Today The Daily Post had a Daily Prompt called Translate, and this is what it said:


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And this is my response:

Translate has a widget called Google Translate, that allows people to translate your blog/website into various languages, and this widget was announced on News in a post called Your Site, Now In Other Languages: Introducing The Google Translate Widget.

Besides finally being available on, things have gone pretty good for Google Translate recently.

There have been improvements to Google Translate like Neural Machine Translation which Google has a post about called Found In Translation: More Accurate, Fluent Sentences In Google Translate, and improvements to the Google Translate app like:

I hope that Google Translate, other free translation tools, and free services that offer unique approaches to translating like the crowdsourced translation option in Duolingo continue to improve as things like artificial intelligence (AI) improves and helps us to improve translation tools.

The end,

-John Jr

5 replies on “Translate”

I thought so, Google is focusing more on improving a few languages first like (English, Spanish, French, et cetera), and so I imagine the translations for other languages will be worse at this time.

Great, it is fixed, thank you Flynn. 👍

-John Jr

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