October 25, 2016 | An Uniformed Man And Gangs Controlling My Parent’s Neighborhood

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Dream 1

All that I can remember of this dream from last night is that during the dream I remember sleeping on the couch on the left side of the living room of my parent’s house as my brother GC slept on the couch on the right side of the living room, and I farted very loudly as I was waking up in the dream.

As I was waking up after farting I noticed an unknown man with whitish-colored skin in the living room with a camera on a tripod, he seemed like a professional camera person/photographer/et cetera who had taken some photographs and recorded some videos inside our house for some reason, and he was in the process of leaving.

He heard and smelled my fart I guess because he was making a face of disgust while trying to cover his nose and mouth while trying to fan away the smell with one of his hands, this was a bit embarrassing, but he did not realize that I was waking up so that helped me to feel a bit less embarrassed so I stayed still watching as he was leaving because he did not realize that I was awake.

My mom was in the dining room and they said something to each other as he was leaving, maybe my parent’s had won a contest or something and them and our house got to be featured on television and/or in the newspaper and/or in a magazine and/or online and/or something like tha, but I can not remember because I forgot what they said and I forgot what my mom had told me after she explained the details to me.

After the man left I talked with my mom about what had happened and about who the man was and why he had been there, the details were explained to me but I forgot them because I did not voice record this dream before going back to sleep (probably several times) and having two more dreams after this, and so now I can only remember what happened after our conversation.

After our conversation I remember daydreaming and thinking about the man telling his coworkers and others about how I had farted loudly, I imagined that he would probably not want to return to our house, and I hoped that me farting loudly was not featured in final video/images.

But that is all that I can remember of this dream now.

Dream 2

All that I can remember of this dream now is that it took place during the day in a more dangerous and gang-filled/controlled version of my parent’s neighborhood, throughout the dream there were suspicious and criminal activities taking place around the neighborhood that I would sometimes see saw part of, and during these moments among the various gang members involved I kept noticing a thin man with whitish-colored skin with long or long medium-length orange-colored hair who seemed to be a law enforcement officer or a security guard or a private security contractor (mercenary or private soldier) or intelligence officer or someone like that who always wore a maybe blueish-colored uniform (except the pants were possibly a different color maybe) and work hat (baseball hat (cap)) with maybe a reddish-colored symbol of his employer on his hat and/or shirt opposite his assumed badge that was on the other side of his shirt if he had a badge.

This uniformed man kept appearing around the neighborhood constantly, he seemed to be involved in many of these illegal and suspicious activities like a corrupt police officer/security guard/private security contractor/intelligence agent/or someone like that, he probably was involved indirectly usually depending on the situation, and he seemed dangerous and the gangs did not seem to mess with him like he out-ranked them like they were afraid of and/or working under and/or working with his assumed employer so he seemed to be able to move around freely and probably give them orders/advice sometimes but that is just my wild guess.

During one part of the dream I was walking down the street past my uncle WC’s house when there was some gang activity going on but this time it was very dangerous stuff, there had probably been a shootout among two gangs and people died during the shooting, and then the one gang who won took two of the other gang members hostage and walked them behind an alley of grass and the uniformed man joined them like he was taking direct control of the situation.

At the end of the street behind me some men with dark-brownish colored skin with short black hair were talking out loud (doing commentary of what they were watching) as they watched this while sitting on a front porch of a house or mobile home and there were other people watching this in the neighborhood as well, the uniformed man and the gang members said some things among themselves and then to the two gang members who were hostages (in the dream I heard everything that was said, but now I have forgotten everything that was said), and the uniformed man had one of the hostage gang members get on his knees as he begged for his life and then the uniformed man shot the gang member twice in the chest aiming at the heart from point-blank range.

The uniformed man did this so easily like it was nothing to him, he probably smiled and maybe quietly laughed a bit, and then he did the same thing to the other gang member who also begged for his life while on his knees but he was shot and killed in the same way (the uniformed man executed/killed them like they were not even human, and so it was easy for him and did not bother him at all).

I remember trying to hide while I watched this because I was afraid that they would kill any witnesses, oddly the men at the end of the street sat in the open still talking loudly as they watched continuing to do commentary and share their reactions about how messed up this situation was et cetera, and to my surprise the uniformed man and the winning gang members left without killing any of us witnesses like they knew that no one would be stupid enough to snitch (tell the police what they saw and heard).

This uniformed man and the gangs seemed to have the neighborhood(s) under their control so most people were probably too afraid to report them or do anything about them, the uniformed man probably smiled and looked around letting us know that he knew that there were witnesses but that he was confident that no one would snitch, and there was more to this dream after this (like me probably returning home) but that is all that I can remember of this dream now.

Dream 3

All that I can remember of this dream is that it was a continuation of the second dream it seemed so it took place during the day in this dangerous gang-filled version of the neighborhood that my parent’s live in, and I was probably at my parent’s house or yard when my male cousin ME stopped by telling me rumors that he had heard about the uniformed man and the gangs.

He told me the stories that he had heard about the two gang members who got murdered/executed, and then he was surprised when I told him that I was there when it happened and that I saw and heard everything so he asked me to share my story so I did.

I asked him various questions as I compared the different stories that he had heard as I tried to learn more about the uniformed man and the gangs, and about who the uniformed man was and what was his involvement in everything and who did he work for and what were his goals et cetera.

But that is all that I can remember of this dream.

The end,

-John Jr

October 24, 2016 | Being Used As Bait For A Great White Shark

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All that I can remember of this dream from last night is that it took place during the day at an indoor/outdoor area near one or more connected ponds and/or lakes and/or rivers and/or bodies of water, and I was there among other people who were eating and drinking and talking et cetera.

At some point I was on one side of the corner in a doorway, and there was a woman and a man with brownish-colored skin with black hair talking to each other on the other side of the corner in the outdoor area when I accidentally farted so I apologized and I sprayed some air freshener around the corner that I got from the room behind me.

Shortly after this I was approached by a man with whitish-colored skin with dark-colored hair who asked me to help him move some objects (books and other things) from some shelves in the indoor/outdoor areas, and so I did but at some point while I was doing this I saw a very large Great White Shark in the water and eventually it started trying to attack me.

I learned that the man had tricked me and he had used me as bait to lure the Great White Shark out, while the shark was attacking me the man had planned to kill the shark while it was distracted, but he had not told me any of this so I had thought that I was just helping him move stuff to and from shelves and probably organizing the stuff on the shelves like I do at my shelver job at The B Parish Library.

I learned that the man wanted to kill the shark in revenge because the shark had killed the man’s male friend or boyfriend or husband or someone like that who also had whitish-colored skin with dark-colored hair, but things did not go according to plan and the shark probably tried to attack him (he realized that he was not prepared enough to kill the shark) too so the man ran away once the shark had focused his attention back to me.

To get away from the indoor/outdoor area you had to cross various obstacles like narrow docks and land et cetera that crossed over the water so you had to do this slowly because the shark was able to jump in the air over and near these areas, and so you had to dodge and run and hide and stop et cetera depending on the situation.

My plan was to be on the defensive at first until I could cause the shark to lose sight of me, and then I would look for an opening and a way to kill it or defeat it or catch it or stop it.

I remember running around hiding, dodging, stopping, blocking, et cetera during my battle with the shark who kept trying to kill me in various ways.

At some point the shark lost sight of me and he swam down to a low and shallow area trying to find me, and I hid on a hill overlooking the shallow area below where the shark was and watched for an opening as I tried to figure out my surprise attack plan against the shark.

On another hill overlooking this area was the alley by my parent’s house where the pet cages are oddly, and I saw my female cousins DE and RE and one or two other girls practicing martial arts and using nunchucks (nunchaku) in this area.

I was worried that the shark would come after them and I wanted to warn them, but this was risky because I might lose my hiding spot and the shark would come after me before I could come up with a sneak attack plan and/or the shark would notice them and attack them before they could escape.

I tried to warn them by quietly calling their names trying to get their attention but they were too focused on their martial arts training so they did not hear me so I started to worry, and I stopped to think about how I could get their attention without causing the shark to notice them or me but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr

October 23, 2016 | A JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure Inspired Dream

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Last night I several dreams that I remembered part of but each time that I woke up to use the bathroom I did not voice record these dreams or think about them, and so I forgot all of them after going back to sleep and dreaming several times so now I can only barely remember part of my last dream and I can not even remember most of it now because I did not think about it or voice record it when I had the chance.

I think that this dream was inspired by the Japanese animated (anime) television series JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure, which I watched an episode of last night (I have only seen the first two episodes so far), and during at least one part of the dream I remember hearing the song Roundabout by the music group (band) Yes which is the ending song for this anime during the ending credits.

I can not remember most of the dream, I just remember being with a group of people including a girl with whitish-colored skin who possibly was the leader of the group, and we seemed to be on an adventure or quest or mission to do something (to maybe stop someone or something who was doing terrible things) and we had to face/fight/defend against various strange threats inside and outside along the way so this dream was probably more inspired by the promo for JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure than the television series itself.

The girl may have only been a kid but she could fight and she was brave and she was a good leader and she was a helpful part of the group, we had to survive and work together as a group as we faced various types of strange threats along our journey, and so we used a lot of teamwork during the dream and we used different strategies to deal with/handle/defeat different threats.

During one fight maybe a safe/box-like container was used against us, it was thrown at us and someone in our group who was the older sister of the girl got trapped in it, but we managed to free her and we used it against the threat(s).

We probably fought mostly strange non-human threats of various types, creatures and entities and objects that do not exist in the real world, and some of these threats were probably more like moving objects and paranormal entities than living entities and creatures but I can not remember any of them specifically.

That is all that I can remember of this dream at this time.

The end,

-John Jr

October 22, 2016 | A Jack Reacher-Like Man Gets Framed

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Last night I woke up several times but I did not voice record those dreams so I forgot all of my dreams except barely part of one dream.

All that I can remember of this dream is that it possibly took place in New York during a gray day that was supposed to be somewhat cold, but I am not sure if that was the name of the city or if that was the name of the state or both or if I am even correct about that at all.

I had a job and I went to work, I remember walking down a hallway and a fictional female coworker of mine with whitish-colored skin was just arriving to work as well so she was walking behind me, and we went into a fictional version of my female coworker Mrs. J’s office at The B Parish Library so that we could clock in for work on one of the computers in a fictional computer lab that was in this fictional version of her office so I assume that this was my shelver job at a fictional larger version of The B Parish Library.

Mrs. J was still out on her maternity leave and a fictional female coworker with whitish-colored skin was filling in for her, there were some patrons entering the room to use the computers, and my female coworker who followed me into the office/room/computer lab and I tried to figure out which computers could we clock in for work on.

My fictional female coworker who was filling in for Mrs. J was using this office/room/computer lab for a program of some kind where she would teach patrons how to do something but I am not sure what, she also handled the computer lab, and this was also her office.

Something happened inside other parts of the building so I am not sure what happened but I do know that the police were responding to whatever happened so we were waiting for them to handle the situation, and I remember hearing some police officers yelling commands at someone so I looked outside the door into the hall to see what was going on.

A group of male police officers were at the end of the hall yelling commands at a Jack Reacher-like man who was dangerous (he was skilled and well-trained and very experienced in various combat and other related skills, and he could have easily killed and/or defeated all of those police officer using only hand-to-hand combat) , they thought that he was the person responsible for whatever had happened but he was not and he was actually there trying to help with the situation and was doing his own investigation, and someone was setting him up but they did not know this yet. (I am not sure how I knew all of this)

The Jack Reacher-like man probably said a few things to them but they did not believe him, he did not want to hurt these police officer so it seemed that he was pausing to decide what to do (hurting them was an option, but he felt like giving them a chance today), and then he decided to let them arrest him to see what happens because he knew that he could escape if he wanted to or needed to so he probably was going to see if they would realize that he was telling the truth before taking him to jail.

As the Jack Reacher-like man was letting the police arrest him the person who framed him entered the hall from the opposite end, this person was a man with whitish-colored skin who was a sheriff or police officer, and he had a rifle and he raised it so that he could shoot and kill the Jack Reacher-like man.

His plan was to frame the Jack Reacher-like man and kill him before he could prove his innocence, he would give an excuse for shooting him and he expected the other police officer to cover for him, but something happened where someone saw him and he ended up accidentally shooting a police officer instead of the Jack Reacher-like man so the other police officers arrested him instead and they let the Jack Reacher-like man go who then probably proceeded to continue his investigation.

The police did a forced evacuation of the building but they somehow missed the room that I and the others were in, and I walked outside to the back of the building which had a small beach oddly and so there was water next to the sand.

Oddly the police forced the evacuees (the people forced to evacuate the building) to swim a lap in the cold water for no clear reason, I was standing near the building so they did not see me, and I watched in confusion as the evacuees swam into the water and back and stood in line on the sand.

I then realized that my fictional female coworker and I never did clock in for work, and so I tried to think about what to do about this.

I was not sure if I should enter the building and check in or what I should do, I also was not sure what to do about the work time that we missed, but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr

October 21, 2016 | An Atlanta Inspired Dream?

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My sleep got interrupted last night when I woke up feeling somewhat hot and uncomfortable and sore and needing to urinate and I had not remembered any of my dreams at this point, after urinating I was having problems going back to sleep and I was still sore and uncomfortable and I ended up talking with my brother GC which cost me even more sleep, and eventually I was able to get comfortable enough to sleep by adding an extra pillow on top of my pillow(s) but there was only about an hour left before I had to wake up to get ready for work (so I did not get enough sleep).

In was during this time when I finally had a dream that I barely remembered part of, it was possibly inspired by a FX television series called Atlanta that I have never seen an episode of, but I have seen some commercials for it and I did see about three minutes of it during a commercial break once.

All that I can remember of this dream is that it took place during maybe a gray day and I was driving through a city when I stopped to park in a parking lot outside of three or more small connected (maybe not directly connected, but maybe indirectly connected) one-story brick buildings with the first building being a visitor/tourist center-like rest stop-like building where you could get pamphlets and food and drink from vending machines and use the bathroom.

I remember trying to figure out how to enter the first building or any of the buildings, eventually I figured it out, and another man probably entered the first building as well.

There were no employees there, it seemed to be a self-service type place where you get your own pamphlets and buy what you want from the vending machines and use the bathroom and sit down or leave, but I can not remember what I did other than look around and wait a bit.

At some point I tried to figure out how to enter the other two buildings, I remember maybe a woman with dark-brown skin and black hair and maybe one or two men with dark-brown skin and black hair driving up and parking in the parking lot, and they entered the second or third building so I followed them so that I could figure out how to enter the building(s) too because the design of these buildings were a bit confusing.

At some point we were inside a restaurant/diner/bar/club-like building, most people (maybe not all) in this dream had brownish colored skin (light, medium, and dark), and at some point there were some arguments and fights among some of the people and guns were drawn and some people got shot (the woman and one or two men who I had followed inside the building were involved in this as well).

This incident/part of the dream/dream and the characters in it were turned into a television series that seemed to probably be like a more violent version of the television series Atlanta, I have never seen an entire episode so I am not sure what that show is usually like, and I possibly partly knew that this was a dream or based on a dream maybe but the dream was probably not lucid because I possibly did not realize that I was still in a dream or I did not think about trying to control the dream or something like that but I am not sure.

The television series of this dream or that part of the dream followed various dream characters including the woman and the two men, the woman was involved in some drama that I can not remember (maybe romantic and baby daddy drama, and normal life struggles), and the two men were either brothers or friends who ended up joining a crew/gang and they went around with this crew/gang committing crimes.

So this television series followed these dream characters as they lived their lives, it was fiction and not a reality series so they were actors and actresses playing parts, and so there were various things that happened during this dream with a focus on drama and violence.

At the end of the dream the two men and their crew/gang were in a shootout after probably trying to rob and/or kill another crew/gang, something went wrong, and the two men who only cared about themselves decided to shoot at their enemies wildly while standing behind their crew/gang who were also shooting so they ended up shooting and killing their enemies and their own crew/gang.

The two men did not care about their crew/gang, they were just in it for the money/fun/protection/et cetera, and so after carelessly shooting and killing their own crew/gang and the enemy they simply shrugged their shoulders and celebrated their victory and said how they only cared about protecting each other because they were homies (their words) and said how they did not care about their crew/gang anyway and they left before the police could show up but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr

October 20, 2016 | A The Walking Dead: Season Two Inspired Dream

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I did not voice record or think about my dreams from last night really so I have forgotten almost all of them except for barely part of one dream, and maybe before that dream I possibly had a dream that was inspired by the television series American Horror Story: Roanoke which I watched an episode of last night but I am not sure.

This dream was inspired by The Walking Dead Telltale Games video games like The Walking Dead: Season One and The Walking Dead: Season Two, probably because I watched an Itsreal85Gaming gameplay of The Walking Dead: Season Two last night before going to sleep.

Part of the dream possibly involved characters from the video game like Clementine, but I am not sure.

I do know that the dream was like a video game and it followed people trying to survive during a zombie apocalypse, I am not sure if I was controlling things like I was playing a video game or not, but I do remember there being repetition and decisions that needed to be made.

I remember having to do something that I can not remember many times and/or having to spend a long time doing one thing over and over, the dream also involved the interactions between survivors in a group and the environment, but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

The end,

-John Jr

October 19, 2016 | Fake Versions (Impostors) Of My Brothers KD And TD?

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Source: Wikipedia.org

All that I can remember of this dream from last night is that I think that the dream started during the day but I am not sure because later it was pretty dark inside a house, probably because the curtains were closed, and I was either inside my parent’s house or outside in the yard when I noticed what seemed to be my brothers TD and KD walking up the street past The G House carrying what looked like maybe fishing supplies (buckets, fishing rods (poles), et cetera).

This made no sense because I had not heard that they were going to visit, they did not have their automobile and they live in another state, they are usually busy with college and American football, their fishing supplies are at my parent’s house and not at their college dorm, there is no reason from them to be walking from that direction, and so I knew that something was not right.

They were far away but I could tell that these were probably fake versions (impostors) of my brother KD and TD, and that these impostors were possibly not even human or were possibly possessed (being controlled) by something because I noticed that the assumed impostor of my brother KD’s face and the area around his eyes looked strange somewhat like the character Kaecilius from the soon to be released film Doctor Strange so his eyes seemed to glowing in a maybe orangish color while there seemed to be black stuff (maybe like charcoal) smeared around his eyes and part of his face.

I told my brother GC and I showed him, and the two of us went to approach these assumed impostors of our brothers KD and TD who had walked on the other side of The G House where we could not see them now before they could reach our parent’s yard.

Once my brother GC and I reached the other side of The G House we saw a SUV (sport utility vehicle) or van parked in the driveway that leads to The E House, and the assumed impostors either got into it or they were already in it or we did not see them anymore but I can not remember.

The driver rolled down the driver’s window and it was our aunt DE and she greeted us, I walked over to talk to her while my brother GC walked to the double-gates of The E House like he was guarding it and watching my back in case they were assumed impostors too, and she seemed to really be my aunt DE and she was in a good mood.

My uncle EE, my male cousin EE and his children, and several other people were inside the automobile but I could not see everyone who was inside the automobile to see if the assumed impostors of my brothers KD and TD were in there are (or) not probably.

My aunt DE and my uncle EE said that they were hoping to spend some time with my brothers KD and TD and maybe they were here to visit, I assumed that they wanted to maybe go fishing and watch my brothers KD and TD play American Football at L University, and hangout with them and other family members.

Something happened that I can not remember where some of them wanted to go inside The E House for some reason so maybe I unlocked the door for them (if they did not have their key), and I remember worrying about zombies getting into the yard and/or house because they left the gate open and part of the fence by The W’s House was gone and was nothing but a very short makeshift fence with an open gate so I probably wanted to keep this short before zombies come. (I have no idea why I was worried about zombies and would even think that they existed, maybe they were in the parts of the dream that I can not remember or because I watched a video of Itsreal85gaming playing The Walking Dead: Season Two video game before going to sleep last night, but I am not sure)

The inside of The E House was very dark and all the curtains were closed, I remember some of us going around slightly adjusting the curtains for a bit more light, and I remember my uncle EE making some comments and sexual comments about one or more women who I assumed to be pornographic actresses.

This confused me and I wondered why my uncle EE would be making comments like this to me because he is married to my aunt DE, who was also inside the house but just in a different room, and it was out of nowhere and inappropriate in my opinion but I can not remember what my response was but I do know that I was confused and surprised and more.

I wanted to open all the main curtains and leave the shear curtains closed but I felt that we needed to leave before zombies arrive and I worried that this would allow zombies and/or other people to somewhat see into the house during the night, and so I decided to leave the curtains mostly closed for now to be safe and I got everyone else to start leaving as I tried to find my brother GC who was missing.

When I went outside everyone was gone and I still had not found my brother GC yet, but oddly outside of the yard of The E House was a male cousin of my former male classmate DH named D.

D was calling someone on his mobile phone, to me it sounded like he was involved with something illegal and something had went wrong, and so he was calling the people who he was working for about the problem.

A large white truck (dually or dual-mode truck) drove toward him as I was leaving, the man driving the truck looked like the actor Ben Kingsley playing a fictional criminal country version of the character Trevor Slattery as a fake version of The Mandarin except he looked like himself instead of the character except he was wearing a white T-shirt, and this was the person who my former classmate DH’s cousin D had called.

Mr. Kingsley or Mr. Slattery/The Fake Madarin was angry and was not really the boss so he was also working under the real boss who was never revealed so I assumed that his boss was probably The Real Mandarin, and that he was afraid of getting in trouble because of D’s mistake.

I tried to sneak away without being seen because they seemed to be involved in illegal activities and I felt that D was at risk of being killed for his mistake, and that I would be killed too if they knew that I was a witness so I sneaked to the other side of The G House and I quietly jumped/climbed my parent’s fence to get into their yard.

As I was doing this I heard arguing and then a gunshot, I assumed that D got shot and was dead, and then I heard the truck driving away but first it reversed up the street past my parent’s yard to the dead end sign to turn around so I tried to hide as Mr. Kingsley or Mr. Slattery/The Fake Mandarin reversed and turned around and drove away.

After he left I went inside my parent’s house where I probably found my brother GC and I probably told him what had happened, and then I thought about whether I should call the police or not and tell them what had happened.

I was afraid that my family and I would be killed if I talked so I took a moment to daydream about the various possibilities and I tested various ways of handling the situation because I was the next-to-last person to see D alive so the police would probably question me and suspect me, to me the safest approach would probably be to share the facts involving me but only share vague details about who I assumed to be driving the white truck and not try to assume what happened when I heard the gunshot because I could not see what had happened.

I wanted the police to have to figure out on their own who was driving the truck and hoped that I could be vague and claim some ignorance to avoid identifying Mr. Kingsley or Mr. Slattery/The Fake Mandarin for them so that him and his boss would not see me and my family as a threat that needs to be eliminated, I wanted to share more but I was afraid for our safety, and so I kept thinking and daydreaming about how should I handle this situation.

I did consider telling the police everything regardless of the risk but I was also considering other possibilities, but I woke up as I ran these various scenarios in my mind before making my next move.

The end,

-John Jr