Me & Carrie Mathison & Frannie Mathison

I slept pretty well last night and I had some interesting dreams but I had one or more longer more detailed transitioning dreams that led to me forgetting most of my dreams except for part of the end of my last dream which was an interesting detailed transitioning dream, but my memory of it is a bit unclear so expect missing details and errors and for things to be out-of-order.

I think that the dream started during the day in a fictional city inside an apartment building where I lived with some of my family and some other people, I was a close friend of the character Carrie Mathison from the television series Homeland, and some of my family and some of the other people and I would take care of her baby (probably her daughter Frannie Mathison) when she would be gone for long periods of time in dangerous conditions.

I assume that Carrie was still working as an intelligence agent for the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) but I do not think that it was ever said in the dream, I just know that she would often be gone for long periods of time, and there was a risk that she could die / be killed on the job so it was pretty dangerous.

At some point in the dream some of my family, maybe baby Frannie Mathison, some other people, and I were on a bridge outside the city; and oddly there was a small pond on the bridge, and I remember us stopping in this area for some reason(s) that I can not remember.

Several things happened that I can not remember where the dream transitioned between different things / situations slowly without me noticing, one of these things / situations involved a woman who reminded me of my sister-in-law JC, and she was by the pond like she was going to try to swim in it.

I ran over to warn her that there was an alligator in the pond as she was trying to get in the pond, while I was trying to save her a woman with yellowish / whitish colored skin with short blackish colored hair wearing a business suit and business skirt who seemed to be a businesswoman who was possibly from a country in Asia (Asian) stopped her rental automobile by us, and she got out of the automobile near the pond possibly asking for directions and/or for some other reason.

She was also too close to the pond and at risk of getting attacked by the alligator so I had to save both of them, we heard news of a serious storm that was going to be hitting the city soon, and so we were going to have to try to get back to the apartment building to take shelter or find somewhere to take shelter; and I saw automobiles returning to the city so traffic was probably bad.

The businesswoman still wanted to drive to whichever city that she was trying to get too even when we told her about the storm and even when we recommended that she not go until the storm passes, so I decided to stay with her to try to convince her to take shelter or to risk my life and help her get to the other city, and I told my family and the others to take baby Frannie and find some shelter before it was too late so they left.

I got inside the rental automobile of the businesswoman and she was driving, her rental automobile was a fictional box-shaped Jeep Wrangler-like sport utility vehicle (SUV) with a pop-top/whatever that could pop open from front to back and then close back again, and we popped open the top to get inside of it and then we closed it; and I continued trying to convince her to take shelter, but she was refusing.

Somehow this woman was such a terrible driver that she drove off the bridge, falling felt real like it does in real life and the impact of us hitting the ground and of the shocks and tires of the vehicle absorbing a lot of the fall and causing us to bounce somewhat also felt real, and amazingly we and the rental automobile survived the fall; this near death experience finally caused the woman to listen to me, and we started driving back to the city to take shelter from the storm.

The next thing that I remember is later in the future we had survived the storm, the businesswoman left to whatever city she was trying to get to, and Carrie returned from being gone for months on her dangerous job working with probably the CIA; and even though Carrie and I were only close friends, we somewhat had a romantic relationship it seemed, and so we would try to spend some time together when she would return from work for a few days or weeks before leaving again for months.

I did not like how her job had her being gone for so long in dangerous situations and I wanted her to find a safer job where she could be home more, the others and I spent more time taking care of her baby daughter Frannie than she did and she barely got to even see her daughter and us, and I told her this; and then I spent the rest of the time happy to see her, and I tried to enjoy the bit of time that we had before she would probably leave again for months.

We probably made out, had sex, spent time with Frannie, and went outside to enjoy the outdoors together; and Carrie noticed how I seemed very happy and excited and how I was seriously trying to do as much as I could with her in the bit of time that we had, and she even said this when we were making out and/or having sex when she notice how energized/whatever I was.

We even went to the bridge with the pond and I told her about what had happened earlier in the dream, we looked at the pond and the alligator and we walked around talking, and it was a nice and fun experience as we laughed about how the businesswoman had driven off the bridge.

I remember once again telling Carrie that I hoped that she would not go and that she would leave her current job for another, she did not say whether she would or not, and so I assumed that she was not going to leave her job; and I continued enjoying the time that we did have, and I was ready to continue helping her and her baby daughter Frannie as a close friend.

Later in the dream Carrie probably left again for months on her CIA job, and I remember passing through a neighborhood not far from the apartment building by a one-story apartment building that was designed like a motel where many people who spoke Spanish lived who were probably mostly from Mexico (Mexican); and this building seemed to mostly be for workers probably temporarily staying in the country to work, and then return back to their countries.

There was a somewhat older man with whitish colored skin with maybe graying hair who lived in this apartment building and who possibly was the manager of the apartment building or he worked for one of the companies who hired the workers, and I saw him writing on the outside of his door in English and Spanish on a whitish colored marker board/whatever.

He was trying to write some messages for the mostly Spanish-speaking people living in the apartment building but he did not speak Spanish so he was struggling to try to figure out what to write, some of the things that I saw him write in English were something like: “Hello, I am here.” “Please do not disturb.”, and one word that I saw him write in Spanish was “Trabajo“.

A woman with light brownish/whitish colored skin with long blackish colored hair who spoke Spanish and who lived in the apartment building saw the man writing, and she laughed at his poor Spanish; and the man was not sure why she was laughing.

I thought that it was a bit mean because she did not tell him why she was laughing and she did not offer to help him even though she knew Spanish, the woman walked to her apartment laughing, and then I stopped to tell the man why she was laughing and I offered to help him even though I know more words in French than I do in Spanish.

I tried to encourage the man not to worry about the woman laughing at him and that it was nice of him to try to type using English and Spanish on his sign but I told him that I did not know much Spanish and that I was currently slowly trying to learn some French alone using Duolingo but that I did not know much of either language but I did know that Trabajo translated to English meant “Work”, and I asked him what was he trying to say on his sign but I woke up as I was trying to help him.

The end,

-John Jr

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