Korey Coleman And Sex And Needing To Urinate

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Source: Wikimedia Commons

All that I can remember of this dream is that part of the dream involved me comparing ammunition/bullets/et cetera from the video game Fallout: New Vegas, and I clearly remember comparing 5mm rounds trying to decide between 5mm standard and 5mm armor-piercing rounds for the assault carbine (GRA); but that is all that I can remember of this part of the dream.

The next part of the dream involved Korey Coleman from the website Double Toasted and the YouTube channel Double Toasted talking about sex and the many women he has had sex with, and he was probably trying to have sex with various women during the dream.

I was in the dream as well which took place during the day and at some point Korey and I were inside a building, he was going around flirting with women trying to have sex with them, and I went looking for a bathroom because I needed to urinate badly.

I found a large open bathroom that did not have much privacy and oddly there were some open hospital rooms inside the bathroom, in one of these open hospital rooms was a woman with medium-dark brownish colored skin with medium length dark-colored hair in a hospital bed because she recently had a baby, and maybe a nurse temporarily brought her baby to her so that she could hold her as I was trying to find a urinal or toilet out of their view.

I found a toilet or urinal that was only partly out of their view and I started urinating but it seemed that my urination would never end, I was urinating so long that I possibly started a conversation with the woman after the nurse took her baby away, and some of the sex talk that Korey gave earlier started to effect/affect me a bit as I started to consider possibly starting a relationship with the woman and having sex with her after we seemed to be having a good conversation and we seemed to be attracted to each other and the woman was probably not married or dating anyone; but I remember pushing the thought out of my mind, and reminding myself of the situation and of my beliefs and reminding myself not to let Korey’s sex talk effect/affect me.

I did not agree with Korey on most of what he said earlier but briefly I started to relax and get stupid and let my feelings/my body’s subconscious urges/wants/desires/et cetera and peer pressure cloud my judgement and logic, fortunately I realized this, but I did stop to think about the situation after I stopped urinating because it seemed that the urination would never end; and I probably decided to leave instead of trying to have sex, but I can not remember.

I woke up in the real world needing to urinate.

The end,

-John Jr

2 replies on “Korey Coleman And Sex And Needing To Urinate”

Hello Armand Wiegel,

Journaling does seem to help in my opinion, I could be wrong, and so it is good to hear from someone else who also journals.

No, my blog is my only journal at this time.

Thank you for commenting,
-John Jr


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