5-28-2014 | Dream Fragments | My Former Classmates DH And SS Wearing Military Dress Uniforms | Thinking About What If Hillary Clinton Runs For President

I had several detailed and long and realistic dreams last night, but I slept very deeply/strangely last night even waking up during a lightning/thunder storm realizing that I had drooled on one of my pillows (nasty), and I felt strange each time that I woke up from sleeping so deeply/strangely.

The strange feeling(s)/effects/affects from sleeping deeply/strangely caused me to forget most of my dreams and almost all the details of the dreams that I can barely remember part of, and so at this time I can only barely remember part of two dreams unfortunately.

Dream 1

At the end of the first dream I remember being outside during the day in a fictional place in a field on the other side of a fenced in school ground/playground/park-like area that was possibly near a school, and I think that I was working maybe raking leaves/pine straw/whatever.

I think that I had recently gotten a job and I guess that I was working at this job and I guess that part of my job was raking outside, and some of my family was on the other side of the fence because they had come to visit me and hang out in the field-like area.

Eventually my former male classmates DH and SS walked over to talk to me to my surprise and they both were wearing military dress uniforms, my former classmate SS was possibly wearing a South Korean military dress uniform but I am not sure, and I was surprised to see my former classmate SS because it has been years since I last saw him.

I remember somewhat jokingly asking my former classmate SS if it was really him and I made a comment about being surprised to see him and to see him wearing a military dress uniform, I mentioned that I had recently gotten a job, and my former classmate DH told me that my family told him; and we started talking, but I woke up.

Dream 2

I had several long, detailed, and realistic dreams that were forgotten last night unfortunately; and this dream was one of them except that I barely remember one part of the dream.

During one part of the dream for some unknown reason(s) I remembering thinking about what if Hillary Clinton ran for President Of The United States Of America, and probably what if she won.

I remember thinking about how she might run her campaign, I remember imagining how she might answer certain questions, I remember imagining short speeches that she might give, I imagined what kind of changes she might try to make once she was president, et cetera.

This makes no sense to me at all and unfortunately most of the dream has been forgotten, and so I have no idea why I was dreaming of this; and that is all that I can remember.

The end,

-John Jr

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