Bill O’Reilly Replaces A Goddess Character?

I went to bed late last night so I did not get enough sleep, I remembered some dreams but I kept going back to sleep without voice recording them because I wanted to get as much sleep as I could, and so now I can barely remember part of one dream.

All that I can remember of this dream now it that I remember hearing some music that sounded mostly like classical music but part of the song sounded a bit like it was combined with maybe some bossa nova, and that part of the song sounded familiar because maybe I heard a female voice singing that sounded like Pauline Croze and maybe another female voice that possibly sounded like Flavia Coelho singing backup vocals and / or several other backup singers.

That part of the song possibly was or possibly somewhat reminded me of the Pauline Croze song Essa Moca Ta Diferente (ft. Flavia Coelho) from her album Bossa Nova.

The music was probably part of a play or musical or movie or television special or something, but I can not remember which.

The song was possibly a remixed version of maybe a Ludwig Van Beethoven or a Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart song that started with an A and it had some numbers in the name, the name was possibly in another language (maybe Latin, but I am not sure), and maybe the beginning part of the name possibly started with the word Anais (Anaïs) but I can not remember.

The play or musical or movie or television show was probably based on an already existing older traditional work / production / play / musical / movie / whatever, and this new one was made by a probably Christian conservative organization that either was or reminded me of or was connected to the American Family Association (AFA).

There was probably a live audience watching it, and it was also available on television and probably online and I was probably watching it or I was watching something about it either online or on television I assume.

Bill O’Reilly was in it, I remember him wearing a chainmail (mail) hood (mail coif), and he was playing the role of a character that traditionally was supposed to be a goddess but the AFA or whoever they were changed this because they are a Christian conservative organization et cetera so they removed the goddess character and they replaced that character with a new character played by Bill O’Reilly.

Obviously some people did not like them removing the traditional goddess character so there was some controversy, but the AFA or whoever did not care and they stood their ground on this issue.

But that is all that I can remember of this dream.

The end,

-John Jr

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