A Man Being Overly Sheltered?

I did not record this dream or really think about it all day and I had to get out of bed quickly, and so now I can not remember most of it. I am not sure if the dream was about someone else and / or me, there was a man (maybe me and / [...]


The Prophecy II (7/8) Movie CLIP – How Does This Work? (1998) HD

Here is a scene from the 1998 movie The Prophecy II that I found on the YouTube channel Movieclips called The Prophecy II (7/8) Movie CLIP - How Does This Work? (1998) HD: https://youtu.be/QOWkXpnwlek A year or two or so ago I was flipping / glancing through television channels when I stopped on a new [...]

Thinking About Goblin Slayer Onward Unto Death

This dream was inspired by me watching the Wisecrack video Goblin Slayer: Why ONLY Goblins Matter — Wisecrack Edition and watching episode 7 (Onward Unto Death) of the anime television show Goblin Slayer. https://youtu.be/8SXLtltYE8w I did not really sleep much at all, I was kind of in and out of light sleep with a few [...]

The Mortal Something?

I am currently sick and I had some interesting long dreams, but I only barely remember part of maybe two dreams. Dream 1 This dream took place during a very beautiful sunny day in a slightly fictional version of the city of D, unfortunately I can not remember most of the dream now, I just [...]

Candy Stripers (2006)

What is it? The 2006 horror science fiction movie Candy Stripers. https://youtu.be/PqhpwzF2TRU https://youtu.be/LPSis5QtCfA What is it about? This is how Rotten Tomatoes describes this movie: When a college basketball player suffers a debilitating injury during an out-of-town game, his trip to the hospital is only the beginning of his nightmare in this tale of terror [...]

Trying To Choose Something For Professional Development

The end of this dream took place at a fictional possibly windowless dimly lit modern version of The BP Library, and I was there working at my job and I possibly left and returned there at least once during the dream. It was time to choose and do professional development at work, and I was [...]

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