baseball bats of various sizes and some sticks and other mêlée weapons, and I found my gun and ammunition as I talked with my mom.

My former male classmate DH walked over and we both tried to pick out our mêlée weapons and guns, he had some pistols that shot .22 long rifle rounds, and I decided to use two of his pistols because I had more .22 long rifle ammunition than I did for my pistol (which was a more powerful pistol) and I probably chose a short metal baseball bat as my main mêlée weapon.

I went to split my .22 long rifle ammunition with my former classmate DH, oddly the rounds looked like pellets instead of real .22 long rifle rounds, but oddly I did not notice this in the dream as I rushed to prepare quickly because our former classmates were probably being slaughtered inside the building so we were losing time on helping save them and the assumed aliens who needed our help.

Even though we were in the back of the building outside during this something strange happened to where this area was now a room, some of the family members were using some of the rooms in the front of the building like temporary hotel rooms, and now the area that we were in was in one of these rooms.

A man with dark-brown skin with a blue baseball hat/cap who knew my parent’s knocked at the door, my mom answered the door leaving it mostly closed because she did not want the man to know that we were still in the room because all of us former classmates were supposed to be inside the building fighting, and the man started talking about one of his children who was in the building fighting and he asked about me.

He kept wanting to come into the room but my mom stopped him, but he eventually forced his way partly inside the room and he saw us and he made some negative comments and insults at my former classmate DH and I calling us cowards and maybe implying that we were homosexual (which we are not).

He did not realize that we were just getting our equipment first before going to join the fight, and we had no time for this and I was angered by him so I just told him to get out so he left still insulting us.

It was taking us too long to get ready and I feared the worst for our former classmates, I had no idea how I was going to be able to help us survive this using only caution and common sense and knowledge of past dreams, but I was about to join the fight even though we were not ready but I woke up.

Dream 2

All that I can remember of this dream is that it took place during the day, and I remember being outside on the side of a quiet highway over-looking a lake with a large multi-story house on the middle of the lake that could only be reached by water or air.

A probably rich and well-connected maybe over-fat man (probably a vampire or some kind of other entity who looked human) with whitish-colored skin had gathered a group of people (probably vampires, humanoid and non-humanoid non-human animals like maybe talking cats et cetera who could stand on two feet et cetera, and other entities with various powers/abilities/weapons) who he was probably paying or offering to pay if they kill all the criminals (his words) inside the house on the lake and maybe you would get a bonus if you cleared out the house first or got the most kills.

I have no idea why I was there but I assume that I was maybe a vampire, the rich man/vampire probably left, and I remember the others trying to come up with an attack plan while I watched and listened from a distance.

There was a man among them who I assumed to be a vampire, and he looked and dressed somewhat like a weaker and lighter-colored hair (brown) version of the character Smiling Jack from the video game Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines.

The Smiling Jack-like vampire noticed a woman dressed like a ninja with half of her face covered in the crowd, he seemed suspicious of her, and eventually he told the others that she was one of the criminals from the house who they were supposed to kill.

The female ninja said that he was correct and that she was here to help them kill the other criminals because she was bored and needed a challenge or something like that, but the others decided to try to kill her so she teleported or used some kind of power/ability to quickly return to the house on the lake.

The group then decided to shoot all of their powers/weapons at the house at the same time to kill her and all the criminals and the entire house without attacking it normally, and so they all attacked the house from a distance at the same time with beams of blue energy and explosives and other weapons and powers.

I saw the ninja escape right before the house was hit, the others did not seem to notice, and the house exploded killing all the criminals except for the ninja I assume.

I saw the ninja hiding in the bushes near me, she signaled for me to not warn the others and I had no reason to so I did not, but the Smiling Jack-like vampire seemed to suspect that she was not dead so I walked over to him to try to get him to think that she was dead.

I kept questioning all of his points trying to get him to see that there was no evidence that she was alive, even without any evidence he still somehow knew, and he started to suspect that I knew the truth and/or that I was her in disguise.

The Smiling Jack-like vampire gathered a few of the others to go search for the ninja, I decided to join them to try to get him to stop being suspicious of me, and I remember us walking through the yard of The E House.

The Smiling Jack-like man kept watching me like he was looking for an opening to kill me by surprise, I assumed that he was an older vampire than me so he should be more powerful, and so I knew that I had to not leave an opening and that I would have to kill him quick if he ever did attack me if I hoped to survive.

I avoided turning my back to him as we walked around searching for the ninja, at some point it was time to return to the others, and him and I were at the back of the line and he seemed ready to attack me so I hid behind the corner of The E House on the concrete area under the stairs to the second floor so that I could confront him before he could attack me from behind.

The others had left the yard at this point so we were alone, and when he pass the corner looking for me to attack me I confronted him.

He started talking trying to distract me as he reached one hand in his pocket to probably get a pocket knife and it seemed that he had a hidden weapon hidden in the other hand, and while talking he moved his hand with the hidden weapon up like he was about to reveal it and stab me with it while he opens his pocket knife with the other hand and then finish me off with the pocket knife.

He tried to act normal while doing all of this but I grabbed both of his wrists to stop him, he still tried to act normal, but I asked him if he was about to kill me and he said yes.

He started to tell me that he was sorry but.., and then he pushed up his hidden weapon which was a pen but I had both of his wrists stopping him from stabbing me.

He started to try to overpower me slowly so I decided to take no chances, and I quickly went to kill him because I assumed that he was more powerful than me so I continued holding his wrists and I headbutted him several times (I possibly headbutted my pillow in the real world as well, but I am not sure but I think that I felt like this possibly happened but I was still in the dream so I have no idea).

This stunned him and gave me an opening to grab his pen, and then I stabbed him with it several times while still holding his other wrist so that he could not open his pocket knife.

I stabbed him hard enough and in the right place where he died and he turned into a pile of ash on the concrete (so he was a vampire I assume), no one was around to see or hear this, and then I tried to decide what I should do about this but I woke up as I tried to figure out if I should tell the others or leave or clean up the evidence and then return to the others.

The end,

-John Jr

A Loving Inspired Dream

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This dream from last night was partly inspired by a Double Toasted review of the film Loving (2016) that I saw yesterday on YouTube, I have not seen this film yet, but my mind used the review of this film as inspiration I assume.

I have forgotten most of this dream so now all that I can remember of the end of this dream is that it took place during the day, and I think that I was at a college-like campus.

I was probably inside a room (maybe a bedroom of a dorm or apartment) sitting down reading a letter than was sent to me by a clan, I assume a vampire clan but I am not sure, and this letter was sent from a different clan than the clan that I was part of so I assume that I was a vampire but I am not sure.

The letter from the other clan had a message that was a threat, and this other clan was threatening me about something that I can not remember (maybe it had something to do with the woman in the next part of the dream, and maybe this was somewhat inspired by the relationship of Richard Loving and Mildred Jeter Loving in the film Loving (which is based on a real life story) but I am not sure).

This threatening letter from this other clan angered and annoyed me, they had the nerve to threaten me and my freedom, and I remember thinking and wondering if they had forgotten who they were messing with and had they forgotten who my clan was.

I think that my clan was the Brujah clan which in this dream was the largest vampire clan I assume, and the Brujah are known for being passionate and quick to anger and quick to fight and rebels and warriors and activists and philosophers and lovers of freedom and fighters for freedom et cetera.

I was not going to let this other clan’s threats stop me from doing whatever it was that I was doing and I was not going to let them take away my freedom, and if they want to attack me then they better be ready for a fight because they would have to deal with me and possibly any other Brujah around because in situations like this the Brujah usually support each other and have each others backs in fights and are known to be fierce fighters especially when it comes to fighting for freedom.

I was confused that this other clan would even consider threatening a Brujah like this, did they really think that a Brujah would accept these threats against them and their freedom, and did they really think that they could defeat the Brujah (especially when fighting for freedom and each other)?

I started to wonder if they had a new special weapon or some kind of new magic and/or new discipline(s) et cetera that was making them do something this bold and stupid or maybe they were really that stupid and/or over-confident to threaten me/us.

But that is all that I can remember of this part of the dream.

The next part of the dream took place outside as I was walking away from this building with a woman who looked like or was the actress Ruth Negga, and Mrs. Negga was possibly my wife or girlfriend or friend or fellow Brujah clan member or she had some kind of relationship with me in this dream.

We walked and talked to a nearby park that somewhat reminded me of a fictional version of the W Park in the city of D, I remember us walking by a small river/stream that went through the park, and there was a fallen tree trunk that cross this narrow river so we wanted to cross this trunk to reach the other side.

There was a warning sign saying that it was dangerous and to not cross the trunk, but Mrs. Negga was not going to let this sign or anyone tell her that she could not cross this trunk so she was determined to cross it like I had been determined earlier in the dream to not let that other clan’s threats stop me or take away my freedom.

This seemed to be a bit symbolic and we joined together in what you might consider a bounding activity as we tried to cross this trunk to reach the other side regardless of what the warning sign said and what other people thought or what other people said or what the current social norms/rules were.

I decided to go first to make sure that the trunk would not break, and I remember talking to and encouraging Mrs. Negga (we both were determined to do what we want when we think that something is not wrong, and to stand for our freedom even if it goes against current social norms/rules et cetera) as I did this but I woke up as I was almost done crossing to the other side or right after I reached the other side successfully.

The end,

-John Jr