A Fictional Version Of My Parent’s House And A Fair

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I fell asleep on the couch last night and I woke up a few hours later and then I got in bed and I went back to sleep without trying to see if I had any dreams or not, and now I can only barely remember the end of my last dream from last night.

All that I can remember of the end of this dream from last night is that I was at a fictional version of my parent’s house during the day, and my parent’s house and yard was possibly near where the KRH Elementary School should be in a field.

This fictional version of my parent’s house was narrow and long and rectangular with more rooms, and so there were extra bedrooms with their own doors to the outside so there were many ways inside the house and I got my own bedroom in the dream.

My brothers KD and TD were there as well, along with my mom and my brother GC, and I seemed to have maybe just picked my room because I kept forgetting which door led to my room during the dream.

The house and the yard was nice, we had more privacy and a better view and more space event though the house was more narrow, and it was interesting having my own room with a good view of one side of the yard and with my own door to the outside.

As I was enjoying the inside of the house and outside in the yard, my female cousin TE walked over, and she asked my brothers TD and KD if I was home so I walked over to see what she wanted.

Our cousin TE wanted to ask me about something and / or someone, I can not remember what or who, but I remember trying to answer her question(s) and then we briefly talked.

I remember trying to figure out which door led to my room from the outside of the house, I remember saying out-loud that I still have not memorized which door went to my room yet, because I wanted to either show my cousin TE my room and / or we needed somewhere more private to talk.

Before my cousin TE left she probably told me that a fair was starting, and so after she left my brother GC and I drove there in my automobile.

The parking lot between the KRH Elementary School and the D Junior High School was still there, and the fairground was in a field near where the D Junior High School should be so we could have walked there but we drove there for some reason even though it was close to our house.

I parked in the parking lot and I started talking with my brother GC before we got out, and I noticed what looked like members of a maybe Latino gang wearing black and gray and white checkered shirts and bandannas looking like stereotypes who were staring at us throwing gang signs.

When I was talking with my brother GC I was moving my arms a lot as I talked, and so they probably thought that I was throwing gang signs or something.

I probably smiled and waved back at them and then I stopped moving my arms and I looked away hoping that they would realize that they had been mistaken, and fortunately this worked.

After they stopped staring at us my brother GC and I got out of my automobile to go to the fair, and so did the assumed gang members.

I can not remember the details of the fair, I just know that the gang members did not bother us, and eventually my brother GC and I returned home.

Once again I remember enjoying the inside of the house and the yard, but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

The end,

-John Jr

A Secret Family Room And Meeting With The Old Gods (Deities)

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I can only remember part of this dream from last night which I will separate into three parts, and once again the dream was partly inspired by the book American Gods and the television series American Gods.

Part 1

All that I can remember of this part of the dream is that a forgotten part of it involved something related to American Gods and the remembered part of it took place inside a dimly lit slightly fictional version of The E House, and some of my family and family members and fictional family members from my mom’s side of the family and maybe some other people and I were there.

At some point in the dream maybe one or more older fictional family members decided to share a family secret to me, the main older fictional family member was an old woman with dark-color skin, and they would only let a limited amount of family members know this secret so only a few family members knew about this secret.

They told me that only adult family members who have proven themselves to be trustworthy, among other things, were among the few they would occasionally share this secret to.

I can not remember if there was more to this secret or not, probably, I just remember being shown a secret room which was a small storage closet that was hidden in the middle room behind the wall of the closet.

In this hidden secret room / storage closet were various old objects that belonged to members of the family over various generations, and some of these items included: books, photographs, letters, documents, heirlooms, records, and various other things that were deemed important enough for the family to store in this secret room to be saved and passed on through generations.

Unfortunately I can remember the details of what I was shown and what was said to me other than I saw some very old objects in this secret room that belonged to some of our ancestors from various cultures, but I do know that I was not allowed to tell anyone about this because only a small group of family members could decide who was told about and shown this secret.

The next thing that I remember, after the old woman and maybe the group of family members who seemed to be the small council over this family secret left, is some maybe real and fictional family members and maybe unknown people who were kids being in the house playing.

One of the fictional kids was a boy who somewhat reminded me of my former male classmate AK, this boy was smart just like my former classmate AK was, and when they were playing in the middle room he accidentally found the secret room somehow.

The boy told me that he found a secret room and he took me to it, it was the secret room that I had been shown, and so I had to tell him to not go inside of it because he was not allowed to.

The boy wanted to know why but I did not have permission to answer this, and so I had to walk into another room to try to call the family council to report this so that they could deal with it.

I was immediately blamed, they assumed that I had told the boy, but I explained the situation to them denying this.

I was told that the older woman would not be happy and that I should type a report of the situation and maybe email it to her, and then she would decide what to do next because it seemed that she was over the family council or whatever.

But that is all that I can remember of this part of the dream.

Part 2

All that I can remember of this part of the dream is that I was either myself and / or maybe the character Shadow Moon from American Gods or a man like him or I was myself and Shadow Moon or someone like him was in the dream as well.

We were in a dimly lit house or building or room, possibly The E House and maybe in the middle room but I can not remember, and we were at a meeting of The Old Gods (Deities) so various old gods and goddesses and other types of deities were there.

At some point I and / or Shadow was challenged to or somehow ended up in a match in a certain sport that I can not remember against an old god, maybe Mr. Nancy (Anansi) but I can not remember, and during our sports match I remember this Old God having something to do with blood like maybe he used blood to his advantage against me during the match so maybe he covered part of himself and / or something and / or me with blood as maybe a dirty tactic to win.

The Old God won our sports match, I remember him being happy about his victory, but that is all that I can remember of this part of the dream.

Part 3

All that I can remember of this part of the dream is that somehow I ended up meeting some of my former classmates like my former male classmates JC, DH, MT, maybe JB, maybe SS, and maybe a few others.

Somehow I or we had permission to be able to go to a high school gym to play sports for fun if we wanted to, maybe one of us worked there, and I assume that this high school was a fictional larger version of the D High School.

Some of us had not seen each other in years and we had not played certain sports in years, and so I challenged them to play some sports (including whatever sport I had played against that Old God from earlier in the dream) at the high school with and against me.

Some of them were not sure about this, but I convinced them to go.

There were some high school students at the gym because school and / or practice for various sports were going on, and I remember my former classmates and I playing some sports and maybe some of the high school students joined in but I can not remember.

It was fun getting to spend some time with my former classmates again and play sports with them again after all of these years, we felt so old, but we still had it when it came to sports (at least for people our age who have not played some sports in years).

But that is all that I can remember of this dream.

The end,

-John Jr

American Gods And A Small Town In Louisiana Riots / Protests Against The Donald Trump Administration / United States Government?

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I am not sure if this is one or two or three dreams from last night, so I will type them separately, but some important details are missing because I had to get up quickly to get ready for work because I slept longer than I should have.

Dream 1

My memory of this dream from last night is a bit unclear so I will make some assumptions during certain parts of the dream, and all that I can remember of this dream from last night is that maybe some early parts of the dream involved things from the book American Gods and the television show American Gods that possibly played a role in other parts of this dream as tensions built.

At some point in the dream I possibly saw a news report on television about a major situation that was going on in The United States.

I think that a riot / protest was taking place in maybe a small town in maybe the state of Louisiana, the riot / protest was possibly against The United States government and / or something that the Donald Trump administration had done, and the small town had possibly been taken over by the rioters / protesters (I remember seeing many people who seemed poor and angry and who had mostly dark-color and medium-color skin, but that was just in one quick video clip that I saw).

The United States government /  Donald Trump administration probably declared a state of emergency and was probably sending the Louisiana National Guard, FBI, et cetera to help the police and Louisiana state police and SWAT et cetera who were probably surrounding the town and were going to try to take back control of the town from the rioters / protesters.

Basically The United States was possibly partly on lockdown as the government / Donald Trump administration responded aggressively and quickly to the situation, and they also seemed to be trying to increase security and control around the entire country to prevent this from spreading to other states and cities et cetera.

The next thing that I remember is that I was possibly waking up or getting up from laying down on something in a room in maybe an airport-like building, the room and part of the building and this situation that I was in felt jail-like even though it was not a jail, and so it seemed that I was being temporarily detained.

It seemed that I had somehow traveled to The United States (maybe by airplane) so I was probably at an airport in The United States now (but I am not sure what country I was in earlier), and the security was very heavy and I assume that I got temporarily detained for questioning because I was trying to enter the country during a partial lockdown / state of emergency.

I was very groggy for some strange reason, almost like I had gotten knocked unconscious and / or drugged and /or slept very poorly or too deeply or something, and two male detectives (who were maybe really some kind of agents) entered the room with a woman or someone who knew me.

Both of the detectives wore suits, one of them had light-color skin and the other had dark-color skin, and the two detectives started questioning me but I was so groggy that when I talked it sounded like I was mumbling and they could not understand me at first.

So the woman or person who knew me translated what I was trying to say so that the detectives could understand me, this woman or person was acting like my friend / lawyer / translator and seemed to know me very well, and I remember the detectives acting and saying some things that did not sound detective-like or legal and that sounded inappropriate and the woman or person who knew me let them know this and strongly objected to me being questioned and detained any further because of this and the fact that I had done nothing wrong.

The detectives decided to let me go, and the woman or person I knew helped me out of the room because I was still a bit groggy.

I thanked the woman or person I knew for helping me, as we walked through the airport / wherever, the place had heavy security with armored military / SWAT-like people with assault rifles and checkpoints and patrols and people watching you from various vantage points et cetera.

This all seemed to be in response to what was going on in maybe the small town in Louisiana, I was probably in Louisiana now but I was in a different town, but the security was still heavy.

I remember seeing televisions in the airport / building that were showing the news which was following the situation in the small Louisiana town, the rioters / protesters were celebrating their victory of taking over the town I guess, but the military / police / FBI / SWAT / et cetera were probably going to end their happiness soon as I saw scenes of them mobilizing around the town.

I remember making my way outside, there were barricades and things set up to funnel us down a straight guarded path, and it felt so weird with all of this security and tension building.

There was also some happiness that I saw among some people who seemed to support the rioters / protesters, I remember a woman with dark-color skin with curly black / brown hair smiling at their victory, and I probably smiled at the ridiculous over-reaction by the government who seemed to be desperately trying to deal with this before others are inspired to rebel but I also knew that bad things were going to happen but I hoped for the best.

At some point I went to my parent’s house, there were various things that I can not remember in the dream that symbolized the rising tension (one of those things possibly connected with the American Gods related things that I can not remember from the beginning of the dream), and one thing that I do remember is that it seemed that a storm was coming.

It was literally getting darker outside, this approaching storm was possibly symbolic to what was going on in the dream, and I remember seeing my dad working in the yard when I arrived and I warned him that he should get inside because it seemed that a storm was coming but he was not worried.

Then an old fictional dying tree that was across the street in front of our yard that my dad wanted to cut down because he was worried that it would one day fall on our house, actually fell in our yard destroying part of the fence, but it barely missed the house.

The dying old tree falling was probably also symbolic, I walked over to see if my dad was okay and he was, and we started talking about the tree that fell and what we were going to do about it because there was probably not much time before the storm comes.

My dad decided that we would leave the tree there for today and work on it maybe the next day or later in the week when the weather was better, and my dad continued working trying to finish quickly before the storm comes.

I stopped for a moment noticing how various things seemed to be connected and building toward something, how the tension was rising, and how these things happening at the same time were possibly not by coincidence but I woke up.

Dream 2

All that I can remember of this dream is that I was outside in my parent’s yard during the day (maybe late afternoon), and my brothers KD and TD were visiting and they were on the left side of the yard outside of their window.

I walked over to talk with them but then something flew over the electrical lines and it flew over our heads, and it looked like maybe a General Atomics MQ-1 Predator drone (remotely piloted aircraft) that was flying dangerously low.

After flying over our heads it rose in the sky a bit like it was going to circle the neighborhood or somewhere else, this annoyed me, and I wondered what was this military-looking drone (RPA) doing flying over us like this.

I then possibly thought that it probably had something to do with the situation in The United States from the first dream or the first part of this dream if these two were actually part of the same dream, but I can not remember.

I said something to my brothers KD and TD about this that I can not remember, and then they both walked to the back side of the house near the back door to exercise on the wooden board.

I walked to the right side of the house to do some pull-ups and chin-ups on the metal swing, and as I was doing this some fictional and maybe real young family members and maybe some other young people walked in the yard to probably greet us.

There was a fictional girl or teenager with light-color skin with medium-to-dark color hair who was possibly a fictional cousin who walked over to talk to me as I was doing pull-ups on the swing, and as this was happening three women with light-color skin (one with maybe brown hair, one with maybe black hair, and one with orange and / or red and maybe brown hair with maybe some freckles) started walking up the street from the direction behind the dead-end sign on our street.

The three women walked into our yard as I was still doing pull-ups and talking with my assumed fictional cousin, but one of the legs on the swing gave out so the swing and I fell to the ground as the three women approached.

I started fixing the swing as the three women approached, they commented about the swing and me, and my fictional cousin started explaining and joking about what had happened.

My fictional cousin also shared information about me with the women, telling them that I work at the library among other things, and when they heard this the three women got excited and a bit flirty and they told me that they had some library questions for me so I offered to try to answer their questions.

The three women walked over very closely to me backing me into the side of the house cornering me as at least two of them (the woman with the brown hair and the woman with the red / orange / brown hair, I do not remember the woman with the black hair really saying anything, but maybe she asked her question first and maybe I answered it but I can not remember) started asking me questions at the same time, and they were very excited so I was trying to listen and respond to at least two people talking at the same time.

It was to difficult for me to try to listen and answer several people talking at the same so I asked them to ask their questions one at a time, we then sat down on the ground, and then I remember the woman with red / orange / brown hair asking me several questions.

Her last question was about if she could use email to contact the library to find out what her username and password is, and if she could renew her library card by email.

I told her that I am not sure the exact answer because I am only a shelver, but that I think that you have to do those things in person.

The women thanked me, they were still so excited for some strange reason, and the woman with red / orange / brown hair kissed me on my forehead and / or cheek after thanking me.

They had also made physical contact with me several times during all of this, and after this.

They were also still very physically close to me, but that is all that I can remember of this dream before I woke up.

Dream 3

All that I can remember of this dream is that I was probably not in the dream, but I am not sure.

The dream took place inside maybe a dimly lit restaurant, I am not sure if the entire dream was animated or not, but I do know that some of the dream characters were animated.

The animated Dragon Ball Z characters Krillin (Kuririn) and Goku were walking to a table maybe carrying their food, some of their family and friends were with them, and there were other people sitting at tables eating and drinking and talking.

Krillin decided to play a prank on Goku by pushing Goku’s forehead to make him stumble, but Goku stumbled harder and further back than Krillin had expected because Goku tripped and possibly tried to over-exaggerate to make Krillin seem stronger than he really is.

Goku possibly flew backward stumbling and fell, which made Krillin look very strong, and during that moment Krillin felt good about himself because he finally had a moment where he seemed stronger than Goku.

But I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr

Korey Coleman’s Parody Videos And Shadow Moon And Mr. Wednesday Going To Meet The Old Gods (Deities)

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Source: Wikipedia.org

The end of this dream was inspired by the book American Gods, which I am still reading after checking it out from the local library where I work (this is my first time trying to read a book in years) and I read a few pages of the book before going to bed last night so that part of the book inspired part of the end of this dream (I have been reading it slowly the last few days), and the television show American Gods (which is not even out yet, and I hope to have finished the book before it is released).

During the dream I am not sure if I was myself and / or if I was the character Shadow Moon (the version from the television series American Gods played by the actor Ricky Whittle), but I will assume that I was myself and that Shadow Moon and the character Mr. Wednesday / Wednesday (the version from the television series American Gods played by the actor Ian McShane) just happened to often be in the same area as me so I would often hear and see them.

All that I can remember of the end of this dream which possibly took place during the day is that some of my family (like my parent’s and maybe my brother GC) were in part of the dream with me, maybe as we walked through and outside an indoor / outdoor shopping mall-like place, and the characters Shadow Moon and Wednesday from the television show American Gods were walking through some of the same areas on their way to meet up with The Old Gods (it really should be The Old Deities because there are Gods and Goddesses and not just Gods, I hate it when people use the word God in place of Deity, because a God is a male Deity while Deity is not a gender specific term so it can be used a general term but for some reason most people use God instead Deity even if they are referring to Goddesses (female deities) and entities without gender or with several genders) at a meeting in a certain location.

At some point I remember walking into an indoor room and outdoor area that seemed to be between where The R Trailer (Mobile Home) used to be and where my aunt JE’s house should be, Korey Coleman from the YouTube channel Double Toasted was there with one or more computers in this bedroom-like room, and Shadow Moon and Wednesday and some other people walked into the room and in the outdoor area.

Korey had made several parody videos that were going viral that involved maybe The President Of The United States Donald Trump, maybe pornography, one or more films and / or television shows, and maybe a few other things that the parody videos were making fun of.

Korey was possibly having some problems with the computer or the computers so I probably stopped to help him, he probably also wanted to backup the videos online and offline in several places because he was afraid that his videos would get taken down because of copyright violations and / or for the content itself, and while I was helping with this I saw a few clips of the videos and some of the online reactions from people so far.

People were loving the videos so far but I definitely was afraid that they would get taken down because of copyright violations and because some of the content might be against online policies on services like YouTube and Facebook et cetera, and so I was trying to hurry up and probably fix the computer(s) which was / were possibly malware infected among other things and backup the videos before it is too late.

There were at least three parody videos so far, there were other videos there as well but they were not part of the parody, and the first video was over 30 minutes long but the other two or more were shorter.

While I was doing this I saw and overheard Shadow Moon and Wednesday talking, and I even saw and heard them greet and talk with the character Czernobog (from the television show American Gods who is played by the actor Peter Stormare) who was in the outdoor area and who was also on his way to meet with The Old Gods (Deities).

I can not remember what they were talking about except I remember Shadow Moon wanting to know where the meeting location was, so far no one had told him where the actual meeting location was, but they refused to answer this question but it seemed that they were getting close to the meeting location because they had stopped like they were waiting for one or more people to arrive before going to the actual meeting location.

I am not sure if I finished fixing the computer(s) and backing up Korey’s videos or not, I do remember telling Korey about some of the problems and how I planned to fix them and what he should do in the future to help avoid these problems and some of places online and offline where he could backup his files from now on and things that he can do to reduce the risk of copyright violations, but that is all that I can remember of the end of this dream before waking up.

The end,

-John Jr


Source: Wikipedia.org

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The end,

-John Jr